The Cambridge History of English and American Literature in 18 Volumes (1907–21).
Volume IX. From Steele and Addison to Pope and Swift.

VI. Lesser Verse Writers


A. Collections

The principal works of the writers treated in this Chapter will be found in the following Collections of British Poets:

The Poets of Great Britain from Chaucer to Churchill. (Bell’s edn.) 109 vols. Edinburgh, 1777–92.

The Works of the English Poets: With prefaces biographical and critical by Johnson, S. 68 vols. 1779–81.

The Works of the British Poets. Ed. Anderson, R. 14 vols. Edinburgh, 1793–1807.

The Works of the British Poets. Ed. Park, T. 48 vols. 1805–9.

The Works of the English Poets from Chaucer to Cowper including the series ed., with prefaces biographical and critical, by Dr. Samuel Johnson, and the most approved translations. With additional lives by Alex. Chalmers. 21 vols. 1810.

B. Biography and Criticism

Beljame, A. Le public et les hommes de lettres en Angleterre au 18 siècle, 1660–1744. Paris, 1881.

Cibber, Theophilus. The Lives of the Poets of Great Britain and Ireland. 5 vols. 1753.

Courthope, W. J. A history of English Poetry. Vol. V. 1905.

Elton, O. The Augustan Ages. Edinburgh, 1899.

Gosse, E. A history of eighteenth century literature. 1889.

Hettner, H. J. T. Literaturgeschichte d. 18. Jahrhunderts. 3rd edn. Vol. 1. Gesch. der englischen Literatur, 1660–70. Brunswick, 1872.

Johnson, S. The Lives of the English Poets. Ed. Hill, G. Birkbeck. 3 vols. Oxford, 1905.

Pope, Alexander. Works. Edd. Elwin, W. and Courthope, W. J. 10 vols. 1871–89.

Rémusat, C. F. M. de. L’Angleterre au 18me siècle. New edn. 2 vols. Paris, 1865.

Saintsbury, G. A history of Criticism. Vol. II. Edinburgh, 1902.

—— A history of English Prosody. Vol. II. 1908.

Spence, Joseph. Anecdotes, observations, and characters of books and men. Ed. Singer, S. W. 2nd edn. 1858.

Ward, T. H. The English Poets. Selections with critical introductions by various authors, and a general introduction by Arnold, Matthew. 2nd edn. Vol. III. 1884.

Section (i)


(1) Collected editions

Poems. 1720, 1727, 1752.

Works. 4 vols. Dublin, 1770.

Poetical, dramatic, and miscellaneous works, with Johnson’s life. 6 vols. 1793.

Poetical works. Ed. Underhill, J. (The Muses Library.) 2 vols. 1893.

(2) Poems published separately

Wine, a poem. 1708.

Rural Sports, a Georgic inscribed to Mr. Pope. 1713.

Translated in part into Italian verse by Ercolani, C. 1886.

The Fan, a poem in three books. 1713.

The Shepherd’s Week. In six pastorals. 1714.

A Letter to a lady, occasioned by the arrival of Her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales. 1714.

A Journey to Exeter. 1715.

Trivia, or the art of walking the streets of London. 1716.

An Epistle to the Duchess of Marlborough. 1722.

Fables. 1727, 4th edn. 1733, 1736.

—— 2nd series. 1738.

Fables complete. 1750, 1762, 1779 (with Bewick’s cuts), 1793, 1796 (with life by Coxe, W.), 1816, 1854 (with memoir by Owen, O. F.), 1882 (ed. Dobson, A., with a bibliography). Trans. into French, 1759, 1811, 1857, etc.; into Italian, 1767, 1773; into Latin, by Anstey, C., 1798.

Gay’s Chair. Poems, never before printed, by J. Gay; with a sketch of his life from the manuscripts of Butler, J. Ed. Lee, H. 1820.

(3) Plays published separately

The Mohocks. A tragi-comical farce. 1712.

The Wife of Bath. A comedy. 1713. Republished, 1730.

The What d’ye call it. A tragi-comi-pastoral farce. 1715, 3rd edn. 1716. (Contains ’T was when the seas were roaring.)

Three Hours after Marriage. A comedy. (By Pope, Gay and Arbuthnot.) 1717.

The Captives. A tragedy. 1724.

The Beggar’s Opera. 1728, 4th edn. 1735, 7th edn. 1754. Ed. Macleod, G. H. 1905.

Polly. An opera. Being the second part of The Beggar’s Opera. 1729.

These two ed., with introd. and notes, by Sarrazin, G., Weimar, 1898.

Acis and Galatea. An English pastoral opera. 1732.

Achilles. An opera. 1733.

The Distressed Wife. A comedy. 1743, 2nd edn. 1750.

The Rehearsal at Goatham. 1754.

(4) Biography and Criticism
See, also, subsections (1) and (2), ante.

Coxe, W. Life of Gay. 2nd edn. 1797.

Bruce, J. D. Some unpublished translations from Ariosto, by John Gay. Rptd. from Archiv für das Studium der neueren Sprachen etc. Vol. CXXIII. Brunswick, 1910.

Hazlitt, W. On Swift, Young, Gray, Collins, etc. Lectures on the English Poets, Works, edd. Waller, A. R. and Glover, A. Vol. V. 1902.


Poems on severall occasions. (Ed. by Alexander Pope.) 1722, 1726. 6th edn. Dublin, 1735. With a life by Oliver Goldsmith. 1770.

Posthumous Works. 1758.

Poetical works. Ed. Mitford, J. (Aldine edn.) 1833.

Poetical works. Ed. Aitken, G. A. 1894.

Essay on the different styles of Poetry. 1713.

On the life, writings, and learning of Homer. Prefixed to Pope’s translation of the Iliad. 1715.

Homer’s Battle of the Frogs and the Mice [translated]. With the Remarks of Zoilus. To which is prefix’d the Life of the said Zoilus. 1717.


Pastorals, epistles, odes and other poems. 1748, 1765.

The Distrest Mother. A tragedy as it is acted at the Theatre Royal in Drury Lane, by Her Majesty’s Servants. 1712.

The Briton. A tragedy as it is acted at the Theatre Royal in Drury Lane by His Majesty’s Servants. 1722.

Humfrey, Duke of Gloucester. A Tragedy, as it is acted at the Theatre Royal in Drury Lane, by His Majesty’s servants. 1723.

These three plays collected. 1725.


Poems on several occasions. 1699, 2nd edn. 1702, 10th edn. 1736.

The Choice. 1700.

A Prospect of Death, an ode. [1700.]

Reason, a poem. 1700.

(1) Collected Works

Miscellaneous Works. Ed. Drift, A. 2 vols. 1740.

The Writings of Matthew Prior. (Poems on Several Occasions.—Dialogues of the Dead, and other works in prose and verse.) Ed. Waller, A. R. 2 vols. Cambridge, 1905–7.

(2) Collected Poems

Miscellany Poems. Ed. Dryden, John. 6 parts. 1684–1709 (and later edns.)

Poems on Affairs of State.… Written by the greatest wits. 1697. As to Prior’s contributions to these two collections, cf. Waller’s edn., ante.

Poems on Several Occasions. 1707 (unauthorised edn.), 1709 (first authorised edn.) 1713, 1717.

A Second Collection of Poems on Several Occasions. 1716 (unauthorised).

Poems on Several Occasions. Folio. 1718. Frequently rptd. Trans. into German, 1783. Solomon on the Vanity of the World was trans. into Latin by Dobson, W., Oxford, 1734–6; and Alma by Martin, T., Salisbury, 1763.

A New Miscellany of Original Poems, by Mr. Prior, Mr. Pope, etc. 1720.

A Supplement to Mr. Prior’s Poems. 1722.

A New Collection of Poems on Several Occasions. 1725.

Poetical Works. With explanatory notes and memoirs of the author. Ed. Evans, T. 2 vols. 1779.

—— With a memoir by Mitford, J. (Aldine poets.) 2 vols. 1835, 1866. New edn. revised, with a memoir by Johnson, R. B. 2 vols. 1892.

—— With a memoir by Gilfillan, G. Edinburgh, 1858.

Selected Poems. With introduction and notes by Dobson, A. 1889.

(3) Separately published works

The Hind and the Panther transvers’d to the story of the Country-Mouse and the City-Mouse. 1687, 1709. (By Prior and Charles Montague.)

An Ode in imitation of the Second Ode of the Third Book of Horace. 1692.

An English Ballad: In answer to Mr. Despreaux’s Pindarique Ode on the Taking of Namure. 1695.

To the King. An Ode on His Majesty’s arrival in Holland. 1695.

Carmen Saeculare for the year 1700. To the King. 1700. Latin trans. by Dibben, T. 1701.

A Letter to Monsieur Boileau Depreaux [sic]. 1704.

Prologue spoken at Court before the Queen, on Her Majesty’s birth-day, 1704. 1704.

An Ode, humbly inscrib’d to the Queen. On the glorious success of Her Majesty’s arms. 1706.

Pallas and Venus. 1706.

Horace, Lib. 1, Epist. IX imitated. To the Right Honourable Mr. Harley. [1711.]

Two Imitations of Chaucer. I. Susannah and the Two Elders. II. Erle Robert’s Mice. 1712.

The Dove, a poem. 1717.

The Female Phaeton. [1718?]

Verses spoke to the Lady Henrietta-Cavendish Holles Harley, in the Library of St. John’s College, Cambridge, November the 9th, An. 1719. 1720.

Prologue to The Orphan. Represented by some of the Westminster-Scholars at Hickford’s Dancing-Room, the 2d of February, 1720. 1720.

The Conversation, a tale. 1720.

Colin’s Mistakes. Written in imitation of Spenser’s style. 1721.

Down-Hall, a poem. 1723.

The Turtle and the Sparrow. A poem. 1723.

Lyric Poems; being twenty-four Songs (never before printed) by the late Matthew Prior, Esq. Set to Music by several Eminent Masters. 1741.

NOTE. It should be remembered that many poems by Prior were published as broadsides, and that several poems attributed to him cannot be said with certainty to be his. For a brief list of these, see Waller’s edn., ante, vol. II, p. 408.

(4) Biography and Criticism

Aitken, G. A. Matthew Prior. Contemporary Review. May, 1890.

Bolingbroke, H. St. John, Viscount. Letters and correspondence. 2 vols. 1798.

Dartmouth. The MSS. of the Earl of Dartmouth. (Hist. Manuscripts Commission.) 1887, etc.

Dobson, A. Matthew Prior. New Princeton Review. Vol. VI. July, 1888.

Longleat. Calendar of the MSS. of the Marquis of Bath, reserved at Longleat. 1904, etc.

Memoirs of Matthew Prior, with a copy of his will. 1722.

Roberts, W. Prior as a Book Collector. Athenaeum, 19 June, 1897.

Sichel, W. Matthew Prior. Quarterly Review. Oct., 1899.

Taylor, W. Was Matthew Prior a Dorsetshire man? Longman’s Magazine. Oct., 1884.

Thackeray, W. M. Prior, Gay, and Pope. Lectures on the English Humourists. Works. Biographical edn. Vol. VII. 1898.

Wukadinovic, S. Prior in Deutschland. Grazer Studien zur deut. Philologie IV. Graz, 1895.


Oxford. 1707.

A Poem to his Excellency the Lord Privy-Seal on the Prospect of Peace. 1713. 3rd edn. 1713.

The First Book of Homer’s Iliad. Trans. by Mr. Tickell. 1715.

An Epistle from a Lady in England to a Gentleman at Avignon. 1717. 4th edn. 1717.

An Ode occasioned by Earl Stanhope’s Voyage to France. 1718.

An Ode Inscribed to the Earl of Sunderland at Windsor. 1720.

Works of Joseph Addison. Ed. Thomas Tickell. 4 vols. 1721. (Contains Tickell’s To Mr. Addison on his opera of Rosamond and To the Earl of Warwick on the death of Mr. Addison.)

To Sir Godfrey Kneller at his Country Seat. 1722.

Kensington Gardens. 1722.

On Her Majesty’s rebuilding the Lodgings of the Black Prince and Henry V at Queen’s College, Oxford. 1733.


The Poems of Anne Countess of Winchilsea, edited by Myra Reynolds. (With Bibliography.) Chicago, 1903.

Miscellany poems, written by a lady. 1713.

Dowden, E. Essays, Modern and Elizabethan. 1910.

Gosse, E. Gossip in a Library. 1891.

Reynolds, Myra. The Treatment of Nature in English Poetry between Pope and Wordsworth. 1909.

Walpole, H. Catalogue of Royal and Noble Authors. Ed. Park, T. Vol. IV. 1806.

A. T. B.
T. S.

Section (ii)

MARY BARBER (1690?–1757)

Poems on Several Occasions. 1734.


Prince Arthur, an heroick poem in ten books. 1695.

King Arthur, an heroick poem in ten books. 1697.

Eliza, an epic poem in ten books. 1705.

The Nature of Man, a poem in three books. 1711.

Creation, a philosophical poem demonstrating the existence and providence of God. 1712.

Redemption, a divine poem. 1722.

Alfred, an epic poem in twelve books. 1723.


The Art of Politicks; in imitation of Horace’s Art of Poetry. 1729.

The Man of Taste, occasioned by an Epistle of Mr. Pope’s on that subject. 1733.


See bibliographies to Chap. XII, and to Vol. X, Chap. III, post.


Poems on several occasions. 1727, 2nd edn. 1739.

As to his and Fenton’s relations with Pope and his share in the translation of the Odyssey, see Pope’s Correspondence, in Works, vol. VIII, edd. Elwin and Courthope.


Poems upon various subjects, Latin and English. Ed. by his Son. 1768.


Poems. 1713, 1720, 1729.

Chrononhotonthologos. 1734.

Dramatic works. 1743.


A Muse in livery, or the Footman’s Miscellany. 1732.

Beauty, or the Art of Charming, a poem. 1735.

The Toyshop, a dramatic satire. 1735.

Trifles. 1745.

The Oeconomy of Human Life. 1751.

Public Virtue, a poem in three books. 1753.

A Collection of Poems by several hands. Ed. Dodsley, R. 6 vols. 1748–58.

Frequently rptd. Revised and continued by Pearch. 10 vols. 1775.

Courtney, W. P. Dodsley’s Collection of Poetry, its contents and contributors. Privately printed. 1910.

A Select Collection of Old Plays. Ed. Dodsley, R. 12 vols. 1744. Revised by J. P. Collier. 12 vols. 1825–7. Ed. Hazlitt, W. C. 15 vols. 1874–6.

Straus, R. S. Robert Dodsley, Poet, Publisher, and Playwright. [With a full bibliography.] 1910.


Poems on several subjects written by Stephen Duck, lately a poor thresher in a barn in the county of Wilts … which were publickly read … to Her Majesty. With a life. 1730, 9th edn. 1733.

Truth and Falsehood. A fable. 1734.

Poems on several occasions. With an account of the author by Spence, J. 1736.

The Vision. A poem on the death of Queen Caroline. 1737.


Poems upon several subjects. 1717.


A Letter to Mr. Addison on the King’s Accession to the throne. 1714.

Verses at the last Publick Commencement at Cambridge. 1714.

A Poem to Her Royal Highness on the birth of the Prince. 1718.


Oxford and Cambridge Miscellany Poems. [1709.]

An Epistle to Mr. Southerne. 1711.

Poems on several occasions. 1717.

Mariamne, a tragedy. 1723.

See also under William Broome, ante.


The Dispensary. 1699, 3rd edn. 1699, 4th edn. 1700 9th edn. 1726, 10th edn. 1741.

Claremont. 1715.

Ovid’s Metamorphoses in English verse. 1717.

Schenk, T. Sir Samuel Garth und seine Stellung zum komischen Epos. Anglistische Forschungen. Heidelberg, 1900.


A New Miscellany of original poems, translations, and imitations … published by A. H[ammond]. 1720.


Love Elegies. Written in the year 1732. With preface by the E. of C[hester-fiel]d. 1743. Rptd. by Park, T., 1805 and by Dyer. G., 1818.


Woodstock Park. Ptd. in Dodsley’s Collection. [Editor of The Tatler, January—May, 1711.]


Works. 4 vols. 1753. 2nd edn. 1754.

Dramatic works. 2 vols. 1760.

Elfrid, or the Fair Inconstant. 1710. Re-written as Athelwold. 1732.

The Creation. 1720.

See Vol. VIII, bibliography to Chap. VII.


Works. 1735.

Chiron to Achilles, a poem. 1732.

The Nest of Plays. 1738.

See bibliography to Chap. V, ante.


Poems upon several occasions. 1712.
See also Vol. VIII, bibliography to Chap. VII.


Miscellaneous Poems by several hands [including poems by Lewis, who edited the collection]. 1726. 2nd series. 1730.

Philip of Macedon, a tragedy. 1727.


Works. 3 vols. 1759.

William and Margaret. [1723.]

Eurydice, a tragedy. 1731.

Mustapha, a tragedy. 1739.

Alfred, a masque [with Thomson]. 1740. New edn. 1751.

Amyntor and Theodora, or the Hermit. A poem in three cantos. 1747.

Britannia. 1755.

Edwin and Emma. 1760.


Works. 1712, 1720.

The Splendid Shilling. 1705.

Blenheim. A poem. 1705.

Cerealia. An imitation of Milton. 1706.

Cyder. A poem. 1708.

Pastorals. 1710.


A Poem on the death of the late Earl Stanhope. 1721.

Vida’s Art of Poetry, translated into English Verse. 1725.

An Essay on Virgil’s Aeneid, being a translation of the first book. 1728.

Virgil’s Aeneid translated. 2 vols. 1740.


Works. 2 vols. 1775.

Sir Thomas Overbury, a tragedy. 1724.

The Bastard. 1728.

The Wanderer. 1729.

Various poems. 1761.

Markower, S. V. Richard Savage, a mystery in biography. [With a useful bibliography.] 1909.


Works, with a life. 4th edn. 1729.

Phaedra and Hippolitus, a tragedy. [1709.]

A Poem on the death of Mr. John Philips. [1710.]


An Epistle to Charles Montague, Esq. on His Majesty’s voyage to Holland. 1691.

A Poem dedicated to the blessed memory of her late gracious Majesty Queen Mary. 1695.


Abramule, or Love and Empire, a tragedy. 1704.

Praelectiones poeticae. 1711–15. Eng. trans. 1742.

Peace. A Poem inscribed to Lord Blingbroke. 1713.

Aeneis of Virgil translated. 2 vols. 1718–20.

Thoughts upon the Four Last Things: Death, Judgment, Heaven, Hell. A Poem. 1734–5.


Works in prose and verse. 1736.

A funeral elegy on the death of the Queen. 1695.


Horae Lyricae. 1706.

Hymns. 1707.

Divine Songs for Children. 1715. Divine and Moral Songs for Children. 10th edn. 1729.

Psalms of David. 1719.


Works. Ed. Nichols, J. 1787.

Epistles, Odes, etc. written on several subjects. 1724.

Oikographia. 1725.


The Institution of the Order of the Garter. 1742.

The Odes of Pindar, with several other pieces translated. 1749.

Education. 1751.


Lilli Burlers, Bullen-a-la. 1688. [Set to music by Purcell.]


Ode for St. Cecilia’s Day. 1693.

On the Conquest of Namur. 1695.

The Temple of Fame. 1700.

A. T. B.