Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.

Class V. Words Releasing to the Voluntary Powers
Division (II) Intersocial Volition
Section I. General Intersocial Volition

749. Subjection.

   NOUN:SUBJECTION; dependence, dependency; subordination; thrall, thralldom or thraldom, enthrallment or enthralment, subjugation, bondage, serfdom; feudalism, feudality; vassalage, villenage or villeinage, slavery, enslavement, involuntary servitude; conquest.
  SERVICE; servitude, servitorship; tendence, employ, tutelage, clientship; liability [See Liability]; constraint [See Restraint]; oppression (severity) [See Severity]; yoke (means of restraint) [See Prison]; submission [See Submission]; obedience [See Obedience].
   VERB:BE SUBJECT &c. adj.; be or lie at the mercy of; depend -, lean -, hang-upon; fall a prey to, fall under; play second fiddle.
  be a -mere machine, – puppet, – doormat, – football; not dare to say one’s soul is his own; drag a chain.
  serve [See Servant]; obey [See Obedience]; submit [See Submission].
  SUBJUGATE, subject, tame, break in; master [See Success]; tread -down, – under foot; weigh down; drag at one’s chariot wheel; reduce to -subjection, -slavery; enthrall or enthral, inthrall or inthral, bethrall, enslave, lead captive; take into custody (restrain) [See Restraint]; rule [See Authority]; drive into a corner, hold at the sword’s point; keep under; hold in -bondage, – leading strings, – swaddling clothes; have at one’s -apron strings, – beck and call; have in one’s pocket.
   ADJECTIVE:SUBJECT, dependent, subordinate; feudal, feudatory; in subjection to, servitorial [rare], under control; in leading strings, in harness; subjected, thrall [archaic]; servile, slavish [See Servant]; enslaved &c. v.; constrained [See Restraint]; downtrodden; overborne, overwhelmed; under the lash, on the hip, led by the nose, henpecked; the -puppet, – sport, – plaything- of; under one’s -orders, – command, – thumb; used as a doormat, treated like dirt under one’s feet; a slave to; at the mercy of; in the -power, – hands, – clutches- of; at the feet of; in one’s pocket; tied to one’s apron strings; at one’s beck and call (obedient) [See Obedience]; liable [See Liability]; parasitical; stipendiary.
   ADVERB:UNDER; under -orders, – the heel, – command; at one’s orders; with no -mind, – will, – soul- of one’s own.
  1. Slaves—in a land of light and law.—Whittier
  2. Base in kind, and born to be a slave.—Cowper
  3. Subjection, but requir’d with gentle sway.—Milton
  4. The parrot of other men’s thinking.—Emerson
  5. La Belle Dame sans Mercy Hath thee in thrall.—Keats