Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.

Class VI. Words Relating to the Sentient and Moral Powers
Section II. Personal Affections
5. Extrinsic Affections

873. Repute.

   NOUN:REPUTE, reputation; distinction, mark, name, figure; good -, high- repute; note, notability, notoriety, éclat, “the bubble reputation” [As You Like It], vogue, celebrity; fame, famousness; renown; popularity, aura popularis [L.]; approbation [See Approbation]; credit, succès d’estime [F.], prestige, talk of the town; name to conjure with.
  account, regard, respect; reputability [rare], reputableness &c. adj.; respectability (probity) [See Probity]; good -name, – report; fair name.
  DIGNITY; stateliness &c. adj.; solemnity, grandeur, splendor, nobility, majesty, sublimity; glory, honor; luster (light) [See Light]; illustriousness &c. adj.
  RANK, standing, brevet rank, precedence, pas [F.], station, place, status; position, – in society; order, degree, locus standi [L.], caste, condition.
  graduation, university degree, baccalaureate, doctorate, doctorship; scholarship, fellowship.
  EMINENCE; greatness &c. adj.; height [See Height]; importance [See Importance]; preëminence, supereminence; high mightiness, primacy; top of the -ladder, – tree; elevation; ascent [See Ascent]; superexaltation, exaltation, dignification [rare], aggrandizement; dedication, consecration, enthronement.
  CELEBRITY, worthy, hero, man of mark, great card, lion, rara avis [L.], notability, somebody; “the observed of all observers” [Hamlet]; classman; man of rank (nobleman) [See Nobility]; pillar of the -state, – church; “a mother in Israel” [Bible].
  chief (master) [See Master]; first fiddle (proficient) [See Proficient]; scholar, savant [F.] [See Scholar]; cynosure, mirror; flower, pink, pearl; paragon (perfection) [See Perfection]; “the choice and master spirits of this age” [Julius Cæsar]; élite [F.]; star, sun, constellation, galaxy.
  ORNAMENT, honor, feather in one’s cap, halo, aureole, nimbus; halo -, blaze- of glory; “blushing honors” [Henry VIII]; laurels (trophy) [See Trophy].
  POSTHUMOUS FAME, memory, niche in the temple of fame; celebration, canonization, enshrinement, glorification; immortality, immortal name; magni nominis umbra [Lucan].
   VERB:GLORY IN; be conscious of glory; be proud of (pride) [See Pride]; exult (boast) [See Boasting]; be vain of (vanity) [See Vanity].
  BE DISTINGUISHED &c. adj.; shine (light) [See Light]; shine forth, figure; cut a figure, cut a dash [colloq.], make a splash [colloq.].
  SURPASS, outshine, outrival, outvie, outjump, eclipse; throw -, cast- into the shade; overshadow.
  RIVAL, emulate, vie with.
  GAIN or ACQUIRE HONOR &c. n.; live, flourish, glitter; flaunt; play first fiddle &c. (be of importance) [See Importance]; bear the -palm, – bell; lead the way, take precedence, take the wall of [obs.]; gain -, win- -laurels, – spurs, – golden opinions (approbation) [See Approbation]; graduate, take one’s degree, pass one’s examination; win a -scholarship, – fellowship.
  make -a, – some- -noise, – noise in the world; leave one’s mark, exalt one’s horn, star, have a run, be run after; be lionized, come into vogue, come to the front; raise one’s head.
  HONOR; give -, do -, pay -, render- honor to; accredit, pay regard to, dignify, glorify; sing praises to (approve) [See Approbation]; look up to; exalt, aggrandize, elevate, nobilitate [archaic]; enthrone, signalize, immortalize, deify, exalt to the skies; hand one’s name down to posterity.
  consecrate; dedicate to, devote to; enshrine, inscribe, blazon, lionize, blow the trumpet, crown with laurel.
  confer or reflect honor on &c. n.; shed a luster on; redound to one’s honor, ennoble.
   ADJECTIVE:DISTINGUISHED, distingué [F.], noted; of note &c. n.; honored &c. v.; popular; fashionable [See Fashion]; remarkable (important) [See Importance]; notable, notorious; celebrated, renowned, in every one’s mouth, talked of, famous, famed, far-famed; conspicuous, to the front; foremost; in the -front rank, – ascendant.
  in good odor; in favor, in high favor; reputable, respectable, creditable.
  IMPERISHABLE, deathless, immortal, never fading, fadeless, œre perennius [L.], time-honored.
  ILLUSTRIOUS, glorious, splendid, brilliant, radiant; bright [See Light]; full-blown; honorific.
  EMINENT, prominent; high [See Height]; in the zenith; at the -head of, – top of the tree; peerless, of the first water; superior [See Superiority]; supereminent, preëminent.
  great, dignified, proud, noble, honorable, worshipful, lordly, grand, stately, august, princely, imposing, solemn, transcendent, majestic, sacred, sublime, heaven-born, heroic, sans peur et sans reproche [F.]; sacrosanct.
   INTERJECTION:HAIL! all hail! ave! [L.], viva! [It.], vive! [F.], long life to! glory -, honor- be to!    QUOTATIONS:
  1. One’s name being in every mouth.
  2. One’s name living for ever.
  3. Sic itur ad astra, fama volat, aut Cæsar aut nullus.
  4. None but himself could be his parallel.
  5. Palmam qui meruit ferat.—Nelson’s motto
  6. Above all Greek above all Roman fame.—Pope
  7. Cineri gloria sera est.—Martial
  8. Great is the glory for the strife is hard.—Wordsworth
  9. Honor virtutis præmium.—Cicero
  10. Immensum gloria calcar habet.—Ovid
  11. The glory dies not and the grief is past.—Brydges
  12. Vivit post funera virtus.
  13. Not to know me argues yourselves unknown.—Milton