Select Poetry, Chiefly Sacred, of the Reign of King James the First
But true deriued honor is from heauen, / And often liues in meane estate with those / That to the courts of princes neuer goes.
Stanzas from “Queene Elizabeth’s Teares,” ll. 73–5.

Select Poetry, Chiefly Sacred, of the Reign of King James the First

Collected and Edited by Edward Farr

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I. King James I. Sonett from “Poetical Exercises
Stanzas from “Choros Angelorvm
Chorus Venetvs
Psalm XXIX
Stanzas from the Lepanto
II. John Donne Holy Sonnets
A Hymne to God the Father
Hymne to Christ at the Author’s Last Going into Germany
The Soule
The Annuntiation and Passion
Good Friday
III. Anonymous Hymne
Lines from “Diuers deuout and zealous Meditations
IV. Simion Grahame Stanzas
V. W. A. Hymne
VI. B. N. I Would and Would Not
VII. Giles Fletcher A Description of Justice
A Description of Mercy
Our Saviour’s Temptation
The Traitor Judas
The Joys of the Redeemed
VIII. Henry Ainsworth Psalm XXIII
Psalm CVII
IX. Sir Edwin Sandys Psalm CXXVIII
X. Arthur Warren Selfishness of the World
The Patience of Poverty
XI. Henry Farley Lines Presented to James the First
XII. George Herbert Psalm V
XIII. Anonymous The Convert Soule
Show Me More Love
A Constant Minde
Lord of My Glory
A Hymn
There Was a King
How Good Art Thou
Victorious Jesus
XIV. Robert Pricket Faith without Practice
XV. Anonymous Stanzas
Verses on the Death of R. W.
XVI. Henry Petowe Stanzas from “Eliza’s Funeral
XVII. Anonymous Sonnet
The Pilgrim’s Song
God Hears and Answers Prayer
XVIII. Earl of Cumberland Psalm XXXVIII
XIX. Michael Drayton The Triumph of David
Noah Thretning God’s Vengeance vpon the World
XX. John Vicars Psalm CV
XXI. Francis Quarles Lines from “The History of Samson
Lines from “A Feast for Wormes
Lines from “Job Militant
Sonnets from “Pentelogia
Sion’s Sonnets
Funerall Elegies
XXII. Sir John Beaumont Of the Epiphany
Of the Transfiguration of Our Lord
An Ode of the Blessed Trinitie
On Ascension Day
An Act of Contrition
An Act of Hope
A Dialogue betweene the World, a Pilgrim, and Vertue
Of Teares
Of Sinne
In Spiritual Comfort
Against Inordinate Loue of Creatures
Of the Miserable State of Man
XXIII. Edmund Dee Extract from “Verses against Popery
XXIV. Benjamin Jonson To the World
On the Nativitie of My Saviour
Eupheme’s Mind
XXV. Christopher Lever Stanzas from “Queene Elizabeth’s Teares
XXVI. Thomas Dekker Christ’s Coming to Judgement
XXVII. Anonymous Stanzas from “The Passion of a Discontented Mind
Confession and Contrition
XXVIII. Thomas Peyton Paradise
The Translation of Enoch
XXIX. John Davies Stanzas from “The Triumph of Death
Stanzas from “The Holy Roode
XXX. Phineas Fletcher The Purple Island
XXXI. William Hall Man’s Great Enemy
XXXII. Rachel Speght The Frailty of Life
XXXIII. Simon Wastill Colossians
XXXIV. Robert Aylett Stanzas from “Peace with her Faire Gardens
XXXV. Augustine Taylor Christ’s Mercy
XXXVI. Anonymous Stanzas from “Machiauel’s Dogge
XXXVII. W. Parkes Lines from “The Curtain-drawer of the World
XXXVIII. George Wither The Lamentation of David over Saul and Jonathan His Son
The Conversion of St. Paul
St. Peter’s Day
The Prayer of Habakuk
For Seasonable Weather
Lines from “The Motto
Psalm LVII
XXXIX. Joseph Hall Psalm I
Psalm VII
Extract from “Lachrymæ Lachrymarum
XL. William Willymat Stanzas from “A Prince’s Looking-glasse
XLI. Anonymous To the Most Rare Vertue of True Humlilitie. Vpon the Crowne of Thornes
XLII. Æmelia Lanyer The Teares of the Daughter of Jerusalem
XLIII. Sir John Stradling Stanzas from “Beati Pacifici
XLIV. Nathanael Baxter The Deity
Man Created
XLV. Nicholas Breton Invective: The Hate of Treason
A Prayer
XLVI. George Raleigh Stanzas from “Christ on his Crosse
XLVII. RO. VN. A Similitude
XLVIII. —— Jerom Stanzas from “Origen’s Repentance
XLIX. Sir Henry Wotton Psalm CIV
A Hymn
L. Sir Walter Raleigh The Crosse of Christ
LI. George Chapman An Address to Death
A Description of Fever
The End of Learning
LII. Edward Hake No Gold, No Goodnesse
Complaining of His Want of Friends
LIII. Richard Corbet An Elegie on Dr. Ravis, Bishop of London
LIV. William Alexander, Earl of Stirling An Invocation
God Visible in His Works
LV. Henry Arthington The Goodness of God towards All Mankind Manifold Wayes
LVI. Sir William Leighton To the True Devoted Reader
LVII. Richard Brathwaite The Author to His Disconsolate Brother
A Description of Death
LVIII. Henry Peacham Psalmi Davidici
Vita Tota Dies Vnut
LIX. Samuel Daniel Lines from “The Tragedie of Philotas
LX. Thomas Scot Aquignispicium
LXI. Thomas Randolph An Eclogue
LXII. Edmond Graile Jacob Going down into Egypt
LXIII. William Drummond An Hymn of True Happiness
Human Frailty
For the Prodigal
The Blessedness of Faithful Souls by Death
LXIV. John Bulloker The Anointing of Our Saviour
LXV. Francis Beaumont A Funeral Elogie on the Death of the Lady Penelope Clifton
LXVI. William Warner How Our Religion Is Authenticall
LXVII. Lord Bacon Psalm XC
LXVIII. John Taylor Lines from “The Severall Seiges, Assaults, Sackings, and Finall Destruction of the Famous, Ancient, and memoriable Citty of Jerusalem
LXIX. Henry Anderson Bidding the World Farewell
The Law of Christ Contrasted with the Law of the World
The Blessedness of Serving God
LXX. John Norden Custome
LXXI. Thomas Tvke To the Men of Rome, As Well Laiques As Cleriques
LXXII. Elizabeth Melvill Ladie Culros’ Dream
LXXIII. S. A. Gorges To the Kinge’s Maiestie
LXXIV. Roger Tisdale The Lawyer’s Philosophy
LXXV. J. W. Epitaph on Archbishop Whitgift
LXXVI. Joshua Sylvester Lachrimæ Lachrimarvm
LXXVII. Richard Zouche The Dove
The World
LXXVIII. Raphe Crane The Works of Mercy, Both Corporall and Spirituall
LXXIX. Thomas Gokins Hallowed Be Thy Name
LXXX. Doctor Brooke O’ Tears
LXXXI. Thomas Heywood Stanzas from “Troia Brittanica, or Great Britaine’s Troy
LXXXII. Peter Small Lines from “Man’s May
LXXXIII. Sands Penuen Ixyon
LXXXIV. J. F. Lines from “Christ’s Bloody Sweat
LXXXV. William Lithgow Lines from “The Pilgrim’s Farewell
LXXXVI. John Weever Stanzas from “An Agnus Dei
LXXXVII. Charles Fitzgeffrey The Blessed Birth-day, Celebrated in Some Sanctified Meditations on the Angels’ Anthem
LXXXVIII. Walter Quin Youth Addressed by Vice and Virtue
LXXXIX. Samuel Rowlands A Moral
XC. Anonymous An Excellent Song, wherein You Shall Finde Great Consolation for a Troubled Minde
XCI. John Hagthorpe God’s Bounty Enlarged
God’s Beneficence
To Earth
XCII. Patrick Hanay Sonnet
XCIII. Richard Milton Lines from “London’s Miserie, etc.”
XCIV. Anonymous Lines from “Catascopos
XCV. John Abbott The Force of Contrition
XCVI. John Rhodes A Song of Praise and Thankesgiving to God for the King’s Majesty Raigne
XCVII. Anonymous The Miracles of Our Saviour
XCVIII. Thomas Collins Mercy
XCIX. Tristram White Sapphicks
C. Henry Raymonde An Ode