The Cambridge History of English and American Literature in 18 Volumes (1907–21).
Volume III. Renascence and Reformation.

XVIII. “Of the Laws of Ecclesiastical Polity”


[Bibliography by George A. Brown]


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Seventh book, in Gauden’s 1662 ed. of Hooker’s works.

See Lee, S., in D. of N. B. for a discussion as to the genuineness of Books VI, VII and VIII. Book VI, apparently, “has no right to its place in Hooker’s treatise.”

The E. P. and other works with life by Izaak Walton, and Strype’s interpolations: to which are now added the “Christian’s Letter” and Dr Covel’s “Just and temperate defence.” With an introduction, a life by Cartwright, T. and notes by Hanbury, B. 3 vols. 1830.

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Book V. Ed. Bayne, R. 1902.


A learned Discourse of Justification, Workes, and how the foundation of Faith is overthrowne. Ed. Jackson, H. 1612, 1613.

A learned Sermon of the nature of Pride. Oxford, 1612.

The Answere to a Supplication preferred by Mr. Travers to the H. H. Lords of the Privie Counsell. Oxford, 1612.

A Remedy against Sorrow and Fear. Oxford, 1612.

A Learned and Comfortable Sermon of the certaintie and perpetuitie of faith in the Elect. Oxford, 1612.


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(See also bibliography to the chapter on the Marprelate controversy.)

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