The Cambridge History of English and American Literature in 18 Volumes (1907–21).
Volume IX. From Steele and Addison to Pope and Swift.

X. Writers of Burlesque and Translators


Brown, Tom, of Shifnal. Amusements Serious and Comical, Calculated for the Meridian of London. 1700.

—— A Collection of all the Dialogues written by Mr: one of them Entituled Democratici Vapulantes, Being a Dialogue between Julian, and others. Never before Printed. 1704.

—— A Collection of all the Dialogues, To which are added, His Translations &Imitations of several Odes of Horace, of Martial’s Epigrams Etc. 1704.

—— The Works of. Serious &Comical. In Prose &Verse. In Four Volumes. Fifth Edition. 1720.

—— The Beauties of. To which is prefixed A Life of the Author by C. H. Wilson. 1808.

He translated: Scarron. The Whole Comical Works of, Translated by Mr. Thos. Brown, Mr. Savage &others. III Edition. 1712.

—— The Comical Romance, &other Tales by Scarron. Done into English by Tom Brown of Shifnal, John Savage, and others with an introduction by J. J. J. Jusserand. 1892.

He also collaborated in translating Petronius (see Burnaby, J.) and Lucian (see Phillips, J.).

Memoirs Relating to the late Famous Mr. Tho. Brown. With a Catalogue of his Library. 1704.

Burnaby, J. The Satyr of Titus Petronius. With its Fragments, recorded at Belgrade. Made English by Mr. Burnaby of the Middle-Temple, and another Hand. 1694.

—— Petronius, Arbiter Titus, The Satyrical Works of. Together with his Life &Character written by Mons. St. Evremond; Made English by Mr. Wilson. Mr. Burnaby, Mr. Blount, Mr. Thos. Brown, Captain Ayloff and several others. 1708.

Colvil, S. Mock Poem, or Whiggs Supplication. 1681.

—— Mr. Samuel Colvil’s Prophecy anent the Union, as contained in his Scots Hudibras. 1707.

Cotton, Charles. The Compleat Gamester. 1674.

—— The Planters Manual; being instructions for planting all sorts of fruit trees. 1675.

—— The Wonders of the Peak. 1685.

—— Poems on Several Occasions. 1689.

He translated: Du Vair, G., The Morall Philosophy of the Stoicks, 1664; Girard, G., History of the Life of the Duke d’Espernon, 1670; Corneille, Horace, 1671; Lasseran-Massencone, B. de, Commentaries, 1674; Montaigne, Michel de, Essays of, 1685; Pontis, L. de, Memoirs of, 1694.

Dixon, R. Canidia or the Witches. 1683.

D’Urfey (Thos.). Collin’s Walk through London and Westminster, a Poem in Burlesque. 1690.

—— Butler’s Ghost or Hudibras the fourth part. 1682.

Head, Richard (1637?–86?). The English Rogue. (Part 1.) 1665. [Parts II–IV, published in 1671, were not by Head.]

?Johnson, Charles (fl. 1724–36). A General History of the Robberies and Murders of the most notorious Pyrates. 1724. [Perhaps a pseudonym.]

?Johnson, Charles. A General History of the Lives and Adventures of the most famous Highwaymen. 1734.

?Lucas, Theophilus (fl. 1714). Memoirs of the Lives, Intrigues and Comical Adventures of the most famous Gamesters and celebrated Sharpers in the reigns of Charles II, James II, William III and Queen Anne. 1714. [Perhaps a pseudonym.]

Meston, William. Phaethon … burlesqu’d. 1720.

—— The Knight. 1723.

—— The Poetical Works of. 1767.

(Midgley, Robert (1653–1733), editor.) Letters writ by a Turkish Spy … from 1637 to 1682. 8 vols. 1687–93.

Monsey, R. Scarronides: or Virgile Travestie, A Mock-Poem. Being The Second Book of Virgils Æneis, Translated into English Burlesq. 1665.

Mottley, John (Jenkins, Elijah). Joe Miller’s Jests. 1739.

Phillips, John. Typhon: or the Gyants War with The Gods, translated from Scarron. 1665.

—— Maronides or Virgil Travestie Being a new Paraphrase upon the Fifth Book of Virgils Æneids in Burlesque Verse. 1672.

—— D. R. A Satyr against Satyrs: or St. Peter’s Vision transubstantiated. 1680.

He translated: Casas, Bartolomé de las. The Tears of the Indians: Being an Historical &True Account of the Cruel Massacres and Slaughters of above Twenty Millions of innocent People. Written in Spanish by Casas, an Eye-Witness of these Things; And made English. 1655.

Scudery, Georges de. Almahide, An Excellent New Romance, Never before in English … Written in French by the Accurate Pen of Monsieur de Scudery, Governor of Nostre Dame. Done in English. 1677.

La Calprenède, G. de C. de. Pharamond, or the History of France. A fam’d Romance in Twelve Parts. 1677.

Grelot, W. J. A late Voyage to Constantinople. Made English. 1683.

Plutarch. Morals, translated by J. Phillips and other hands. 1684.

Cervantes. The History of the most Renowned Don Quixote of Mancha: and his Trusty Squire Sancho Pancha, Now made English according to the Humour of our Modern Language, by J. P. 1687.

Lucian of Samosata. Works. Translated by J. Phillips and other hands. 1711.

Lives of Edward and John Phillips by Godwin, J. 1815.

Pope, Walter (d. 1714). Memoirs of M. Du Vall. 1670.

—— Life of Seth Ward. 1697.

Radcliffe, Alexander. Bacchinalia Caelestia: a Poem in praise of Punch. 1680.

—— Ovid Travestie, a burlesque upon Ovid’s Epistles. 1680.

—— The Ramble: An Anti-Heroick Poem. Together with Some Terrestrial Hymns and Carnal Ejaculations. 1682.

Scudamore, James. Homer à la Mode. 1664.

Stevens, Captain John, Translated: Faria y Sousa, Manuel de. The Portuguese Asia: or the History of the Discovery &Conquest of India by the Portuguese. Written in Spanish. 1695.

Faria y Sousa, Emanuel de. The History of Portugal … Written in Spanish by. Translated &Continued down to the present year. 1698.

Mariana, John de. The General History of Spain. From the first peopling of it by Tubal, till the Death of King Ferdinand.… Written in Spanish. The Whole Translated. 1699.

Veitia Linage, Joseph de. The Spanish Rule of Trade to the WestIndies. Written in Spanish by. Made English. 1702.

Sandoval, D. F. Prudencio de. The History of Charles Vth Emperor and King of Spain, the Great Hero of the House of Austria.… Written in Spanish. 1703.

Cervantes Saavedra. Michael de. The History of the most Ingenious Knight Don Quixote de la Mancha. Written in Spanish by. Formerly made English by Thomas Shelton; now Revis’d, corrected, &partly new Translated from the Original. 2nd Edition. 1706.

Cieza, Peter de. The Seventeen Years Travels of, Through the Mighty Kingdom of Peru, and the large Provinces of Cartagena &Popagan in South America. Translated from the Spanish. 1709.

Teixeira, Antony. The History of Persia Containing the Lives and Memorable Actions of its Kings, etc. The Persian History written in Arabick by Mirkond, a famous Eastern Author … translated into Spanish by Antony Teixeira who lived several years in Persia &India: &now render’d into English. 1715.

Herrera, Antonio de. The General History of the Vast Continent &Islands of America commonly call’d The West Indies, from The First Discovery thereof. In 24 vols. 1725.

Ward, Edward (commonly known as Ned). The Miracles Performed by Money; A Poem. 1692.

—— A Dialogue between Bow-Steeple Dragon and the Exchange Grasshopper. 1698.

—— Modern Religion &Ancient Loyalty. A Duologue. 1699.

—— Modern Religion &Ancient Loyalty. 1699.

—— The Sots’ Paradise: or the Humours of a Derby Ale-House: With a Satyr upon the Ale. 1700.

—— A Step to the Bath: With a Character of the Place. 1700.

—— The Insinuating Bawd: and The Repenting Harlot! Written by a Whore at Tunbridge, &Dedicated to a Bawd at the Bath. 1700.

—— A Step to Stir-Bitch-Fair: with Remarks upon the University of Cambridge. 1700.

—— The Dancing School. With the Adventures of the Easter Holy-Days. 1700.

—— A Frolic to Horn-Fair, with a walk from Cuckold’s Point thro’ Deptford and Greenwich. 1700.

—— A Walk to Islington with a Description of New Tunbridge-Wells &Sadler’s Musick House. 1701.

—— The Poet’s Ramble after Riches: with Reflections Upon a Country Corporation. Also the Author’s Lamentation in the Time of Adversity. 1701.

—— All Men Mad: or England a Great Bedlam. 1704.

—— The London Spy Compleate in eighteen parts. 1704–6.

—— The Secret History of the Calves-Head Club, Complt. or, The Republican Unmask’d. 6th Edition. 1706.

—— The London Terraefilius, or the Satyrical Reformer. 1707.

—— The Forgiving Husband, &Adulteress Wife: or, A Seasonable Present to the Unhappy Pair in Fenchurch Street. 1708.

Ward, Edward. Hudibras Redivivus: or, a Burlesque Poem on The Times. 1708.

—— The Rambling Fuddle-Caps: or a Tavern-Struggle for a Kiss. 1709.

—— Mars stript of his Armour: or the Army Display’d in all its true Colours. 1709.

—— Nuptial Dialogues &Debates; or a useful prospect of the felicities &discomforts of a marry’d life. 1710.

—— Vulgus Britannicus or, the British Hudibrass. 1710.

—— The Life &Adventures of Don Quixote de la Mancha, translated into Hudibrastic Verse. 1711.

—— The history of the Grand Rebellion, digested into Verse. 3 vols. 1713.

—— The Republican Procession; or the Tumultuous Cavalcade. A Merry Poem. The Second Edition. 1714.

—— The Field-Spy. 1714.

—— The Hudibrastick Brewer: or a Preposterous Union Between Malt &Meter. A Satyr upon the suppos’d Author of the Republican Procession; or, The Tumultuous Cavalcade. 1714.

—— The Field-Spy or The Walking Observator. A Poem. 1714.

—— A Collection of Historical &State Poems. 1717.

—— The Tipling Philosophers. A Lyrick Poem. 1719.

—— The Delights of the Bottle or the Compleat Vintner. A Merry Poem. By the author of the Cavalcade. 1720.

—— Durgen, or a plain satyr upon a pompous Satyrist. 1729.


B. M. Typhon: or the Wars of the Gods and Giants. A Burlesque Poem in Imitation of Mons. Scarron. 1704.

The Irish Hudibras or Fuigallian Prince, taken from the Sixth Book of Virgil’s Ænaeids, and adapted to the Present Times. 1689.

Naso Scarronomimus. Ovidius Exalaus, or Ovid Travestie. 1673.

Pendragon; or the Carpet Knight His Kalendar. 1698.

The Woeful Treaty: or the Unhappy Peace. An Ode in the Measure of the celebrated Song of Chevy-Chase. 1716.