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Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.

Class VI. Words Relating to the Sentient and Moral Powers
Section II. Personal Affections
1. Passive Affections

838. [Expression of Pleasure.] Rejoicing.

   NOUN:REJOICING, exultation, triumph, jubilation, heyday, flush, reveling or revelling; merrymaking (amusement) [See Amusement]; jubilee (celebration) [See Celebration]; pæan, Te Deum [L.] &c. (thanks-giving) [See Worship]; congratulation [See Congratulation].
  SMILE, simper, smirk, grin; broad grin, sardonic grin.
  LAUGHTER, giggle, titter, snicker, snigger, crow, cheer, chuckle, shout; Homeric laughter; horse -, hearty- laugh; guffaw; burst -, fit -, shout -, roar -, peal- of laughter; cachinnation; Kentish fire.
  risibility; derision [See Ridicule]; “sport that wrinkled Care derides” [Milton].
  Momus; Democritus the Abderite; rollicker.
  CHEER, huzza, hurrah or hurra, cheering; shout, yell [U. S. & Can.], college yell; tiger [colloq.].
   VERB:REJOICE; thank -, bless- one’s stars; congratulate oneself, hug oneself; rub -, clap- one’s hands; smack the lips, fling up one’s cap; dance, skip; sing, carol, chirrup, chirp; hurrah or hurra; cry for joy, leap with joy, skip for joy; exult (boast) [See Boasting]; triumph; hold jubilee (celebrate) [See Celebration]; sing a Te Deum, sing a pæan of triumph; make merry (sport) [See Amusement].
  SMILE, simper, smirk; grin, – like a Cheshire cat [colloq.]; mock, laugh in one’s sleeve.
  LAUGH, – outright; giggle, titter, snigger, snicker, crow, smicker [obs.], chuckle, cackle; burst out; burst into a roar of laughter, burst into a fit of laughter; shout, split [colloq.], roar.
  shake -, split -, hold both- cne’s sides; roar -, shake -, nearly die -, die- with laughter.
  raise laughter (amuse) [See Amusement].
   ADJECTIVE:REJOICING &c. v.; jubilant, exultant, triumphant; flushed, elated; laughing &c. v.; risible; ready to -burst, – split, – die with laughte [all colloq.]; convulsed with laughter; shaking like a jelly with -laughter, – suppressed merriment [both colloq.].
  laughable (ludicrous) [See Ridiculousness].
   ADVERB:LAUGHINGLY; on a broad grin, in fits of laughter, amid peals of laughter; in triumph; in mockery; with a -roar, – peal, – outburst- of laughter.
   INTERJECTION:HURRAH! huzza! three cheers! hip, hip, hurrah! aha! hail! tolderolloll! Heaven be praised! tant mieux! [F.], so much the better! good enough! tra-la-la!    QUOTATIONS:
  1. The heart leaping with joy.
  2. Laugh? I thought I should a’ died!—Chevalier
  3. Ce n’est pas être bien aisé que de rire.
  4. Laughter holding both his sides.—Milton
  5. [Greek].
  6. Le roi est mort, vive le roi.
  7. With his eyes in flood with laughter.—Cymbeline