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Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.

Class VI. Words Relating to the Sentient and Moral Powers
Section II. Personal Affections
2. Discriminative Affections

851. [Bad Taste.] Vulgarity.

   NOUN:VULGARITY, vulgarism; barbarism, Vandalism, Gothicism; mauvais goût [F.], bad taste; want of tact; ungentlemanliness, ungentlemanlikeness; ill-breeding (discourtesy) [See Discourtesy].
  coarseness &c. adj.; indecorum, loud behavior [colloq.], misbehavior; gaucherie [F.], awkwardness; boorishness &c. adj.; homeliness, rusticity.
  LOWNESS, low life, mauvais ton [F.]; brutality; blackguardism, rowdyism, ruffianism; ribaldry; slang (neology) [See Neology].
  BAD JOKE, mauvaise plaisanterie [F.], poor joke, joke in bad taste; practical joke.
  [EXCESS OF ORNAMENT] gaudiness, tawdriness, gingerbread, false ornament, cheap jewelry; flashy -clothes, – dress; finery, frippery, trickery, tinsel, gewgaw, clinquant.
  VULGARIAN, rough diamond; clown (commonalty) [See Commonalty]; Goth, Vandal, Bœotian; snob, cad [colloq.], gent [humorous or vulgar]; parvenu [See Commonalty]; frump [colloq.], dowdy; slut, slattern [See Uncleanness]; tomboy, hoyden, cub, unlicked cub.
   VERB:be vulgar &c. adj.; misbehave; talk -, smell of the- shop; show a want of -tact, – consideration; be a vulgarian &c. n.
   ADJECTIVE:IN BAD TASTE, vulgar, unrefined, coarse, indecorous, ribald, gross; unseemly, unbeseeming, unpresentable; contra bonos mores [L.]; ungraceful (ugly) [See Ugliness]; dowdy; slovenly (dirty) [See Uncleanness]; ungenteel, shabby genteel; low (plebeian) [See Commonalty].
  extravagant, monstrous, horrid; shocking (painful) [See Painfulness].
  ILL-MANNERED, ill-bred, underbred, snobbish, uncourtly; uncivil &c. (discourteous 895; ungentlemanly, ungentlemanlike; unladylike, unfeminine; wild, wild as a hawk, wild as an unbacked colt.
  UNCOUTH, unkempt, uncombed, untamed, unlicked, unpolished, plebeian; incondite [rare]; heavy, rude, awkward; homely, homespun, homebred; provincial, countrified, rustic; boorish, clownish; savage, brutish, blackguard, blackguardly, rowdyish, rowdy.
  barbarous, barbaric, Gothic, heathenish, tramontane, outlandish; uncultivated; Bohemian; unclassical, doggerel or doggrel.
  OBSOLETE (antiquated) [See Oldness]; out of fashion, old-fashioned, out of date, unfashionable.
  NEWFANGLED (unfamiliar) [See Unconformity]; fantastic, fantastical, odd (ridiculous) [See Ridiculousness]; particular; affected [See Affectation].
  TAWDRY, gaudy, meretricious, brummagem [slang], bedizened, tricked out; obtrusive, flaunting, loud, crass, showy, flashy, garish.
  1. It is considered more withering to accuse a man of bad taste than of bad ethics.—Chesterton
  2. On with the dance! Let joy be unrefined!—Cynic’s Calendar