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The World’s Wit and Humor: An Encyclopedia in 15 Volumes. 1906.

Vols. VI–IX: British

Andrew Lang. 1844–1912. Introduction: Humour in the British Isles
Geoffrey Chaucer. c. 1340–1400. Chanticleer and the Fox
To My Empty Purse
Ballad of Women’s Doubleness
John Skelton. 1460?–1529. Ladies’ Darling
Fire! Fire!
Sir Thomas More. 1478–1535. Disputation between a Fool and a Friar
Nicholas Udall. 1505–1556. Gossip
Sir Philip Sidney. 1554–1586. On Plays
Sir John Harington. 1561–1612. Of a Precise Tailor
Of a Certain Man
William Shakespeare. 1564–1616. Dogberry’s Charge to the Watch
Dogberry Administers Justice
The Tinker’s Dream
Launcelot Gobbo’s Conscience
Valorous Jack Falstaff
Madness With a Method
Rosalind’s Suit in the Forest
The Retort Courteous
The Lost Drum
Francis Bacon. 1561–1626. Aphorisms
Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher. Chivalrous Adventures of an Apprentice
Thomas Dekker. c. 1570–1632. Obedient Husbands
Ben Jonson. 1572–1637. The Braggart Turns Tail
Rules for the Tavern Academy
The Wonderful Beauty Powder
The Knightly Rhymester
Truewit Tells the True Way to Woo
Discoveries Upon Men and Matter
John Milton. 1608–1674. On Freedom of Print and Belief
Epitaph for an Old University Carrier
Andrew Marvell. 1621–1678. Parody on a Speech from the Throne by Charles II
Sir John Suckling. 1609–1642. The Pale Lover
The Constant Lover
Samuel Butler. 1612–1680. The Logic and Rhetoric of Hudibras
Hudibras’ Religion
Dialogue with an Infernal Elf
Samuel Pepys. 1633–1703. Extracts from the Diary
Abraham Cowley. 1618–1667. A Lover’s Chronicle
A Great Man’s Day
William Wycherley. 1640–1716. The Frenchified Englishman
Politeness Plausible
The Duplicate Letter
John Dryden. 1631–1700. Character of Zimri (the Duke of Buckingham)
Mac Flecknoe
The Scholar’s Wife
William Congreve. 1670–1729. The Country Squire in London
An Old Man’s Young Passion
Daniel Defoe. 1661?–1731. Friday’s Conflict with the Bear
The Education of Women
The Shortest Way with the Dissenters
George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham. 1628–1687. Beginning a Play with a Whisper
Jonathan Swift. 1667–1745. Directions to Servants
Hints on Conversation
A South Sea Ballad
An Academy of Wits
Necessity of Wars and Quarrels
The University of Lagado
Inventory of the Man-Mountain’s Pockets
Some Account of the Yahoos
A Gentle Echo on Woman
Against Abolishing Christianity
Thoughts on Various Subjects
Alexander Pope. 1688–1744. The Rape of the Lock
The Spectator and The Tatler. The Will of a Virtuoso
A Grinning Match
The Use of the Fan
Sir Roger de Coverley at Church
The Picts
Phillis and Brunetta
Will Honeycomb’s Courtships
Anonymous (Time of George I). The Vicar of Bray
John Arbuthnot. 1667–1735. A Dissertation on Dumplings
Sister Peg
John Philips. 1676–1709. The Dun
Henry Carey. 1687?–1743. A Tragical Tragedy’s Ending
Lady Mary Wortley Montagu. 1689–1762. Extracts from the ‘Letters
Epitaph on John Hughes and Sarah Drew
Philip Stanhope, Earl of Chesterfield. 1694–1773. Gleanings from the Letters to his Son
Henry Fielding. 1707–1754. The Immersion of an Ambassador
Leonard and Paul
Slippery Sailors
Partridge at the Play
Essay on Nothing
Opening Scenes of ‘Tom Thumb the Great
Different Hats: Different Principles
Thomas Gray. 1716–1771. Ode on a Drowned Cat
George, Lord Lyttelton. 1709–1773. Dialogue Between Mercury and Mrs. Modish
Dialogue Between Mercury, an English Duellist, and a North American Savage
Laurence Sterne. 1713–1768. Uncle Toby’s Courtship
The Siege of the Cities in the Kitchen-Garden
Madame De V——’s Religion
The Case of Delicacy
James Merrick. 1720–1769. The Chameleon
David Garrick. 1717–1779. The Dictated Letter
Prologue to ‘Sheridan’s School for Scandal
Tobias George Smollett. 1721–1771. Commodore Trunnion’s Wedding-Day
The Origin of Breeches
Unregretted School Days
Captain Weazel and the Highwayman
Tabitha on Domestic Economy
Bramble and Barton at Court
Samuel Foote. 1720–1777. Anecdotes
Samuel Johnson. 1709–1784. The Retired Merchant
Ambitions of Authorship
Wit and Learning
Fictions and Facts of Country Life
On Lying News-Writers
The Style Terrific
Charles Churchill. 1731–1764. Lothario (Lord Sandwich)
Oliver Goldsmith. 1730–1774. Moses Acquires a Gross of Green Spectacles
Elegy on the Death of a Mad Dog
Tony’s Directions to the Travellers
The Double Transformation
On Fashions
On Physicians
The True Oriental
Mr. and Mrs. Tibbs
William Cowper. 1731–1800. John Gilpin’s Ride
Report of an Adjudged Case
Pairing-Time Anticipated
The Love of the World Reproved
Hannah Cowley. 1743–1809. Miss Letitia Plays the Hoyden
Thomas Percy. 1729–1811. King John and the Abbot
The Distracted Puritan
Lilli Burlero
Richard Brinsley Sheridan. 1751–1816. Mrs. Malaprop and Sir Anthony Absolute Settle Lydia’s Future
Bob Acres Sends a Challenge
The Literary Lady
A Domestic Tiff
Gossip at Lady Sneerwells
Calendar of the Months
The Art of Puffing
Lord Erskine’s Simile
Charles Dibdin. 1745–1814. Nongtongpaw
Hester Lynch Thrale. 1741–1821. The Three Warnings
William Barnes Rhodes. 1772–1826. Bombastes Furioso
Robert Burns. 1759–1796. Holy Willie’s Prayer
Tam O’Shanter
The Death of Poor Mailie
To a Louse
The Two Dogs
William Cobbett. 1763–1835. Writing Plays Like Shakespeare’s
The Complicated Ceremony of Shaving
George Canning. 1770–1827. The University of Gottingen
Frances (Fanny) Burney (Madame d’Arblay). 1752–1840. Who Gave Us that Shove?
Maria Edgeworth. 1768–1849. Sir Kit’s Honeymoon
Edward Copleston. 1776–1849. How to Review Milton’s L’Allegro
Jane Austen. 1775–1817. Five Daughters to Marry
Mr. Woodhouse’s Idea of Supper
Lord Byron. 1788–1824. Don Juan’s Sea-Sickness
After Swimming the Hellespont
Epitaph for Joseph Blackett, Poet and Shoemaker
Michael’s Call for Witnesses
Sir Walter Scott. 1771–1832. A Preaching Match at Tillietudlem
Captain Dugald Dalgetty
Charles Lamb. 1775–1834. Sayings and Anecdotes
A Comparison Between Whist and Quadrille
A Bad Cold
The Housekeeper
A Dissertation Upon Roast Pig
Sydney Smith. 1771–1845. Witticisms
Robert Southey. 1774–1843. The March to Moscow
The Ten Lost Tribes of Israel
The Cataract of Lodore
Frederick Marryat. 1792–1848. The Great Triangular Duel
Nautical Terms
Richard Harris Barham (Thomas Ingoldsby). 1788–1845. Not a Sou Had He Got
The Jackdaw of Rheims
Theodore Hook. 1788–1841. On Puns
Mrs. Ramsbottom’s Sight-Seeing in Paris
Mrs. Ramsbottom’s Opinions on Popery
William Maginn. 1794–1842. The Irishman
Winthrop Mackworth Praed. 1802–1839. Rhyme and Reason
My Partner
The Vicar
John Wilson (Christopher North). 1785–1854. Naked Bullmanship
Thomas De Quincey. 1785–1859. Murder as One of the Fine Arts
Frances Milton Trollope. 1780–1863. Republican Equality and Freedom
Patriotism and Bugs
Culture in the West
Thomas Moore. 1779–1852. Miss Biddy Fudge in Paris
The Rabbinical Origin of Women
On Restoring a Lock of Hair
Thomas Love Peacock. 1785–1866. The Sleeping Venus
John Gibson Lockhart. 1794–1854. Captain Paton’s Lament
Douglas William Jerrold. 1803–1857. Mr. Caudle’s Shirt-Buttons
Cold Mutton, Pudding, Pancakes
Bits of Repartee
Abolishing the ‘Cat
Thomas Hood. 1799–1845. Faithless Nelly Gray
A Lay of Real Life
The Remains of a Lost Banquet
Francis Sylvester Mahony (Father Prout). 1804–1866. Pot-Luck at the Vatican
Richard Whately. 1787–1863. Did Bonaparte Exist?
Thomas Babington, Lord Macaulay. 1800–1859. On Robert Montgomery’s Poems
The Ponderous Work of Dr. Nares
Samuel Lover. 1797–1868. Buying a Present for the Priest
The King and the Bishop
The Blarney
Lanty Leary
Andy as Waiter at Table and Messenger to the Post-Office
Rory O’More
Elizabeth Gaskell. 1810–1865. Miss Jenkyns’s Literary Tastes
Charles Lever. 1806–1872. Major Monsoon and the King of Spain’s Story
Widow Malone
How to Make Love for a Friend
Thomas Carlyle. 1795–1881. Sir Jabesh Windbag
The Dandy
George Borrow. 1803–1881. Three Thimbles and a Pea
A Lesson in Armenian
Lord Beaconsfield. 1804–1881. Aphorisms
William Makepeace Thackeray. 1811–1863. The Battle of Limerick
George de Barnwell
The Ballad of Eliza Davis
Sorrows of Werther
How Becky Sharp Made an Impression on Joseph Sedley
Peg of Limavaddy
Mr. Yellowplush to Sir Edward Lytton Bulwer
Charles Dickens. 1812–1870. Mr. Micawber’s Pecuniary Difficulties
My First Dissipation
The Fine Old English Gentleman
Pecksniff at the Boarding-House
The Romance of Dick Turpin
Serjeant Buzfuz’s Address to the Jury
William Edmondstoune Aytoun. 1813–1865. Idées Napoléoniennes
William Edmondstoune Aytoun and Sir Theodore Martin. The Lay of the Love-Lorn
John Maddison Morton. 1811–1891. How to Let One Room to Two Tenants
Irish Bulls
Alfred, Lord Tennyson. 1809–1892. The Goose
Northern Farmer—Old Style
Charles Reade. 1814–1884. Doctor Aberford’s Prescription
Cibber’s Repartee
A Bad Shilling
Charles Kingsley. 1819–1875. The Professor’s Malady
Travels in and About Waste-Paper-Land
Yorkshire Proverbs
George Eliot (Mary Ann Cross). 1819–1880. A Scholar’s Proposal of Marriage
Some of Mrs. Poyser’s Opinions
Tom Tulliver Impersonates the Duke of Wellington
Thomas William Robertson. 1829–1871. A Prospective Misalliance
Matthew Arnold. 1822–1888. About Compulsory Education
Thomas Hughes. 1822–1896. Cribs”: An Institution of Providence
Charles Stuart Calverley. 1831–1884. Changed
Ode to Tobacco
Georgiana Marion Craik. 1831–1895. A Quarrelsome Little Dog and a Cross Little Cat
James Payn. 1830–1898. A Mediæval Mistake
Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (Lewis Carroll). 1832–1898. The Cheshire Cat
The Bellman’s Speech
Robert Louis Stevenson. 1850–1894. Pinkerton, Artist and Optimist
Nursery Rhymes. Simple Simon
Three Wise Men of Gotham
I Love Sixpence
Where Are You Going, My Pretty Maid?
Peter Piper
George Meredith. 1828–1909. Short Citations
Francis Cowley Burnand. 1836–1917. A Rubber at Whist
William Schwenck Gilbert. 1836–1911. The Ruler of the Queen’s Navee
The Bishop of Rum-ti-Foo
Lords and Commons
Lorenzo de Lardy
The Penalty for Beheading the Heir-Apparent
Andrew Lang. 1844–1912. Two Letters from Mrs. Proudie to Mrs. Quiverful
William Hurrell Mallock. 1849–1923. A Lay-Sermon and a Shipwreck
John Watson (Ian Maclaren). 1850–1907. Our Sermon Taster
H. Rider Haggard. 1856–1925. The Bare Legs, the Movable Teeth, and the Transparent Eye
Thomas Anstey Guthrie (F. Anstey). 1856–1934. Venus Visits the Hair-Dresser
George Bernard Shaw. 1856–1950. Lines from the Plays
Jerome K. Jerome. 1859–1927. The Stage Lawyer
J. M. Barrie. 1860–1937. A Humourist on His Calling
A Home for Geniuses
Postal Facilities at Thrums
Anthony Hope. 1863–1933. Cordial Relations
Rudyard Kipling. 1865–1936. Study of an Elevation, in Indian Ink
The Courting of Dinah Shadd
Gunga Din
A Code of Morals
Edith Anna Somerville and Violet Florence Martin (Martin Ross). 1862–1915. Pleasures of a Tenant
The Lough Lonen Regatta
The Wreck
Lionel Strachey. 1864–1927. How to Translate German
Odd Ideas