Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.

Class V. Words Releasing to the Voluntary Powers
Division (II) Intersocial Volition
Section IV. Possessive Relations
2. Transfer of Property

784. Giving.

   NOUN:GIVING &c. v.; bestowal, bestowment, donation; presentation, presentment; accordance; concession, cession; delivery, consignment, dispensation, communication, endowment; investment, investiture; award.
  CHARITY, almsgiving, liberality, generosity.
  [THING GIVEN] gift, donation, present, cadeau [F.]; fairing; free gift, boon, favor, benefaction, grant, offering, oblation, sacrifice, immolation.
  GRACE, act of grace, bonus.
  ALLOWANCE, contribution, subscription, subsidy, tribute, subvention.
  BEQUEST, legacy, devise, will, dotation, dot, appanage or apanage, dowry, dower; voluntary -settlement, – conveyance [See Transfer]; amortization.
  GRATUITY, lagniappe or lagnappe [Louisiana], pilon [S. W. U. S.]; alms, largess, bounty, dole, sportule [obs.], donative, help, oblation, offertory, honorarium, Peter pence, sportula, Christmas box, Easter offering, vails [rare], douceur [F.], drink money, tip, hand out [slang], pourboire [F.], trinkgeld [G], baksheesh or bakshish, cumshaw [China], dash or dashee [Africa]; fee (recompense) [See Reward]; consideration.
  BRIBE, bait, ground bait; peace offering; handsel or hansel; boodle [slang], graft [colloq.], grease [slang].
  GIVER, grantor &c. v.; donor, almoner, testator, feoffer, settlor [law]; investor, subscriber, contributor; Fairy Godmother [or l. c.].
   VERB:DELIVER, hand, pass, put into the hands of; hand -, make -, deliver -, pass -, turn- over; assign dower.
  PRESENT, give away, dispense, dispose of; give -, deal -, dole -, mete -, squeeze- out; fork out, shell out [both slang].
  make a present; allow, contribute, subscribe, furnish its quota.
  PAY [See Payment]; render, impart, communicate.
  CONCEDE, cede, yield, part with, shed, cast; spend [See Expenditure]; sacrifice, immolate.
  GIVE, bestow, donate [chiefly U. S.], confer, grant, accord, award, assign; offer [See Offer].
  INTRUST, consign, vest in.
  INVEST, endow, settle upon; bequeath, leave, devise.
  FURNISH, supply, help; administer to, minister to; afford, spare; accommodate with, indulge with, favor with; shower down upon; lavish, pour on, thrust upon.
  BRIBE, tip; tickle -, grease- the palm [slang].
   ADJECTIVE:GIVING &c. v.; given &c. v.; allowed, allowable; concessional; communicable.
  CHARITABLE, eleemosynary, sportulary [obs.], tributary; gratis [See Cheapness]; donative.
   ADVERB:AS A FREE GIFT &c. n.; in charity; toward the endowment fund.
   INTERJECTION:don’t mention it! not another word! glad to do it!    QUOTATIONS:
  1. Auctor pretiosa facit.
  2. Ex dono.
  3. Res est ingeniosa dare.—Ovid
  4. Freely ye have received; freely give.—Bible
  5. The gift without the giver is bare.—Lowell
  6. Rich gifts wax poor when givers prove unkind.—Hamlet
  7. To him who gives is given Corn, water, wine, the world, the starry heaven.—Masefield
  8. Money makes the mayor go.—Cynic’s Calendar
  9. But the jingling of the guinea helps the hurt that Honor feels.—Tennyson