Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.

Class V. Words Releasing to the Voluntary Powers
Division (I) Individual Volition
Section V. Results of Voluntary Action

731. Success.

   NOUN:SUCCESS, successfulness; speed; advance (progress) [See Progression].
  trump card; hit, stroke; lucky -, fortunate -, good- -hit, – stroke; bold stroke, masterstroke; ten-strike [colloq., U. S.]; coup de maître [F.], checkmate; half the battle, prize; profit (acquisition) [See Acquisition].
  continued success; good fortune (prosperity) [See Prosperity]; time well spent.
  MASTERY, advantage over; upper hand, whip hand; ascendancy, expugnation [obs.], conquest, victory, walkover [colloq.], subdual; subjugation (subjection) [See Subjection]; triumph (exultation) [See Boasting]; proficiency (skill) [See Skill]; a feather in one’s cap [colloq.].
  VICTOR, victress [rare], victrix [rare], conqueror, master, champion, winner; master of the -situation, – position.
   VERB:SUCCEED; be successful &c. adj.; gain one’s -end, – ends; crown with success.
  gain -, attain -, carry -, secure -, win- -a point, – an object; get there [slang, U. S.]; manage to, contrive to; accomplish &c. (effect, complete) [See Completion]; do -, work- wonders; make a go of it [colloq.].
  come off -well, – successfully, – with flying colors; make short work of; take -, carry- by storm; bear away the bell; win one’s spurs, win the battle; win -, carry -, gain- the -day, – prize, – palm; have the best of it, have it all one’s own way, have the game in one’s own hands, have the ball at one’s feet, have one on the hip; walk over the course; carry all before one, remain in possession of the field; score a success.
  make progress (advance) [See Progression]; win -, make -, work -, find- one’s way; speed; strive to some purpose; prosper [See Prosperity]; drive a roaring trade; make profit (acquire) [See Acquisition]; reap -, gather- the -fruits, – benefit of, – harvest; strike oil [slang, U. S.], make one’s fortune, get in the harvest, turn to good account; turn to account (use) [See Use].
  TRIUMPH, be triumphant; gain -, obtain- -a victory, – an advantage; chain victory to one’s car.
  surmount -, overcome -, get over- -a difficulty, – an obstacle [See Hindrance]; se tirer d’affaire [F.]; make head against; stem the -torrent, – tide, – current; weather -the storm, – a point; turn a corner, keep one’s head above water, tide over; master; get -, have -, gain- the -better of, – best of, – upper hand, – ascendancy, – whip hand, – start of; distance; surpass (superiority) [See Superiority].
  DEFEAT, conquer, vanquish, discomfit; euchre [slang]; overcome, overthrow, overpower, overmaster, overmatch, overset, override, overreach; outwit, outdo, outflank, outmaneuver or outmanœuvre, outgeneral, outvote; take the wind out of one’s adversary’s sails; beat, beat hollow [colloq.], lick [colloq.], rout, drub, floor, worst, lick to a frazzle [colloq.]; put -down, – to flight, – to the rout, – hors de combat [F.], – out of court.
  settle [colloq.], do for [colloq.], break the -neck of, – back of; capsize, sink, shipwreck, drown, swamp; subdue; subjugate (subject) [See Subjection]; reduce; make the enemy bite the dust; victimize, roll’ in the dust, trample under foot, put an extinguisher upon.
  CHECKMATE, silence, quell, nonsuit, upset, confound, nonplus, stalemate, trump; baffle (hinder) [See Hindrance]; circumvent, elude; trip up, – the heels of; drive -into a corner, – to the wall; run hard, put one’s nose out of joint [colloq.].
  AVAIL; answer, – the purpose; prevail, take effect, do, turn out well, work well, take [colloq.], tell, bear fruit; hit it, hit the mark, hit the right nail on the head; nick it; turn up trumps, make a hit; find one’s account in.
   ADJECTIVE:SUCCESSFUL; prosperous [See Prosperity]; succeeding &c. v.; triumphant; flushed -, crowned- with success; victorious; set up [colloq.]; in the ascendant; unbeaten &c. (see beat &c. v.); well-spent; felicitous, effective, in full swing.
   ADVERB:SUCCESSFULLY &c. adj.; with flying colors, in triumph, swimmingly; à merveille [F.], beyond all hope; to some -, to good- purpose; to one’s heart’s content.
  1. Veni vidi vici.
  2. The day being one’s own.
  3. One’s star in the ascendant.
  4. Omne tulit punctum.
  5. Bis vincit qui se vincit in victoria.
  6. Cede repugnanti cedendo victor abibis.—Ovid
  7. Chacun est l’artisan de sa fortune.
  8. Dies faustus.
  9. L’art de vaincre est celui de mépriser la mort.
  10. Omnia vincit amor.
  11. Peace hath her victories no less renowned than war.—Milton
  12. The race by vigor not by vaunts is won.—Pope
  13. Vincit qui patitur; vincit qui se vincit.
  14. Is there anything in life so disenchanting as attainment?—Stevenson