Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.

Class VI. Words Relating to the Sentient and Moral Powers
Section V. Religious Affections
5. Religious Institutions

995. Churchdom.

   NOUN:CHURCHDOM; church, ministry, apostleship, priesthood, prelacy, hierarchy, church government, pale of the church, christendom.
  clericalism, sacerdotalism, episcopalianism, ultramontanism; ecclesiology; theocracy; priestcraft, odium theologicum [L.]; religious sects [See Heterodoxy].
  MONASTICISM, monkhood, monachism; celibacy.
  [ECCLESIASTICAL OFFICES AND DIGNITIES] cardinalate, cardinalship; primacy, archbishopric, archiepiscopacy; prelacy, bishopric, bishopdom, episcopate, episcopacy, see, diocese; deanery, stall; canonry, canonicate; prebend, prebendaryship, prebendal stall; benefice, incumbency, glebe, advowson, living, cure, charge, cure of souls; rectorship, vicariate, vicarship; pastorate, pastorship, pastoral charge; deaconry, deaconship; curacy; chaplaincy, chaplainship, chaplainry or chaplanry [Scot.]; abbacy, presbytery.
  HOLY ORDERS, ordination, institution, consecration, induction, reading in [Eng.], preferment, translation, presentation.
  PAPACY, pontificate, popedom, See of Rome, the Vatican, the apostolic see.
  COUNCIL [See Council]; conclave, college of cardinals, convocation, conference [Meth.], session, synod, consistory, chapter, vestry, presbytery, standing committee; sanhedrim, congé d’élire [F.].
  ECCLESIASTICAL COURTS, consistorial court, court of Arches.
   VERB:CALL, ordain, induct, prefer [rare], translate, consecrate, present, elect, bestow. take orders, take the veil, take vows.
   ADJECTIVE:ECCLESIASTICAL, ecclesiological; clerical, sacerdotal, priestly, prelatical, pastoral, ministerial, capitular, theocratic; hierarchical, archiepiscopal; episcopal, episcopalian; canonical; monastic, monachal, monkish; abbatial, abbatical; Anglican; Aaronic, levitical, pontifical, papal, apostolic; ultramontane; priestridden.