The Cambridge History of English and American Literature in 18 Volumes (1907–21).
Volume IX. From Steele and Addison to Pope and Swift.

VII. Historical and Political Writers


A. Works

For a complete bibliography, by Foxcroft, H. C., of Burnet’s published works, with a statement of its sources, see Appendix II to A Life of Gilbert Burnet, by Clarke, T. E. S. (Scotland) and Foxcroft, H. C. (England). Cambridge, 1907.

A Discourse on the Memory of … Sir Robert Fletcher of Saltoun. Written by a Gentleman of his Acquaintance. Edinburgh, 1665.

A modest and free Conference betwixt a Conformist and a Nonconformist about the present distempers of Scotland. In six Dialogues. By a Lover of Peace. n. p., 1669.

A Vindication of … the Church and State in Scotland. In four Conferences. Wherein the answer to the Dialogues betwixt the Conformist and the Nonconformist is examined. Glasgow, 1673.

The Mystery of Iniquity unveiled. 1613.

The Memoirs of the Lives and Actions of James and William Dukes of Hamilton and Castleherald.… In which an account is given of the rise and progress of the Civil Wars of Scotland and other great Transactions.… 1677. (Ptd. as Part II of the History of the Church and State of Scotland. Rptd. Oxford, 1852.)

The History of the Reformation of the Church of England. (Vol. 1.) The First Part of the Progress made in it during the Reign of Henry VIII. 1679. (Vol. II.) The Second Part. Of the Progress made in it till the Settlement of it in the beginning of Queen Elizabeth’s Reign. 1681. The Third Part (Suppl.) with reissue of Parts 1 and II. 1715. New edn., revised by Pocock, N. 7 vols. Oxford, 1875.

The Abridgement of the History of the Reformation of the Church of England. 1682.

Reflections on Mr. Varillas’s History of the Revolutions that have happened in Europe in matters of Religion, and more particularly in his ninth book that relates to England. 1686; in which year also appeared a French trans. by Le Clerc, Jean.

A defence of the Reflections on … Mr. Varillas’s History of Heresies. Being a reply to his answer. Amsterdam, 1687.

A continuation of Reflections on Mr. Varillas’s History of Heresies, particularly … his third and fourth Issues. 1687.

Reflections on the Relations of the English Reformation, lately ptd. at Oxford. Part 1. 1688. [By Obadiah Walker.]

Reflections on the Oxford Theses Relating to the English Reformation. Part II. Amsterdam, 1688.

Le Grand, J. Histoire du divorce de Henri VIII, avec réfutation des deux premiers livres de l’Hist. de Burnet. Paris, 1688.

A Letter to Mr. Therenot containing a Censure of M. le Grand’s History of K. Henry the Eighth’s Divorce. 1688.

A Censure of M. de Meaux’s History of the Variations of the Protestant Churches: Together with some further Reflections on M. le Grand. 1688.

Wharton, H. Specimen of Errors … in History of the Reformation by Burnet. 1693.

A Letter writ … to the … Bishop of Cov[entry] and Litchfield concerning a Book [on the History of the Reformation] by Anthony Harmer. 1693.

Some Passages of the Life and Death of … John Earl of Rochester who died 26 July, 1680. 1680 (and many later editions, and German and French translations).

The Life and Death of Sir Matthew Hale … Sometime Lord Chief Justice of his Majesties Court of King’s Bench. 1682 (and many later editions, and a French translation by Dumesnil, L. Amsterdam, 1688).

The History of the Rights of Princes in the disposing of Ecclesiastical Benefices and Church-lands relating chiefly to the … Regale.… 1682.

An Answer to the Animadversions on the Rights of Princes.… 1682.

A letter writ by the last Assembly-General of the Clergy of France to the Protestants inviting them to return to their Communion.… Translated … and examined. 1683.

Utopia. Written in Latin by Sir Thomas More, Chancellor of England. Translated into English. 1684 (and later editions).

The Life of William Bedell, Bishop of Kilmore in Ireland. 1685 (with a French translation by Dumesnil, L. Amsterdam, 1687).

A letter containing some remarks on the two papers writ by his late Majesty King Charles II concerning religion. n. d. (1686 and later editions with French and German translations.)

Some Letters; containing an account of what seemed most remarkable in Switzerland, Italy, etc.… to T. H. R[obert] B[oyle]. 1686 (and many later editions, incl. several French translations and one German).

Supplements to Dr. Burnet’s Letters … being Further Remarks … written by a Nobleman and communicated to the Author.… 1687.

Three Letters concerning the present State of Italy.… Being a Supplement to Dr. Burnet’s Letters. n. p., 1688.

Animadversions upon the Reflections upon Dr. B[urnet]’s Travels. 1688.

Some Reflections on His Majesty’s Proclamation for 12 February, 168[char], for a Toleration in Scotland. [1687.]

A letter containing some Reflections on His Majesty’s Declaration for Liberty of Conscience dated 4 April, 1687. [1687.]

Reasons against the Repealing the Acts of Parliament concerning the Test. Humbly offered to … the Members of both Houses, at their meeting on 28 April, 1687.

A Relation of the Death of the Primitive Persecutors. Written originally in Latin by L. C. F. Lactantius. Englished by G. B., to which he hath made a large Preface concerning Persecution. Amsterdam, 1687.

Reflections on a late Pamphlet entitled Parliamentum Pacificum. Amsterdam, 1688.

Dr. Burnet’s Vindication of Himself from the Calumnies [of] Parliamentum Pacificum. [1688.]

An Enquiry into the measures of submission to the Supreme Authority; and of the grounds upon which it may be lawful or necessary for Subjects to defend their Religion, Lives and Liberties. n. p., (1688).

A Review of the Reflections on the Prince of Orange’s Declaration. n. p., (1688).

Reflections on a Paper entituled, his Majesty’s Reasons for withdrawing himself from Rochester. Published by Authority. 1689.

An Enquiry into the present state of Affairs, and in particular, Whether we owe Allegiance to the King in these Circumstances? And whether we are bound to treat with Him and call Him back again or not? Published by Authority. 1689.

A pastoral Letter to the clergy of his Diocese concerning the Oaths of Allegiance and Supremacy to K. William and Q. Mary. 1689.

A Discourse of the Pastoral Care. 1692.

An Essay on the Memory of the late Queen. 1695.

An Exposition of the Thirty-Nine Articles of the Church of England. 1699. [Frequently reprinted.]

Reflections on a Book entitled [The Rights, Powers and Privileges of an English Convocation, Stated and Vindicated]. 1700.

Speech in the House of Lords, upon the Bill against Occasional Conformity [1 December, 1703]. 1704.

Speech in the House of Lords upon the first Article of the Impeachment of Dr. Henry Sacheverell [16 March, 1710]. 1710.

Two Discourses to Lord Russell. (1683.) First publ. in Some Sermons … and an Essay towards a new book of Homilies. 1713.

The History of my Own Time. Vol. 1. 1724. (Dutch trans. 1725. French trans. 1725 and 1727.) Vol. II. With the author’s Life by the Editor. 1734. Whole work. 3 vols. 1735. French trans. 2 vols. 1735. Ed. Routh, M. J. 7 vols. Oxford, 1823. Vols. 1 and II. Ed. Airy, O. Oxford, 1897, etc.

Braddon, L. Burnet’s Late History charged with Partiality. 1725.

Cockburn, John. A specimen of some free and impartial remarks on public affairs and particular persons, esp. relating to Scotland, occasioned by Dr. Burnet’s History of his own times. n. d.

Journal of Lord Russell’s last week. First published in General Dictionary, vol. VIII, 1739; afterwards in Lord (John) Russell, Life of William Lord Russell, 1819 (and later editions).

Thoughts on Education. 1761. [Written 1668.]

Memorial offered to Princess Sophia containing a delineation of the constitution and policy of England. 1815.

A Supplement to Burnet’s History of My own Time; derived from his Original Memoirs, his Autobiography, his Letters to Admiral Herbert, and his Private Meditations. All hitherto unpublished. Ed. Foxcroft, H. C. Oxford, 1902.

Letters to George Savile, Lord Halifax. Ed. Foxcroft, H. C. In Camden Miscellany, vol. XI. 1907.

Some Unpublished Letters of George Savile, Lord Halifax, to Gilbert Burnet. Ed. Poole, Dorothy Lane. In English Historical Review, p. 703, July, 1911. [Partly answers to the above.]

B. Biography and Criticism

Clarke, T. E. S. and Foxcroft, H. C. A Life of Gilbert Burnet. (Scotland, by Clarke; England, by Miss Foxcroft.) With an Introduction by Firth, C. H. Cambridge, 1907. [The standard biography of Burnet.]

A. Collected Works and Letters.

Works, published by David Mallet. 5 vols. 1754. II vols. 1786. 8 vols, 1809. 4 vols. Philadelphia, 1841.

Letters and Correspondence, Public and Private, of Henry St. John Viscount Bolingbroke, during the time he was Secretary of State to Queen Anne. with State Papers.… By Clarke, Gilbert. 2 vols. 1798.

Lettres Historiques, Politiques, Philosophiques et Particulières de H. St. John, Vic. Bolingbroke, depuis 1710 jusqu’à 1736. 3 vols. Paris, 1808. [Partly originals, partly translations.]

B. Periodicals

The Examiner. [By Bolingbroke, and others.] 1710, etc.

The Craftsman. By Caleb D ’Anvers. 14 vols. 1731–7. [A collected reprint. First number 5 December, 1726.]

The Occasional Writer. [By Bolingbroke.] 1727.

C. Separate Works

A Dissertation upon Parties. 1735. [Originally appeared in The Craftsman.]

The Idea of a Patriot King. 1749.

Letter on the Spirit of Patriotism. 1749, 1752.

Reflections on Exile. 1752.

Of the True Use of Retirement and Study. 1752.

Letters on the Study and Use of History. 1752.

Some Reflections on the State of the Nation. 1752.

A Letter to Sir W. Wyndham. 1753.

D. Biographical and Critical Writings

Brosch, M. Lord Bolingbroke und die Whigs und Tories seiner Zeit. Frankfort. 1883. (Chap. 8: Bolingbroke als Schriftsteller.)

Collins, J. Churton. Bolingbroke, a Historical Study. 1886.

Cooke, G. W. Memoirs of Bolingbroke. 2 vols. 1835.

Harrop, R. Bolingbroke. (Statesmen Series.) 1884.

Hassall, A. The life of Viscount Bolingbroke. 1889.

Macknight, T. The Life of Henry St. John, Viscount Bolingbroke. 1863.

Rémusat, C. de. L ’Angleterre au XVIIIme siècle. 2 vols. Paris, 1856.

Sichel, W. Bolingbroke and his times. (The Sequel.) 1901–2.


Nicholas Amhurst

Poems on Several Occasions. 1720.

Terrae Filius. 1721.

Contributions to The Craftsman (1726–36).

William Pulteney, Earl of Bath

Contributions to The Craftsman (1727–9 chiefly).

Abel Boyer

The History of King William III. 1702.

The History of the Reigns of Queen Anne, King George I and King George II. 27 Parts, digested into Annals. 1703–29.

The Political State of Great Britain. 60 vols. 1711–40.

The History of Queen Anne. 1722. (2nd edn., with numerous Appendices. 1735.)

The Theater of Honour and Nobility. 1729.

Eustace Budgell (1686–1737)

Contributions to The Spectator (1711–14); The Craftsman (1731–7); The Bee (1733–5).

A Letter to a Friend in the Country. 1721.

A Letter to Mr. Law on his Arrival in England. [1721.]

Memoirs of the Lives and Characters of the Illustrious Family of the Boyles, particularly Charles Earl of Orrery. 1737.

William Carstares (1649–1715)

State Papers and Letters, addressed to William Carstares, confidential Secretary to King William during the whole of his Reign. To which is prefixed his Life. Ed. McCormick, Joseph. Edinburgh, 1774. [Of very great importance, since Carstares, in conjunction with Portland and the Dalrymples, virtually directed the Scottish policy of William III.]

Story, R. H. William Carstares, a Character and Career of the Revolutionary Epoch (1649–1715). 1874.

Jeremy Collier

Essays upon Several Moral Subjects. 4 parts in 3 vols. 1697–1709.

The Great Historical, Geographical, Genealogical and Poetical Dictionary. Collected from Historians, especially L. Morery. 2nd edn., revised to 1688. 2 vols. 1701–21.

Reasons for Restoring some Prayers and Directions as they stand in the Communion Service of the First English Reformed Liturgy.… 1717.

An Ecclesiastical History of Great Britain, chiefly of England, with a brief Account of the Affairs of Religion in Ireland. Ed. Lathbury, T. 9 vols. 1852.

See also bibliography to Vol. VIII., Chap. VI.

George Mackenzie, Earl of Cromartie (1630–1714)

Historical Account of the Conspiracy of the Earl of Gowrie.… 1713.

A Vindication of the Reformation of the Church of Scotland, with some account of the Records. Scots Magazine. 1802.

William Dampier (1652–1715)

Voyages. 4 vols., containing A New Voyage round the World, 1697. Voyages and Descriptions. 2 vols. 1699. A Voyage to New Holland. Part 1, 3 vols., 1703; part II, 3 vols., 1709.

Laurence Echard

The History of England from the first entrance of Julius Caesar and the Romans to the end of the reign of James I. 1707. Vols. II and III: to the Establishment of King William and Queen Mary. 1718. Vol. IV, consisting of explanations and amendments, as well as new and curious additions … together with some apologies and vindications. 1720.

Andrew Fletcher of Saltoun

The Political Works of. 1732. (Later editions 1737, 1749 and 1798.)

A Discourse of Government with relation to Militias. Edinburgh, 1698. (Rptd. in Works.)

Two Discourses concerning the Affairs of Scotland; written in the year 1698. Edinburgh, 1698. (Rptd. in Works.)

Discorso delle cose di Spagna, scritto nel mese di Luglio, 1698. “Napoli” [Edinburgh], 1698. (Rptd. in Works.)

A Speech upon the State of the Nation, in April, 1701. n. p., n. d. (Rptd. in Works.)

An Account of a Conversation concerning a Right Regulation of Government for the Common Good of Mankind. In a letter to the Marquis of Montrose, & c. 1704. (Rptd. in Works.)

Ormond, G. W. T. Fletcher of Saltoun. (Famous Scots Series.) Edinburgh and London. 1897.

Scott Macfie, R. A. Bibliography of Andrew Fletcher of Saltoun. Edinburgh, 1901.

James II

Clarke, J. S. The Life of James the Second. Collected out of Memoirs of James II writ of his own hand. 2 vols. 1816.

Quadriennium Jacobi, or The History of the Reign of King James II from his first Coming to the Crown to his Desertion. 1689. [Vehement against the policy of James, including the indictment of Oates.]

White Kennett (bishop of Peterborough)

A Compleat History of England; with the Lives of all the Kings and Queens thereof. Vol. III. (Charles I to William III.) 1706. New edn. 1719. (As to Roger North’s Examen see under Roger North, below.)

A Register and Chronicle, Ecclesiastic and Civil; containing Matters of Fact delivered in the words of the most authentick Books, Papers and Records.… from the Restauration of King Charles II. Vol. 1 (to 1662). 1728.

John Ker of Kersland (1673–1726)

Memoirs; with account of the Ostend Company. 3 parts in 2 vols. 1726–7.

Robert Knox (1640?–1720)

An Historical Relation of the Island of Ceylon in the East Indies. 1681.

David Lloyd (1635–1692)

The Statesmen and Favourites of England since the Reformation. 1665.

Memories of the Lives, Actions, Sufferings and Deaths of those … that suffered … for the Protestant Religion and … Allegiance to their Soveraigne.… 1668.

George Lockhart (1673–1731)

Memoirs of the Affairs of Scotland from Queen Anne’s Accession to the Commencement of the Union, 1707. 1714.

Papers on the Affairs of Scotland. 2 vols. 1817. [Very valuable for the history of the Jacobite movement, from the Jacobite side.]

Sir George Mackenzie (1636–1691)

Collected Works. Ed. with Life, by Ruddiman, Thos. 2 vols. Edinburgh, 1716–22.

Memoirs of the Affairs of Scotland. Edinburgh, 1822.

John Macky (d. 1726)

Memoirs of the Secret Services of John Macky Esq., during the reigns of King William, Queen Anne and King George the First. 1733.

John Churchill, first Duke of Marlborough (1650–1722)

Letters and Despatches, from 1702 to 1712. Ed. Mackay, General Sir G. 5 vols. 1845.

Robert, First Viscount Molesworth (1656–1723)

An Account of Denmark. 1692.

Daniel Neal

A History of New England. 1720.

The History of the Puritans; or Protestant Nonconformists; from the Reformation in 1517 to the Revolution in 1688; comprising an Account of their Principles: their attempts for a further reformation in the Church; their sufferings; and the Lives and Characters of their most considerable Divines. Vol. 1, 1732; vol. II, 1733; vol. III, 1736; vol. IV, 1738. Ed. Toulmin, J., with Life of the author. 5 vols. 1797. (Rptd. 1822.)

Maddox, Isaac, Bishop of Worcester. A Vindication of the Doctrine, Discipline, and Worship of the Church of England … from … Mr. Neal’s first Volume of the History of the Puritans. 1733.

A Review of the Principal Facts objected to in the first Volume of the History of the Puritans. 1734.

Grey, Zachary. An Impartial Examination of the Second Volume of [the same]. 1736. [And later publications.]

Roger North

A Discourse of Fish and Fish Ponds. 1713.

Examen: or, An Enquiry into the Credit and Veracity of a Pretended Complete History; shewing the perverse and wicked Design of it, and the many Falsities and Abuses of Truth contained in it. Together with some Memoirs occasionally inserted. All tending to Vindicate the Honour of the late King Charles II, and his Happy Reign, from the intended Aspersions of that Foul Pen. 1740.

Life of the Rt. Hon. Francis North, Baron of Guilford. 1742.

Life of the Hon. Sir Dudley North and of the Hon. and Rev. Dr. John North, 1744. New edn. of the Lives of the Norths. Ed. by Jessopp, A. 3 vols. 1890.

Discourse on the study of the Laws. 1824.

Memoirs of Musick. Ed. by Rimbault, E. F. 1846.

Autobiography. Ed. by Jessopp, A. 1887.

John Oldmixon

The Secret History of Europe, in Four Parts compleat. Consisting of the most private affairs, transacted by all Parties for 50 Years past.… With a large Appendix, containing Original Papers.… 1712–15.

The Critical History of England Ecclesiastical and Civil: wherein the Errors of the Monkish Writers, and others before the Reformation, are expos’d and corrected. As also are the Deficiency and Partiality of the Historians, And particular Notice is taken of The History of the Grand Rebellion, And Mr. Echards History of England.… To which is added, An Essay on Criticism; as it regards Design, Thought and Expression, in Prose and Verse. 2 vols. 1724–6.

The History of England during the Reigns of the Royal House of Stuart, 1730. Vol. II: during the Reigns of King William and Queen Mary, Queen Anne, King George I. 1735. Vol. III: during the Reigns of Henry VIII, Edward VI, Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth. 1739.

Humphrey Prideaux (1648–1724)

The true nature of Imposture fully display’d in the life of Mahomet. 1697. French translation. 1698.

The Old and New Testament connected in the History of the Jews. 2 vols. 1716–18. French transl. 2 vols. Amsterdam. 1722. German transl. 2 vols. 1726.

Letters to John Ellis. Ed. Thompson, E. M. Camden Soc. 1875.

Paul de Rapin de Thoyras (1661–1725)

Histoire d’ Angleterre. Continued by Durand, D. 13 vols. 1724–36. Trans. and continued by Tindal, N. 4 vols. 1743–7.

Henry Sidney, Earl of Romney

Diary of the Times of Charles the Second, including his correspondence with the Countess of Sunderland and other distinguished persons of the English Court: to which are added, Letters illustrative of the Times of James II and William III. Ed. Blencowe, R. W. 2 vols. 1843.

Sir Paul Rycaut (1628–1700)

The Present State of the Ottoman Empire. 1668.

A History of the Turkish Empire. 1679.

Thomas Rymer

Foedera, Conventiones, Literae et cujuscunque generis Acta Publica, inter Reges Angliae, et alios quosvis Imperatores, Reges, Pontifices, Principes vel Communitates. 20 vols., 1704–35. (Vol. XVI (1715) was prepared, chiefly from Rymer’s materials, by Sanderson, Robert, who also brought out vol. XVII (1717), and three supplemental volumes (XVIII–XX). The index and syllabus of Rymer’s manuscript materials, printed by Sanderson in vol. XVII, are extant in Brit. Mus.) 2nd edn., emendata studio Georgii Holmes, 20 vols. (vols. XVIII–XX duplicate of preceding), 1727–35. Foedera etc. (abrégé historique by Le Clerc and Rapin, P.), 10 vols. The Hague, 1739–45 [the best typographically and with some new documents]. New edn., 1066–1383. 4 vols. in 7 parts, Record Publ., 1816–69. [The best so far as it goes.] Syllabus, in English, of Foedera by Hardy, Sir T. D., Record Publ. 3 vols., 1869–85. Acta Regia, from the French abridgment of Rapin, trans. by Whatley, Stephen. 4 vols. 8vo. 1725–7, one fo. 1732.

See also bibl. to Vol. VIII, Chap. VI B and Chap. VII, ante.

Thomas Sprat, bishop of Rochester (1635–1713)

A True Account and Declaration of the horrid Conspiracy against the late King, His present Majesty, and the Government. 2 parts in one vol. 1685. [Part II contains copies of informations, etc.]

Sir John Dalrymple, first Earl of Stair (1648–1707) and John Dalrymple, second Earl of Stair (1693–1747)

Annals and Correspondence of the Viscount and the First and Second Earls of Stair. By Graham, J. M. 2 vols. Edinburgh and London. 1875.

John Strype

Memorials of Thomas Cranmer. 1694. New edn. Eccl. Hist. Soc., 3 vols. in 4. Oxford. 1848–54.

The Life of the learned Sir Thomas Smith, Kt., Doctor of the Civil Law, Principal Secretary of State to King Edward the Sixth and Queen Elizabeth. 1698.

Historical Collections of the Life and Acts of John Aylmer, Bishop of London. 1701.

The Life of Sir John Cheke. 1705.

The Life and Actions of Edmund Grindal, Archbishop of Canterbury, 1710.

The Life and Acts of Matthew Parker, the First Archbishop of Canterbury in the Reign of Queen Elizabeth.… 1711.

The Life and Acts of … John Whitgift, D.D., the Third and Last Lord Archbishop of Canterbury in the Reign of Queen Elizabeth. 1718.

Ecclesiastical Memorials, Relating chiefly to Religion and the Reformation of it, and the Emergencies of the Church of England, under King Henry VIII, King Edward VI and Queen Mary. 3 vols. (with appendix to each vol.). 1721.

Annals of the Reformation and Establishment of Religion, and other various Occurrences in the Church of England, during the First Twelve Years of Queen Elizabeth’s Happy Reign. (With Appendix and Repository.) 3 vols. 1721. 2nd edn. 3 vols. 1725–8.

All the above works were rptd. in 19 vols., Oxford, 1812–24; followed by General Index to the Historical and Biographical Works of John Strype, by Laurence, R. F. 2 vols. 1828.

Sydney Family

Letters and Memorials of State, in the Reigns of Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth, King James, King Charles the First, Part of the Reign of King Charles II, and Oliver’s Usurpation, written and collected by Sir Henry Sydney, Sir Philip Sydney … Philip Lord Viscount Lisle, and his Brother Colonel Algernon Sydney … Ed. Collins, Arthur. 2 vols. 1746.

Sir Joseph Williamson

Letters addressed from London to Sir Joseph Williamson, while Plenipotentiary at the Congress of Cologne in the years 1673 and 1674. Ed. Christie, W. D. Camden Society. 2 vols. 1874.

Miscellanea Aulica, or a Collection of State Treatises. Ed. Brown, T. 1702.