The War of the Worlds
Seen nearer, the Thing was incredibly strange, with a ringing metallic pace, and long, flexible, glittering tentacles swinging and rattling about its strange body.… Behind the main body was a huge mass of white metal like a gigantic fisherman’s basket, and puffs of green smoke squirted out from the joints of the limbs as the monster swept by me. And in an instant it was gone.—Book 1, Chap. 10, ¶15

The War of the Worlds

H. G. Wells

The prototype for all science fiction, H. G. Wells’s fantastic novel will not let you out of its grip as it narrates the invasion of Earth by ruthless Martians. In 1938, a radio adaptation of The War of the Worlds—done in the style of a news broadcast—panicked the listening public.

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Book One: The Coming of the Martians

  1. The Eve of the War
  2. The Falling Star
  3. On Horsell Common
  4. The Cylinder Opens
  5. The Heat-Ray
  6. The Heat-Ray in the Chobham Road
  7. How I Reached Home
  8. Friday Night
  9. The Fighting Begins
  10. In the Storm
  11. At the Window
  12. What I Saw of the Destruction of Weybridge and Shepperton
  13. How I Fell in with the Curate
  14. In London
  15. What Had Happened in Surrey
  16. The Exodus from London
  17. The “Thunder Child

Book Two: The Earth under the Martians

  1. Under Foot
  2. What We Saw from the Ruined House
  3. The Days of Imprisonment
  4. The Death of the Curate
  5. The Stillness
  6. The Work of Fifteen Days
  7. The Man on Putney Hill
  8. Dead London
  9. Wreckage
  10. The Epilogue