Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.

Class VI. Words Relating to the Sentient and Moral Powers
Section II. Personal Affections
3. Prospective Affections

864. Caution.

   NOUN:CAUTION; cautiousness &c. adj.; discretion, prudence, cautel [obs.], heed, circumspection, calculation, deliberation.
  foresight [See Foresight]; vigilance [See Care]; warning [See Warning].
  worldly wisdom; “safety first,” Fabian policy, “watchful waiting.”
  COOLNESS &c. adj.; self-possession, self-command; presence of mind, sang-froid [F.], well-regulated mind.
   VERB:BE CAUTIOUS &c. adj.; take -care, – heed, – good care; have a care; mind, mind what one is about; be on one’s guard &c. (keep watch) [See Care]; “make assurance double sure” [Macbeth].
  think twice, look before one leaps, keep one’s eye peeled [slang], keep one’s weather eye open [colloq.]; count the cost, look to the main chance; cut one’s coat according to one’s cloth; feel one’s -ground, – way; see how the land lies (foresight) [See Foresight]; pussy-foot [Roosevelt]; wait to see how the cat jumps; bridle one’s tongue; reculer pour mieux sauter [F.] (prepare) [See Preparation]; let well enough alone, ne pas reveiller le chat qui dort [F.]; let sleeping dogs lie.
  keep out of -harm’s way, – troubled waters; keep at a respectful distance, stand aloof; keep -, be- on the safe side.
  ANTICIPATE; bespeak &c. (be early) [See Earliness].
  LAY BY; husband one’s resources [See Store].
  WARN, caution [See Warning].
   ADJECTIVE:CAUTIOUS, wary, guarded, guardful [rare]; on one’s guard (watchful) [See Care]; gingerly, precautious [rare], sus- picious, leery [slang]; cavendo tutus [L.]; in medio tutissimus [L.]; vigilant; careful, heedful, cautelous [obs.], stealthy, chary, shy of, circumspect, prudent, canny [Scot.], safe, noncommittal, discreet, politic; sure-footed (skillful) [See Skill].
  UNENTERPRISING, unadventurous, cool, steady, self-possessed; overcautious.
   ADVERB:cautiously &c. adj.
   INTERJECTION:have a care! look out! danger! mind your eye! [colloq.]; stop! look! listen! cave canem! [L.].    QUOTATIONS:
  1. Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes.—Vergil
  2. Festina lente.
  3. Ante victoriam ne canas triumphum.
  4. Give every man thine ear but few thy voice.—Hamlet
  5. Il rit bien qui rit le dernier.
  6. Ni firmes carta que no leas ni bebas agua que no veas.
  7. Nescit vox missa reverti.—Horace
  8. Love all, trust a few.—All’s Well
  9. Noli irritare leones.
  10. Safe bind safe find.
  11. The cautious seldom err.—Confucius