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Man doth not live by bread only.
Deuteronomy viii. 3.


The Holy Bible: King James Version

Moses gave three farewell speeches shortly before he died. In them he reviewed the laws of God for the Israelites. This book gets its name “second law” from this review.


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1 Moses Recounts the LORD’s Promise to Israel at Horeb
The Appointment of Judges
The Spies Sent Out at Kadesh–barnea
God’s Punishment on Israel
The Defeat of Israel at Hormah
2 The Years in the Wilderness
Israel Conquers Sihon
3 Israel Conquers Og of Bashan
Reuben, Gad, and Half of Manasseh Settle East of the Jordan
Moses Not Permitted to Enter Canaan
4 Moses Exhorts Israel to Obedience
Israel’s Experience at Horeb
Warning against Idolatry
The Cities of Refuge East of the Jordan
Moses Recounts Israel’s Law
5 The Ten Commandments
The People’s Fear
6 The Great Commandment
Warnings against Disobedience
7 Israel Warned of the Idolatry of Canaan
A Holy People to the LORD
The Blessings of Obedience
8 A Good Land to Be Possessed
Warning against Forgetting the LORD
9 The LORD Will Destroy the Nations of Canaan
Israel’s Rebellion at Horeb
10 The Second Tables of Stone
What God Requires
11 The Greatness of the LORD
The Blessings of the Promised Land
12 Only One Place of Worship
Warning against Idolatry
14 Clean and Unclean Food
The Law of the Tithe
15 The Year of Release
Lending to the Poor
The Treatment of Servants
The Consecration of Firstlings
16 The Three Appointed Feasts
The Administration of Justice
17 Instructions concerning a King
18 The Portions of the Levites
Warning against Heathen Practices
God Promises a Prophet like Moses
19 The Cities of Refuge
The Law concerning Witnesses
20 The Laws concerning War
21 Settlement for an Unknown Murderer’s Crime
Various Laws
22 Laws concerning Chastity
23 Those Excluded from the Congregation
Laws of Sanitation
Laws of Human Relations
25 The Command to Blot Out Amalek
26 The Firstfruits and the Tithe
27 The Law to Be Recorded on Mount Ebal
The Curses at Mount Ebal
28 The Blessings of Obedience
The Consequences of Disobedience
29 The LORD’s Covenant with Israel in Moab
30 The Conditions for Restoration and Blessing
31 Joshua Commissioned as Moses’ Successor
The Law to Be Placed in the Ark
The Song of Moses
32 Moses Permitted to See the Land of Canaan
33 Moses Blesses the Tribes of Israel
34 The Death of Moses