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Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.

Class VI. Words Relating to the Sentient and Moral Powers
Section V. Religious Affections
2. Religious Doctrines

984. Heterodoxy. [Sectarianism.]

   NOUN:HETERODOXY; error [See Error]; false doctrine, heresy, schism, schismaticism, schismaticalness; recusancy, backsliding, apostasy; materialism, hylotheism; atheism (irreligion) [See Irreligion].
  anthropomorphism, anthropopathism, anthropopathy; idolatry [See Idolatry]; superstition (credulity) [See Credulity].
  BIGOTRY (obstinacy) [See Obstinacy]; fanaticism, iconoclasm; hyperorthodoxy, precisianism; bibliolatry, hagiolatry; sabbatarianism, puritanism.
  SECTARIANISM, sectarism [obs.], nonconformity; dissent [See Dissent]; secularism; syncretism; religious sects, the clash of creeds.
  protestantism, Arianism, Adventism, Jansenism, Stundism, Erastianism, Calvinism, Quakerism, Methodism, Anabaptism, Puseyism, tractarianism, ritualism, Origenism, Sabellianism, Socinianism, Gnosticism, Mormonism, Second Adventism, materialism, positivism, latitudinarianism, ethicism, deism, higher pantheism, henotheism; monism, philosophical unitarianism &c.; the isms.
  Anglicanism; High -, Low -, Broad -, Free- Church; ultramontanism; monasticism, monkery; Catholicism, Romanism, popery, papism, papistry, papacy, Maryolatry [usually opprobrious], Scarlet Woman, Church of Rome; Greek Church. [Generally speaking, each sect is orthodox to itself and heterodox to others.]
  Judaism; Mohammedanism, Islam, Islamism.
  Theosophy, New Thought, ethical culture, mental science, mental healing; Christian Science, Eddyism; Spiritualism, Spiritism, occultism; Swedenborgianism.
  PAGANISM, heathenism, heathendom; mythology; animism, polytheism, ditheism, tritheism, pantheism; dualism.
  Gentilism, Babism, Sufiism, Neoplatonism, Brahmanism, Hinduism, Vedantism, Buddhism, Lamaism; Sikhism, Jainism; Confucianism, Taoism; Shintoism, Sabæanism or Sabeanism or Sabeism.
  PAGAN, heathen, paynim; giaour [Turk.], Gheber or Ghebre, kafir, non-Mohammedan; gentile; pantheist, polytheist, animist.
  MISBELIEVER, heretic, apostate; backslider; antichrist; idolater; skeptic [See Irreligion].
  BIGOT (obstinacy) [See Obstinacy]; fanatic, abdal, dervish, iconoclast.
  SECTARIAN, sectary, sectarist [rare], schismatic; seceder, separatist, recusant, dissenter, nonconformist, nonjuror.
  Huguenot, Protestant, Episcopalian; Trinitarian; latitudinarian; limitarian; orthodox dissenter, Puritan, Unitarian, Congregationalist, Independent; Presbyterian; Lutheran, Ubiquitarian, Calvinist, Methodist, Wesleyan; Anabaptist, Baptist; Mormon, Latter-day Saint; Irvingite, Sandemanian, Glassite, Erastian, Sublapsarian, Supralapsarian; Gentoo, Antinomian, Swedenborgian; Adventist, Second Adventist, Bible Christian, Bryanite, Brownian, Dunker, Ebionite, Eusebian; Faith Curer, Faith Curist, Faith Healer, Mental Healer, Christian Scientist; Familist, Jovinianist, Libadist, Restitutionist, Quaker, Shaker, Quietist, Stundist, Tunker &c.
  Catholic, Roman Catholic, Romanist, Papist, ultramontane; Anglican, Oxford School; tractarian, Puseyite, ritualist; High Churchman.
  Jew, Hebrew, Rabbinist; Mohammedan, Mussulman, Moslem, Islamite, Osmanli, Motazilite, Shiah, Sunni, Wahabi; Brahman or Brahmin; Brahmo; Vedantist, Jain or Jaina, Sikh, Parsi or Parsee, fire worshiper, Zoroastrian [erron. called fire worshiper]; Sufi, Babist, Buddhist; Confucianist, Taoist, Shintoist; Magi, Gymnosophist, Sabian, henotheist, Gnostic, Sadducee, Rosicrucian, Mystic, Occultist, Theosophist, Spiritualist, Spiritist &c.
  MATERIALIST, hylotheist; positivist, deist, agnostic, atheist [See Irreligion].
   ADJECTIVE:HETERODOX, heretical, unorthodox, unscriptural, uncanonical, unchristian, antiscriptural, apocryphal; antichristian; schismatic, recusant, iconoclastic; sectarian, dissenting, dissident [now rare]; Protestant &c. n.; secular (lay) [See Laity]; deistic, agnostic, atheistic; skeptical [See Irreligion].
  bigoted (prejudiced) [See Misjudgment], (obstinate) [See Obstinacy]; superstitious (credulous) [See Credulity]; fanatical; idolatrous [See Idolatry]; visionary (imaginative) [See Imagination].
  Judaical; Mohammedan, Islamic or Islamitic, Moslem; Brahmanic or Brahmanical, Brahminic or Brahminical; Buddhist &c. n.
  Popish, papish, papistic or papistical, Romish.
  PAGAN, heathen, heathenish, ethnic, ethnical; gentile, paynim; polytheistic, pantheistic, animistic.
  1. Slave to no sect.—Pope
  2. Superstitione tollendâ religio non tollitur.—Cicero
  3. Our wishes ought not to determine what we shall accept as truth.—H. C. Orsted
  4. Whatever creed be taught or land be trod, Man’s conscience is the oracle of God.—Byron
  5. A Pagan suckled in some creed outworn.—Wordsworth
  6. There lives more faith in honest doubt Believe me, than in half the creeds.—Tennyson
  7. The religion of Christ is peace and good-will, that of Christendom war and ill-will.—Landor
  8. Now join your hands, and with your hands your hearts.—III Henry VI
  9. With malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right, as God gives us to see the right.—Lincoln