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Joseph Friedlander, comp. The Standard Book of Jewish Verse. 1917.

III. Mediaeval Period

Now Die Away, My Tuneful Song—Anonymous
Martyrdom—Rufus Learsi
During the Crusades (“Thy faithful sons, whom Thou in love hast owned”)—Eleazar
During the Crusades (“Swift as birds of prey”)—Menahem Ben Jacob
During the Crusades (“Thou, to whom my name bears witness”)—David Ben Meshullam
During the Crusades (“Cruel foes with hate inflamed”)—Hillel Ben Jacob
During the Crusades (“Yes, they slay us and they smite”)—E. H. Plumptre
During the Crusades (“Behold, O Lord, Thy faithful people!”)—Anonymous
During the Crusades (“They seized our holy congregations”)—Ezra Ben Tanhum
During the Crusades (“Although tormented and ill-treated”)—Kalonymus Ben Judah
Israel Mocked—Anonymous
The Massacre of the Jews at York—Marion and Celia Moss
The Harvesting of the Roses—Menahem Ben Jacob
A Martyr’s Death—Menahem Ben Jacob
The Jewish Martyr—Moss Marks
A Song of Redemption—Solomon Ibn Gabirol (Trans. Nina Davis)
Jehuda Ben Halevy—Heinrich Heine (Trans. Margaret Armour)
To Judah Ha-Levi—M. L. R. Breslar
How Long?—Judah Ha-Levi
Back, My Soul—Judah Ha-Levi (Trans. M. Simon)
Oh! City of the World—Judah Ha-Levi (Trans. Kate Magnus)
The Immortality of Israel—Judah Ha-Levi (Trans. Israel Cohen)
The Pride of a Jew—Judah Ha-Levi (Trans. Israel Cohen)
The Lord Is My Portion—Judah Ha-Levi
My Heart Is in the East—Judah Ha-Levi (Trans. H. Pereira Mendes)
Separation—Judah Ha-Levi
From Thee to Thee”—Solomon Ibn Gabirol (Trans. I. A.)
The Cry of Israel—Solomon Ibn Gabirol (Trans. Solomon Solis Cohen)
O Soul, with Storms Beset!—Solomon Ibn Gabirol (Trans. Alice Lucas)
The Dance of Death—Santob de Carrion
Song of the Spanish Jews—Grace Aguilar
I Will Not Have You Think Me Less—Santob de Carrion
Why Should I Wander Sadly?—Susskind von Trimberg
Sonnet—Immanuel ben Solomon of Rome
Sonnet—Rachel Morpurgo
Sonnet—Sara Copia Sullam
Friendship—Santob de Carrion