Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.

Class VI. Words Relating to the Sentient and Moral Powers
Section II. Personal Affections
2. Discriminative Affections

845. Beauty.

   NOUN:BEAUTY, beautifulness, pulchritude; the beautiful, to kalon [Greek].
  beauty unadorned; form, elegance, grace, belle tournure [F.]; symmetry [See Symmetry]; concinnity, delicacy, refinement, charm, je ne sais quoi [F.], nescio quid [L.], style.
  comeliness, fairness &c. adj.; polish, gloss; good effect, good looks; trigness.
  BLOOM, brilliancy, radiance, splendor or splendour, gorgeousness, magnificence; sublimity, sublimification [obs.].
  BEAU IDEAL, le beau idéal [F.]; Venus, Aphrodite, Hebe, the Graces, Peri, Houri, Cupid, Apollo, Hyperion, Adonis, Antinous, Narcissus, Astarte; Helen of Troy, Cleopatra; Venus of Milo, Apollo Belvedere.
  [COMPARISONS] butterfly; flower, flow’ret gay; garden, anemone, asphodel, buttercup, crane’s-bill, daffodil, lily, lily of the valley, ranunculus, rose, rhododendron, windflower.
  the flower of, the pink of; bijou [F.]; jewel (ornament) [See Ornament]; work of art.
  LOVELINESS, pleasurableness [See Pleasurableness].
  BEAUTIFYING, beautification [rare]; landscape gardening; decoration &c. [See Ornament]; calisthenics, physical culture.
   VERB:BE BEAUTIFUL &c. adj.; shine, beam, bloom; become one (accord) [See Agreement]; set off, become, grace.
  RENDER BEAUTIFUL &c. adj.; beautify; polish, burnish; gild (decorate) [See Ornament]; set out.
  “snatch a grace beyond the reach of art” [Pope].
   ADJECTIVE:BEAUTIFUL, beauteous, handsome; pretty; lovely, graceful, elegant, exquisite, flowerlike, delicate, dainty, refined.
  COMELY, fair, personable, seemly [obs.], decent [archaic], proper [archaic or dial.], bonny, good-looking; well-favored, well-made, well-formed, well-proportioned, shapely; symmetrical (regular) [See Symmetry]; harmonious (color) [See Color]; sightly, fit to be seen.
  bright, bright-eyed; rosy-cheeked, cherry-cheeked; rosy, ruddy; blooming, in full bloom.
  goodly, dapper, tight, jimp or gimp [Scot. & dial. Eng.], jaunty or janty, trig, natty [orig. slang], quaint [archaic], trim, tidy, neat, spruce, smart, tricksy [rare].
  BRILLIANT, shining; beamy, beaming; sparkling, radiant, splendid, resplendent, dazzling, glowing; glossy, sleek; rich, gorgeous, superb, magnificent, grand, fine, sublime.
  ARTISTIC or artistical, æsthetic; picturesque, pictorial; fait à peindre [F.], paintable, well-composed, well-grouped, well-varied; curious.
  enchanting &c. (pleasure-giving) [See Pleasurableness]; attractive (inviting) [See Motive]; becoming (accordant) [See Agreement]; ornamental [See Ornament]; of consummate art.
  PERFECT, unspotted, spotless [See Perfection]; immaculate; undeformed, undefaced.
  PASSABLE, presentable, tolerable, not amiss.
  1. Auxilium non leve vultus habet.—Ovid
  2. Beauty born of murmuring sound.—Wordsworth
  3. Flowers preach to us if we will hear.—C. G. Rossetti
  4. Winter makes water solid, yet the spring, That is but flowers, is a stronger thing.—Masefield
  5. Butterflies, the souls of summer hours.—Masefield
  6. Gratior ac pulchro veniens in corpore virtus.—Vergil
  7. None but the brave deserve the fair.—Dryden
  8. Thou who hast the fatal gift of beauty.—Byron
  9. Was this the face that launch’d a thousand ships?—Marlowe