Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.

Class VI. Words Relating to the Sentient and Moral Powers
Section III. Sympathetic Affections
1. Social Affections

895. Discourtesy.

   NOUN:DISCOURTESY; ill-breeding; ill -, bad -, ungainly-manners; tactlessness; uncourteousness &c. adj.; rusticity, inurbanity; illiberality, incivility, displacency [obs.]; lack or want of courtesy [See Courtesy]; disrespect [See Disrespect]; procacity [obs.], impudence, misbehavior, barbarism, barbarity; brutality, brutishness, brutification, black-guardism, conduct unbecoming a gentleman, grossièreté [F.], brusquerie [F.], vulgarity [See Vulgarity].
  BAD TEMPER, ill temper; peevishness, surliness; churlishness &c. adj.; spinosity, perversity; moroseness (sullenness) [See Sullenness]
  sternness &c. adj.; austerity; moodishness, captiousness [See Irascibility]; cynicism; tartness &c. adj.; acrimony, acerbity, virulence, asperity.
  scowl, black looks, frown; sulks, short answer, rebuff; hard words, contumely; unparliamentary language, personality.
  bear, bruin, grizzly, grizzly bear; brute, blackguard, beast; unlicked cub; frump [colloq.], crosspatch [colloq.]; grouch, old grouch [both slang]; saucebox [See Blusterer]; crooked stick.
   VERB:BE RUDE &c. adj.; insult [See Disrespect]; treat with discourtesy; take a name in vain; make bold with, make free with; take a liberty; stare out of countenance, ogle, point at, put to the blush.
  CUT; turn one’s back upon, turn on one’s heel; give the cold shoulder; keep at -a distance, – arm’s length; look -cool, – coldly, – black- upon; show the door to, send away with a flea in the ear [colloq.].
  LOSE ONE’S TEMPER (resentment) [See Resentment]; mump [dial.], sulk [See Irascibility]a; frown, scowl, glower, pout; snap, snarl, growl.
  RENDER RUDE &c. adj.; brutalize, brutify.
   ADJECTIVE:DISCOURTEOUS, uncourteous, uncourtly; ill-bred, ill-mannered, ill-behaved, ill-conditioned, unbred; unmannerly, unmannered, impolite, unpolite uncivil, ungracious, unceremonious, cool; unpolished, uncivilized, ungenteel ungentlemanlike, ungentlemanly; unladylike; blackguard; vulgar [See Vulgarity]; dedecorous [obs.]; foul-mouthed, foul-spoken; abusive.
  pert, forward, obtrusive, impudent, rude, saucy, procacious [archaic], brash; flippant (insolent) [See Insolence].
  repulsive; uncomplaisant, unaccommodating, unneighborly, ungallant; inaffable; ungentle, ungainly, rough, rugged, bluff, blunt, gruff; churlish, boorish, bearish; brutal, brusque, stern, harsh, austere; cavalier.
  BAD-TEMPERED, ill-tempered, ill-humored; out of -temper, – humor; crusty, tart, sour, crabbed, sharp, short, trenchant, sarcastic, biting, doggish, currish, caustic, virulent, bitter, acrimonious, venomous, contumelious; snarling &c. v.; surly, – as a bear; perverse; grim, sullen [See Irascibility]a; peevish (irascible) [See Irascibility]; bristling, thorny, spinose, spinous.
   ADVERB:DISCOURTEOUSLY &c. adj.; with discourtesy &c. n., with a bad grace.
   QUOTATION:You are rude; I pretend not to perceive it.—Martial