The Cambridge History of English and American Literature in 18 Volumes (1907–21).
Volume XI. The Period of the French Revolution.

VII. George Crabbe


A. Collected Editions

Works. In seven volumes. 1820. Also 5 vols., 1820; 7 vols., 1822; 5 vols., 1823.

Poetical Works. Paris [1829].

Poetical Works: with his letters and journals, and his life by his Son. In eight volumes. 1834. Also (in 8 vols.) 1835, 1836, 1847; and (in I vol.) 1847, 1854, 1861, 1866, 1901.

Poetical Works. With a life by W. R. 1858.

Poems. Ed. Ward, A. W.… Cambridge. 3 vols. 1905, 1906, 1907.

[Contains previously unpublished poems, and a bibliography in vol. III, pp. 554–568.]

Poetical Works. Ed. Carlyle, A. J. and Carlyle, R. M. Oxford, 1908.

B. Selections

Beauties of the Rev. George Crabbe. With a biographical sketch. 1832.

Cullings from Crabbe, with a memoir of his life and notices of his writings. Bath, 1832.

Readings in Crabbe’s Tales of the Hall. [Selected and edited by FitzGerald, E.] Guildford, 1879. Re-issued (with an Introduction) 1882, 1883.

The English Poets. By Ward, T. H. 1883–4. (Crabbe, ed. Courthope, W. J. vol. III, p. 581.)

Poems (selected). Ed. Morley, H. 1886.

The Poetical Works of George Crabbe (selected), with prefatory notice, biographical and critical, by Lamplough, E. 1888.

Tales by George Crabbe, ed. with an introduction by Morley, H. 1891.

The Poets and the Poetry of the Century. Ed. Miles, A. H. Vol. I, pp. 1–84. [1891.]

The Poems of George Crabbe. A selection arranged by Holland, B. 1899.

English Tales in Verse. With an introduction by Herford, C. H. Pp. 155–182. 1902.

Selections from the Poems of George Crabbe, with an introduction and notes by Deane, A. 1903.

C. Separate Poems

For Juvenilia, consult Crabbe’s Poems, ed. Ward, A. W., Cambridge, 1905–7, prefatory note to vols. I, III and bibliography.

Inebriety, a Poem, in three Parts. Ipswich, 1775.

The Candidate. A Poetical Epistle to the Authors of the Monthly Review. 1780.

The Library. A Poem. 1781. 2nd edn. 1783.

The Village: a Poem. In two books. 1783.

The News-Paper: a Poem. 1785.

Poems. 1807. 2nd edn. 1808. 3rd edn. 1808. 8th edn. 1816.

The Borough: a Poem in twenty-four letters. 1810. 2nd edn. 1810. 3rd edn. 1810. 6th edn. 1816. Ed. Williams, H. (Temple Classics.) 1903.

Tales. 1812. 2nd edn. 1812. 5th edn. 1814.

Tales of the Hall. In two volumes. 1819. 2nd edn. 1819. 3 vols. 1820.

Lines (“Of old when a Monarch of England appear’d”). [1822.]

Lines addressed to the Dowager Duchess of Rutland. The Casket, a Miscellany, consisting of unpublished poems. Pp. 142–3. 1829.

Poetical Epistles by the Rev. George Crabbe. Literary Anecdotes of the Nineteenth Century. Ed. Nicoll, W. Robertson, and Wise, T. J. Vol. II, p. 143. 1896.

D. Translations

For translations into foreign languages, see bibliographies in Poems, ed. Ward, ante, and in Huchon, Un Poète Réaliste Anglais, post.


For Prose Works, see bibliography in Huchon, Un Poète Réaliste Anglais, post.


See, also, the various introductions to Crabbe’s works mentioned in sect. I A, B, C, ante.]

Ainger, A. Crabbe. (English Men of Letters Series.) 1903. Review in The Athenaeum, 31 Oct., 1903.

Broadley, A. M. and Jerrold, W. The Romance of an Elderly Poet. A hitherto unknown chapter in the life of George Crabbe revealed by his ten years’ correspondence with Elizabeth Charter, 1815–1825. 1913.

Crabbe Celebration. Souvenir and Catalogue of the exhibits at Aldeburgh, Suffolk, 16–18 September, 1905.

Druzhinin, A. George Crabbe and his Productions. St. Petersburg, 1857. [In Russian.]

Gilfillan, G. A Second Gallery of Literary Portraits. 1850.

Huchon, R. Un Poète Réaliste Anglais. George Crabbe, 1754–1832. Paris. 1906. English translation by Clarke, Frederick. George Crabbe and his Times. 1907. [Contains a bibliography.]

Kebbel, T. E. The Life of George Crabbe. (Great Writers Series.) 1888.

Pesta, H. George Crabbe: Eine Würdigung seiner Werke. Vienna and Leipzig, 1899.

Saintsbury, G. Crabbe. Essays in English Literature, 1780–1860. 1890.

Stehlich, F. George Crabbe, ein englischer Dichter. Halle, 1875.

Stephen, Sir Leslie. Hours in a Library. Vol. II. 1892.

Woodberry, G. E. Studies in Letters and Life. P. 29, A neglected poet. Boston (Mass.), 1890.


A complete list of the contemporary reviews of Crabbe’s poems is given in Huchon, ante, pp. 663–5. The following may also be consulted:

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