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Joseph Friedlander, comp. The Standard Book of Jewish Verse. 1917.

IV. The Jewish Year

The Spirit of the Sabbath—Isidore G. Ascher
Princess Sabbath—Heinrich Heine (Trans. Margaret Armour)
The Sabbath Lamp—Grace Aguilar
Blessing the Lights—Alter Abelson
Song for Friday Night—Isidore Myers
The Hebrew’s Friday Night—Anonymous
Sabbath Hymn—Solomon Alkabiz
Come, My Beloved—M. M.
The Sabbath Eve—Samuel Augustus Willoughby Duffield
Friday Night—Miriam Del Banco
Friday Night—Isidore G. Ascher
Sabbath Hymn—Aaron Cohen
The Sabbath—Nina Davis
Sabbath—Alter Abelson
The Day of Rest—Gustav Gottheil
When Is the Jew in Paradise?—Joseph Leiser
Sabbath Thoughts—Grace Aguilar
God of the World—Israel Nagara (Trans. Israel Abrahams)
A Sabbath of Rest—Attributed to Isaac Luria (Trans. Nina Davis)
Hymn for the Conclusion of the Sabbath—Alice Lucas
The Twin Stars—Joel Blau (Trans. by the author from his Hebrew original)
The Twin Stars—Joel Blau (Trans. George Alexander Kohut)
The Sabbath Day—Kiddush and Habdalah—Anonymous
The Outgoing of Sabbath—Alter Abelson
The Last Sabbath Light—H. Rosenblatt (Trans. Leah W. Leonard)
Selichoth—Alter Abelson
The Turn of the Years—H. B. Friedlander
Into the Tomb of Ages Past—Penina Moïse
Rosh-Hashanah—Joseph K. Foran
New Year—Florence Weisberg
5666—New Year—1905—Jacob Klein
Shofar Echoes—Annette Kohn
Kol Nidré—M. Osias
Kol Nidré—Joseph Leiser
Kippur—Rebekah Hyneman
Day of Atonement—Anonymous
Yom Kippur—George Alexander Kohut
Prayer for the Day of Atonement—George Alexander Kohut
Yom Kippur—Gustav Gottheil
The White and Scarlet Thread—Anonymous
After Yom Kippur—Cora Wilburn
Palms and Myrtles—Eleazar Kalir (Trans. Alice Lucas)
The Tabernacle—Rose Emma Collins
Succoth—M. M.
A Tabernacle Thought—Israel Zangwill
A Succoth Hymn—Joseph Leiser
Simchas Torah—Morris Rosenfeld
Simchas Torah—J. L. Gordon
Simchas Torah—C. David Matt
Judas Maccabeus—Henry Snowman
The Maccabean—Horace M. Kallen
The Maccabean Call—Emil G. Hirsch
The Maccabees—Miriam Myers
The Banner of the Jew—Emma Lazarus
The Jewish Mother and Her Sons Before Antiochus—R. Manahan
A Tale from the Talmud—William Dearness
Song of Judas Maccabeus Before the Battle of Maspha—Rebekah Hyneman
The Miraculous Oil—Caroline Deutsch
The Feast of Lights—Emma Lazarus
Chanukah Hymn—Adolph Huebsch
Golden Lights for Chanukah—Janie Jacobson
The Eight Chanukah Lights—Isidore Myers
Chanukah Lights—M. M.
Chanukah Lights—Harold Debrest
Chanukah Lights—P. M. Raskin
Legendary Lights—Alter Abelson
Chanukah—Marion Hartog
Chanukah in Russia, 1905—E. L. Levetus
Chanukah—Margaret Freeman
Chanukah—Cecilia G. Gerson
Mo’oz Tsur Yeshu’osi—Trans. Solomon Solis Cohen
Chanukah—Louis Stern
Vashti—Helen Hunt Jackson
A Purim Poem—Isabella R. Hess
Esther—Florence Weisberg
Maid of Persia—Harry Weiss
Esther—Helen Hunt Jackson
In Shushan—E. Yancey Cohen
Purim—Myrtilla E. Mitchell
Mordecai—Helen Hunt Jackson
Purim—C. David Matt
A Purim Retrospect—W. S. Howard
Purim, 1900—Alice D. Braham
The Search for Leaven—Alter Abelson
The Moral of It—Samuel Gordon
The Seder—J. F.
Seder-Night—Israel Zangwill
Passover—Abram S. Isaacs
A Passover Hymn from the Haggada—J. F.
Passover—Deborah Kleinert Janowitz
By the Red Sea—Judah Ha-Levi (Trans. Alice Lucas)
The All Father’s Word—Emily Solis-Cohen, Jr.
The Feast of Freedom—P. M. Raskin
Pesach Le’ Osid—Anonymous
The Omer—M. M.
Sfere—Morris Rosenfeld
The Covenant of Sinai—Joseph Leiser
What Praise Is on Our Lips?—Joseph Leiser
The Heavenly Light—Max Meyerhardt
Pentecost—Annette Kohn
The Fast of Tebeth—Joseph Bar Samuel Tob Elem (Trans. Nina Davis)
Lines for the Ninth of Ab—Solomon Solis Cohen
Ode to Zion—Judah Ha-Levi (Trans. Alice Lucas)
Ode to Zion—Judah Ha-Levi (Trans. Nina Davis)
In Memoriam, Ninth of Ab—Ben Avrom
A Thought for the Ninth of Ab—Hadassah