The Cambridge History of English and American Literature in 18 Volumes (1907–21).
Volume XI. The Period of the French Revolution.

I. Edmund Burke


A. Works

Works. 8 vols. 1792–1827. (Vols. IV–VIII, ed. King, W., bishop of Rochester.)

Works. Ed. by Laurence, F. and King, W. 16 vols. 1803–27.

Works. 9 vols. Boston, 1839. Revised, 12 vols. 1865–7.

Works and Correspondence. 8 vols. 1852.

Works. 6 vols. Speeches. 2 vols. (Bohn.) 1854–5.

Select Works: 1. Thoughts on the present discontents and Speeches on America. 2. Reflections on the French Revolution. 3. Four Letters on the Regicide Peace. Ed. Payne, E. J. Oxford, 1874–8.

B. Speeches and Letters

Speeches in the House of Commons and in Westminster Hall. 4 vols. 1816.

Epistolary correspondence of the Rt. Hon. Edmund Burke and Dr. French Laurence. 1827.

Correspondence between 1744 and 1797. Edd. Fitzwilliam, Earl, and Bourke, Sir R. 4 vols. 1844.

Letters, Speeches, and Tracts on Irish affairs. Ed. Arnold, M. 1881.

American Speeches and Letters. Ed. Law, Hugh. (Everyman’s Library.) 1908.

Correspondence of Edmund Burke and William Windham. Ed. Gilson, J. P. (Roxburghe Club.) 1910.


A Vindication of Natural Society in a Letter to Lord——, by a late Noble Writer. 1756. Rptd. Oxford, 1796; London, 1858.

A Philosophical Enquiry into the origin of our ideas of the Sublime and the Beautiful. 1756.

Transl. into French, 1803; German, 1773; and Spanish, 1807.

An Account of the European settlements in America. (Burke revised and contributed to this work, which was probably written by William Burke.) 2 vols. 1757.

The Annual Register. 1759, etc. (Burke supplied or inspired the annual survey of events. Some of these surveys were printed in a separate form in 1763 as A Compleat History of the late War.)

A Short Account of a Short Administration. 1766.

Observations on a late State of the Nation. 1769.

Thoughts on the cause of the present Discontents. 1770.

Observations on Modern Gardening illustrated by descriptions. (Attributed to Burke, but really by Whately, T.) 1770.

A Speech on American taxation. 1774.

Transl. into German, 1864.

A Speech on moving his resolutions for conciliation with the Colonies. 1775.

Transl. into German, 1864.

A Letter from E. Burke … on the affairs of America. 1777.

Two Letters to gentlemen in Bristol on the Bills depending in Parliament relative to the trade of Ireland. 1778.

The Substance of Speeches (15 Dec., 1779) on Mr. Burke’s giving notice of his intention to bring in a Bill for the retrenchment of public expences. 1779.

A Speech on presenting to the House of Commons (11 Feb., 1780) a plan for the better securing the independence of Parliament. 1780.

A Speech at the Guildhall in Bristol upon certain points relative to his parliamentary conduct. 1780.

A Letter to a Peer of Ireland [Viscount Kenmare] on the Penal Laws. 1782. Ed. Clifford, H. C. 1824.

A Speech on Mr. Fox’s East India Bill. 1784.

A Representation to His Majesty moved by E. Burke and seconded by W. Windham, 14 June, 1784. 1784.

A Speech on the Nabob of Arcot’s private debts, 28 Feb., 1785. 1785.

Articles of charge of high crimes and misdemeanors against Warren Hastings. 1786.

Reflections on the Revolution in France. 1790. 11th edn. 1791. Ed. Sampson, G. 1905. Ed., with contingent essays, by Grieve, A. J. (Everyman’s Library.) 1910.

Transl. into French, 1790; German, 1793; and Spanish, Mexico, 1826.

Substance of Speech in the debate on the Army estimates, 9 Feb., 1790. 1790.

A Letter to a Member of the National Assembly; in answer to some objections to his book on French Affairs. 1791.

Transl. into French, 1791; and Italian, 1793.

An Appeal from the new to the old Whigs. 1791.

A Letter to Sir Hercules Langrishe on the subject of the Roman Catholics of Ireland. 1792.

A Letter to a Noble Lord on the attacks made upon him and his pension in the House of Lords by the Duke of Bedford and the Earl of Lauderdale. 1796. 13th edn. 1796.

Transl. into French, 1796; and German, 1796.

Thoughts on the prospect of a Peace with the Regicide Directory. Letters I and II. 1796. 11th edn. 1796.

Transl. into French.

A Third Letter on a Regicide Peace. 1797. (Posthumous. The Fourth Letter was published for the first time in the collective editions, see sect. I A.)

Two Letters on the conduct of our domestick parties. 1797.

A Letter to the Duke of Portland on the conduct of the Minority in Parliament. 1797.


Godwin, Mary Wollstonecraft. See bibiography to Chap. II, post.

Hardinge, G. (1743–1816). Miscellaneous Works. 3 vols. 1818.

—— Rowley and Chatterton in the Shades. 1782.

—— A series of letters to the Rt. Hon. E. Burke in which are contained enquiries into the constitutional existence of an impeachment against Mr. Hastings. 1791. 3rd edn. 1791.

—— Essence of Malone. 1800.

—— Another Essence of Malone. 1801.

Macaulay, Mrs. C. (1731–1791). Observations on the Reflections of Burke on the Revolution in France. 1790.

Mackintosh, Sir J. See bibliography to Chap. III, post,

Paine, T. See bibliography to Chap. II, post.

Price, Richard. See ante, Vol. X, Chap. XIV, bibliography.

Priestley, J. Letters to Burke occasioned by his Reflections on the French Revolution. 1791.

See, also, ante, Vol. X, Chap. XIV, bibliography.

Stanhope, Charles Stanhope, 3rd earl (1753–1816). Letter to Burke in answer to his speech on the French Revolution. 1790.


Bisset, R. The Life of Edmund Burke. 1798. 2 vols. 1800.

Buckle, H. T. History of civilisation in England. Vol. I. New edn. 1871.

Capadose, I. Edmund Burke. Overzigt van het leven en de schriften van een anti-revolutionair Staatsman. Amsterdam, 1857.

Cecil, Lord Hugh. Conservatism. [1912.]

Croly, G. A Memoir of the political life of the Rt. Hon. E. Burke. 1840.

Dilke, C. W. Burke. Papers of a Critic. Vol. II. 1875.

Extracts from Mr. Burke’s Table-Talk at Crewe Hall. Philobiblon Soc. Miscellanies. Vol. VII. 1862–3.

Gilfillan, G. Edmund Burke. Galleries of literary portraits. Vol. II. 1857.

Hunt, W. Burke. D. of N. B. Vol. VII. 1886.

McCormick, C. Memoirs of E. Burke. 1797.

McCunn, J. The political philosophy of Burke. 1913.

Macknight, T. History of the life and times of Edmund Burke. 3 vols. 1858–60.

Meusel, F. Edmund Burke und die französische Revolution. Berlin, 1913.

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—— Burke. (English Men of Letters Series.) 1879. Rptd. 1888.

Napier, Sir J. Edmund Burke. A lecture. Dublin, 1863. Rptd. in Lectures, Essays and Letters. 1888.

Pillans, T. D. Edmund Burke: Apostle of Justice and Liberty. 1905.

Prior, Sir J. Memoir of the life and character of the Rt. Hon. E. Burke. 1824. 5th edn. 1854.

Weare, G. E. Edmund Burke’s connection with Bristol, 1774–80. Bristol, 1894.

Windham Papers. With introduction by the Earl of Rosebery. 2 vols. 1913.

A. T. B.