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The World’s Wit and Humor: An Encyclopedia in 15 Volumes. 1906.

Vols. X–XI: French

Brander Matthews. 1852–1929. Introduction: The Humor of Continental Europe
Rutebeuf. fl. c. 1249–c. 1277. The Ass’s Testament
Doun de Laverne. 13th Century. How a Peasant Won Paradise by Wit
Eustache Deschamps. 1346?–1406. Advice to a Friend on Marriage
François Villon. 1431–1463? Ballad of Proverbs
All Things Except Myself I Know
Marguerite de Navarre. 1492–1549. One Ducat for a Horse
A Lady’s Passion for a Cordelier Cured with a Stick
The Miracle of the Lighted Candle
Jehan du Pontalais. 15th Century. Money
Anonymous. 15th Century. The Usurer’s Paternoster
François Rabelais. c. 1490–1553. The Lost Hatchet
Lending and Borrowing
Concerning Diogenes and Drink
Vincent Voiture. 1597–1648. On Being Tossed in a Blanket
On Sending Some Lions of Red Wax
Cyrano de Bergerac. 1619–1655. The Soul of the Cabbage
Molière (Jean Baptiste Poquelin). 1622–1673. A Language Lesson
Harpagon’s Method of Money-Lending
An Interview with Trissotin
An Apothecary’s Bill
Monsieur Purgon
The Jealousy of Le Barbouillé
Paul Scarron. 1610–1660. Ragotin’s Civility
Strolling Players
François, duc de La Rochefoucauld. 1613–1680. Maxims and Sentences
Blaise Pascal. 1623–1662. On Fasting
On Usury
On Mental Reservations
Jean de La Fontaine. 1621–1695. The Fox, the Wolf, and the Horse
The Council of the Rats
The Crow and the Fox
The Peasant’s Choice of Punishment
Philippe Quinault. 1635–1688. Two Imaginative Innkeepers
Edmé Boursault. 1638–1701. The Quack Practises
Nicolas Boileau-Despréaux. 1636–1711. Annoyances of Paris
To Perrault
On Cotin
David Augustin de Brueys and Jean Palaprat. The Trial for Sheep-Stealing
Alain René Lesage. 1688–1747. The Archbishop’s Veracious Secretary
The Universal Fire Cure
Dialogue Between Two Chimneys
Asmodeus Emerges from the Bottle
Jean-François Regnard. 1655–1709. The Cowardly Marquis
Jean de La Bruyère. 1645–1696. Menippus
Alexis Piron. 1689–1773. Three Epitaphs on Himself
Lines on the French Academy
Pierre de Marivaux. 1688–1763. Paying One’s Debts
Voltaire. 1694–1778. The Philosophy of Dr. Pangloss
The Martial Bulgarians
How to Encourage Admirals
The Church of England
The Presbyterians
Memnon, or Human Wisdom
The Pike’s Roe
The Liberty of the Will
First Day in France of a Huron
Jean-Baptiste-Louis Gresset. 1709–1777. Ver-Vert
Marquis de Vauvenargues. 1715–1747. The Conceited Fool
The Man of the World
Denis Diderot. 1713–1784. Beware of Genius!
Pierre-Augustin Caron de Beaumarchais. 1732–1799. The Barber’s Soliloquy on His Career
Varieties of Truth
Jacques Delille. 1738–1813. Hail, Coffee!
Marc-Antoine Désaugiers. 17728–1827. The Eternal Yawner
Pierre Jean de Béranger. 1780–1857. The Dead Alive
The King of Yvetot
Lizzy’s Peccadilloes
The Education of Young Ladies
The Little Man in Gray
The Boxers
Honoré de Balzac. 1799–1850. The Suffix ‘Rama
Madame Firmiani’s Reputations
Useful Stuttering
A Slight Misunderstanding
The Government of the Shrewmouse
Alfred de Musset. 1810–1857. The Deluded Avian Husband
The Supper-Party of the Three Cavaliers
Charles Paul de Kock. 1793–1871. Théophile’s Mother-in-Law
Alexandre Dumas. 1802–1870. Chapter Touching the Olfactory Organ
The German Student
E. Arnal. c. 1850. Doctor Benserade
Théophile Gautier. 1811–1872. Under the Table
The Duke’s Perversion
Émile Augier and Jules Sandeau. Political Ambition
Henri Murger. 1822–1861. The Founding of the Brotherhood
An Evening Reception
The Passage of the Red Sea
Victor Hugo. 1802–1885. The Bourgeois
The Good Flea and the Wicked King
Eugène Labiche. 1815–1888. Scenes from ‘Grammar
Eugène Labiche and Édouard Martin. Catching a Train
Saved from the Precipice!
Émile Erckmann and Alexandre Chatrian. The Comet
Edmond About. 1828–1885. The Hungry Englishwoman
Auguste comte de Villiers de L’Isle Adam. 1838–1889. The Love of the Natural
Gustave Droz. 1832–1895. My Wife Goes to the Ball
Édouard Pailleron. 1834–1899. Platonic Love in a Greenhouse
Alphonse Daudet. 1840–1897. Father Gaucher’s Elixir
William Tell
Delobelle, the Great Actor
The Tartlets
The Cap-Hunters
The Art of Song
Interview with a Caged Lion
Émile Zola. 1840–1902. Adam’s Color
Benefits of War
Guy de Maupassant. 1850–1893. Waiter, a Glass of Beer!’
Max O’Rell. Paul Blouet). 1848–1903. John Bull’s Cookery and Tea
Ludovic Halévy. 1834–1908. Americans in Paris
Storms Behind the Curtain
Ludovic Halévy and Henri Meilhac. Private Theatricals
Catulle Mendès. 1841–1909. The Modern Literary Man
François Coppée. 1842–1908. A Great Hero
The Villain
The Street Organ
Anatole France. 1844–1924. Finding an Apartment
Gyp (Madame de Martel). 1849–1932. Civil Marriage: Dialogue
Richard O’Monroy (J. de Saint Geniès). 1850–1916. The Fugue
Edmond Rostand. 1868–1918. A Duel in Rime