The Cambridge History of English and American Literature in 18 Volumes (1907–21).
Volume IX. From Steele and Addison to Pope and Swift.

IX. Memoir-Writers, 1715–60



Letter-Books of John Hervey, First Earl of Bristol. With Sir Thomas Hervey’s Letters during courtship and Poems during widowhood. 1651–1750. 3 vols. Wells, 1894.

Diary, with extracts from his book of expenses, 1688–1742. Wells, 1894.


Diary, 1714–20. Ed. Cowper, Spencer. 1864. 2nd edn. 1865.


Observations on the writings of the Craftsman. (With a Sequel.) 1730.

Remarks on the Craftsman’s vindication of his two honble patrons. 1731.

Verses to the Imitator of Horace [Pope]. [In conjunction with Lady Mary Wortley Montagu.] 1733.

Letters from a Nobleman at Hampton Court to a Doctor of Divinity. 1733.

The conduct of the Opposition and the tendency of modern patriotism review’d and examin’d. 1734.

Ancient and modern liberty stated and compar’d. 1734.

Miscellaneous thoughts on the present posture both of our foreign and domestic affairs. 1742.

Letters between Lord Hervey and Dr. Middleton concerning the Roman Senate. Publ. by Knowles, T. 1778.

Memoirs of the reign of George the Second from his accession to the death of Queen Caroline. Ed. Croker, J. W. 3 vols. 1848. Another edn. 3 vols. 1884.


Diary, 1748–9–1761. Ed. Wyndham, H. P. Salisbury, 1784, 3rd edn. 1785. Another edn. 1823.

(1) Letters and Works

Letters of Right Hon. Lady M … y W … y M … e written during her Travels in Europe, Asia, and Africa to persons of distinction, men of letters, & c. in different parts of Europe. 3 vols. 1763. [Published surreptitiously. An additional volume, probably spurious, appeared in 1767.] Other edns., 1778, 1784, 1789.

Works, including her Correspondence, Poems and Essays. Published, by permission of the Earl of Bute, from her genuine papers. [Edited, with a Memoir of the Author, by Dallaway, James.] 5 vols. 1803. Another edn. 1817. French translations of the Letters appeared in 1805 by Garnier, G. and in 1822 by Mme. Dufrénoy.

Letters and Works. Edited by her great-grandson, Lord Wharncliffe. [With an appendix.] 3 vols. 1837.

Letters from the Levant. Ed. St. John, J. A. 1838.

Letters and Works, with additions and corrections derived from the original manuscripts, illustrative notes, and a new memoir by W. Moy Thomas. Anecdotes by Lady Louisa Stuart. 2 vols. 1861. Another edn. 1887.

Select passages from her letters. [Arranged to give a continuous account of her life.] Ed. Ropes, A. R. 1892.

Letters and Works. Edited by her great-grandson Lord Wharncliffe. With a memoir by W. Moy Thomas. Introductory Anecdotes by Lady Louisa Stuart. 2 vols. 1893.

(2) Poems

Town Eclogues (first published piratically as Court Poems, and misdated 1706). 1716. Republished by R. Dodsley. 1747.

Poetical Works. Ed. Reed, I. 1768.

(3) Biography and Criticism

Aitken, G. A. The Life and Works of John Arbuthnot. 1892.

Bagehot, W. Lady Mary Wortley Montagu. National Review. January, 1862. Rptd. in Literary Studies, ed. Hutton, R. H. New edn., vol. II, 1905.

Chesterfield, P. D. S., 4th Earl of. Letters. Edd. Strachey, C. and Calthrop, A. 2 vols. 1901. [For the character of Lord Bute.]

Dilke, C. W. Lady Mary Wortley Montagu. Papers of a Critic. Vol. 1. 1875.

Hunter, J. South Yorkshire. [Vol. II contains an account of the family of Wortley-Montagu, with memoir and letters.] 1831.

Lady Mary Wortley Montagu. Temple Bar, vol. XCVIII. 1893.

The Letters and Works of Lady Mary Wortley Montagu. Quarterly Review. February, 1837.

The Letters and Works of Lady Mary Wortley Montagu. Quarterly Review. Oct., 1897.

McIlquham, H. Lady Mary Wortley Montagu and Mary Astell. Westminster Review, vol. CLI. 1899.

Marinoni, L. Lady Montagu Wortley prima della sua venuta alle rive del Sebino. Studio storico biografico. 1903.

Nichols, J. Literary Anecdotes of the 18th century. 9 vols. 1812–15.

“Paston, George.” Lady Mary Wortley Montagu and her times. 1907.

Pope, A. Works. Edd. Elwin, W. and Courthope, W. J. [Vol. IX contains Lady Mary’s correspondence with Pope.] 1886.

Spence, J. Anecdotes, observations, and characters of books and men. Ed. Singer, S. W. 1820. 2nd edn. 1858.

Stanhope, Philip Henry, 5th Earl. Italian Memoir by Lady Mary Wortley Montagu. Miscellanies. 2nd ser. 1872.

Tallentyre, S. G. The Great Letter-Writers. II. Lady Mary Wortley Montagu. Longman’s Magazine, vol. XXXIII. 1899.

Walpole, H. Letters. Ed. Toynbee, Mrs. Paget. 16 vols. Oxford, 1903–5.


Memoirs of * * * commonly known by the name of George Psalmanazar. 1764. An Historical and Geographical Description of Formosa, an Island subject to the Emperor of Japan. 1704.


Letters to and from Henrietta. Countess of Suffolk, and her second husband the Hon. George Berkeley, 1712–1767. Ed. Croker, J. W. 2 vols. 1824.


Memoirs from 1754 to 1758. 1821.

Quarterly Review, July, 1821. (Review.)
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