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Jacob A. Riis 1849–1914. The Battle with the Slum. 1902.


  1. Frontispiece
  2. One of the Five Points Fifty Years Ago
  3. The “Old Church” Tenement
  4. An Old Wooster Street Court
  5. A Fourth Ward Colony in the Bad Old Days
  6. Dens of Death
  7. Gotham Court
  8. Green Dragon Yard, London
  9. A Flagged Hallway in the “Big Flat
  10. Jersey Street Rookeries
  11. The Survival of the Unfittest
  12. The Rear Tenement grows up
  13. Professor Felix Adler
  14. A Cellar Dive in the Bend
  15. It costs a Dollar a Month to sleep in these Sheds
  16. Mulberry Street Police Station. Waiting for the Lodging to open
  17. Night in Gotham Court
  18. A Mulberry Bend Alley
  19. In the hallway I ran across two children, little tots, who were inquiring their way to the ‘Commissioner’”
  20. With his whole hungry little soul in his eyes
  21. One Family’s Outlook on the Air Shaft. The Mother said, “Our daughter does not care to come home to sleep
  22. The only Bath-tub in the Block. It hangs in the Air Shaft
  23. The Old Style of Tenements, with Yards
  24. As a Solid Block of Double-deckers, lawful until now, would appear
  25. Richard Watson Gilder
  26. The Mott Street Barracks
  27. R. Fulton Cutting
  28. Alfred Corning Clark Buildings
  29. The Riverside Tenements in Brooklyn
  30. A Typical East Side Block
  31. Robert W. de Forest
  32. Plan of a Typical Floor of the Competition in the C.O.S. Plans of Model Tenements
  33. Plans of Tenements
  34. A Seven-cent Lodging House in the Bowery
  35. They had a Mind to see how it looked
  36. Doorway of the Mills House, No. 1
  37. Evening in One of the Courts in the Mills House, No. 1
  38. Lodging Room in the Leonard Street Police Station
  39. Women’s Lodging Room in Eldridge Street Police Station
  40. A “Scrub”and her Bed—the Plank
  41. What a Search of the Lodgers brought forth
  42. Bedroom in the New City Lodging Houses
  43. Are we not young enough to work for him?”
  44. The Play School. Dressing Dolls for a Lesson
  45. Label of Consumers’ League
  46. Josephine Shaw Lowell
  47. One Door that has been opened: St. John’s Park in Hudson Street, once a Graveyard
  48. Dr. Jane Elizabeth Robbins
  49. One Way of bringing the Children into Camp: Basket-weaving in Vacation School
  50. The Children’s Christmas Tree
  51. Jacob Beresheim
  52. Heading off the Gang. Vacation Playground near Old Frog Hollow
  53. Craps
  54. Children’s Playground. Good Citizenship at the Bottom of this Barrel
  55. The Gang fell in with Joyous Shouts
  56. Oh, mother! you were gone so long
  57. Keep off the Grass
  58. Colonel George E. Waring, Jr
  59. A Tammany-swept East Side Street before Colonel Waring’s Day
  60. The Same Street when Colonel Waring wielded the Broom
  61. The Mulberry Bend
  62. Bone Alley
  63. Mulberry Bend Park
  64. Roof Playground on a Public School
  65. Kindergarten on the Recreation Pier at the Foot of East 24th Street
  66. The East River Park
  67. The Seward Park
  68. The Seward Park on Opening Day
  69. In the Roof Garden of the Hebrew Educational Alliance
  70. Bottle Alley, Whyó Gang’s Headquarters
  71. The First Christmas Tree in Gotham Court
  72. The Mouth of the Alley
  73. The Wrecking of Cat Alley
  74. Trilby
  75. Old Barney
  76. The Old
  77. The New
  78. Public School No. 177, Manhattan
  79. Letter H Plan of Public School No. 165
  80. Public School No. 153, The Bronx
  81. Girls’ Playground on the Roof
  82. The New Idea: a Stairway of Public School No. 170
  83. Truck Farming on the Site of Stryker’s Lane
  84. Doorway of Public School No. 165
  85. Main Entrance of Public School No. 153
  86. Superintendent C. B. J. Snyder
  87. The fellows and papa and mamma shall be invited in yet
  88. The “Slide” that was the Children’s only Playground once.
  89. A Cooking Lesson in Vacation School
  90. “Such a ballroom!”
  91. Teaching the Girls to swim
  92. Athletic Meets in Crotona Park
  93. Flag Drill in the King’s Garden
  94. Mrs. Ben Wah