The Cambridge History of English and American Literature in 18 Volumes (1907–21).
Volume XI. The Period of the French Revolution.

XIII. The Growth of the Later Novel



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The indexes of the following periodical publications should also be consulted for the periods coinciding with the dates of publication of the various authors’ works: Blackwood’s Magazine; Edinburgh Review; English Review; Gentleman’s Magazine; and Quarterly Review.

Thomas Amory
See bibliography to Vol. X, Chap. III, ante.

Robert Bage
See, also, bibliography to Vol. X, Chap. III, ante.

Novels. [With a prefatory notice of the author by Scott, Sir Walter.] 1824. (Ballantyne’s Novelists’ Library.)

Eaton Stannard Barrett

The Heroine, or Adventures of Cherubina. 3 vols. 1813. Rptd., with an introduction by Raleigh, Sir W. 1909.

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William Beckford
See, also, bibliography to Vol. X, Chap. III, ante.

Le Vathek de Beckford. Réimprimé sur l’édition française originale avec préface par Mallarmé, Stephane. Paris, 1876. [With a bibliography.]

The Episodes of Vathek. Translated by Marzials, Sir F. T. Introd. by Melville, L. 1912. [Includes the French text of the Episodes.]

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Mary Brunton (1778–1818)

Self Control. 1810.

Discipline. 1814.

Francis Coventry (d. 1759?)

The History of Pompey the Little, or the Life and Adventures of a Lap-Dog. 1751.

Richard Cumberland (1732–1811)
See bibliography to Chap. XII, ante.

Maria Edgeworth
A. Manuscripts

B. M. Add. MSS. 18204, 33964, 37185, 37186 contain letters, and 28524–5 the MS. of Helen.

B. Collected Works

Tales and Miscellaneous Pieces. 14 vols. 1825.

Tales and Novels. 18 vols. 1832–3.

Novels. 12 vols. 1893.

C. Separate Works

Letters for Literary Ladies. 1795.

Parents’ Assistant, or Stories for Children (first part). 1796. 6 vols. 1800. [Little Plays afterwards added as a seventh vol.]

Practical Education. 1798.

Castle Rackrent: an Hibernian Tale. 1800.

Early Lessons. 1801.

Belinda. 1801.

Moral Tales. 1801.

Irish Bulls. 1802.

Popular Tales. 1804.

Modern Griselda. 1804.

Leonora. 2 vols. 1806.

Tales of Fashionable Life. (First series: Eunice, The Dun, Manoeuvring, Almeria.) 1809. (Second series: Vivian, The Absentee, Madame de Fleury, Emilie de Coulanges.) 1812.

Patronage. 4 vols. 1814.

Continuation of Early Lessons. 2 vols. 1815.

Harrington, a tale; and Ormond, a tale. 1817.

Comic Dramas. 1817.

Memoirs of R. L. Edgeworth (vol. II by Maria). 1820.

Frank. A Sequel to Frank, in Early Lessons. 1822.

Harry and Lucy, concluded; being the last part of Early Lessons. 4 vols. 1825.

Garry Owen, or the Snow-Woman: and Poor Bob, the Chimney-Sweeper. 1832.

Helen. A Tale. 3 vols. 1834.

Orlandino. 1834.

The Good Aunt. A tale. Paris, 1834.

D. Biography and Criticism

Edgeworth, F. A. A Memoir of Maria Edgeworth, with a selection from her letters. 3 vols. 1867. [Unpublished, possibly only B. M. copy extant.]

Hare, A. J. C. The Life and Letters of Maria Edgeworth. 1894.

Hill, Constance. Maria Edgeworth and her circle in the days of Buonaparte and Bourbon. 1909.

Zimmern, Helen. Maria Edgeworth. (Eminent Women Series.) 1883.

William Godwin
See bibliography to Chap. III, ante.

Elizabeth Hamilton (1758–1816)

The Hindoo Rajah. 1796.

Memoirs of Modern Philosophers. 1800.

The Cottagers of Glenburnie. 1808.

Benger, Miss. Memoirs of Eliz. Hamilton. 1815.

Samuel Henley
See bibliography to Vol. X, Chap. III, ante, s.v. William Beckford.

Thomas Holcroft

Alwyn; or, the Gentleman Comedian. 1780.

Human Happiness; or the Sceptic. A poem in six cantos. 1783.

The Family Picture; or domestic dialogues on amiable … subjects. 1783.

Tales of the Castle.… Translated … by T. Holcroft. 1785.

The Life of Baron Frederic Trenck; … Translated from the German, by T. Holcroft. 1792.

Anna St. Ives; a novel. 7 vols. 1792.

The Adventures of Hugh Trevor, etc. 6 vols. 1794–7.

Travels from Hamburg, through Westphalia, Holland and the netherlands to Paris. 2 vols. 1804.

Memoirs of Bryan Perdue: a novel. 3 vols. 1805.

Tales in verse; critical, satirical and humorous. 2 vols. 1806.

Memoirs of the late T. Holcroft. Ed. Hazlitt, W. 3 vols. 1816. Hazlitt’s Works. Edd. Waller, A. R. and Glover, A. Vol. II. 1902.

Mitford, Mary R. Recollections of a Literary Life. 3 vols. 1852.

For Holcroft’s dramatic productions, see bibliography to Chap. XII, ante.

Thomas Hope

Anastasius, or Memoirs of a Greek written at the close of the Eighteenth Century. 1819. 2 vols. 1836.

See D. of N.B. for Hope’s works on Costume and Art.

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Elizabeth Inchbald

A Simple Story. 4 vols. 1791.

Nature and Art. 2 vols. 1796.

For dramatic works, see bibliography to Chap. XII, ante.

Boaden, J. Memoirs of Mrs. Inchbald, including her familiar correspondence with the most distinguished persons of her time. 2 vols. 1833.

Charles Johnstone (1719?–1800?)

Chrysal, or the Adventures of a Guinea. 4 vols. 1760–5. Rptd. with introd. by Baker, E. A. 1908.

The History of Arbases, Prince of Betlis. 4 vols. 1774.

Harriet Lee

Clara Lennox. 2 vols. 1797.

The Canterbury Tales. 1797–8.

Bristol Journal, 9 August, 1851.

Sophia Lee

The Recess, or a Tale of other Times. 1785. [Also wrote the introduction to vol. I of Harriet Lee’s Canterbury Tales, and in later vols. the two tales: The Young Lady’s Tale, or, the Two Emilys; and The Clergyman’s Tale.]

Boaden, J. Memoirs of Mrs. Siddons. 2 vols. 1827.

Charlotte Lennox (1720–1804)

The Life of Harriot Stuart. 1751.

The Female Quixote. 2 vols. 1752.

The Sister. A Comedy. 1769.

Euphemia. 4 vols. 1790.

Matthew Gregory Lewis

Ambrosio, or, the Monk. 1795. Entitled in 2nd edn. The Monk; a romance. [With several passages expunged.] 1796. Ed. Baker, E. A. 1907.

Alonzo the Brave and Fair Imogine. A ballad. [From The Monk.] [1800?]

Tales of Terror, with an introductory dialogue. [In verse.] 1801.

Tales of Wonder. [In verse.] Written and collected by M. G. Lewis. 2 vols. 1801.

The Bravo of Venice, translated from the German. 1805.

Feudal Tyrants; or, the Counts of Carlsheim and Sargans. A romance. Taken from the German. 4 vols. 1806.

Romantic Tales. 4 vols. 1808.

Journal of a West Indian Proprietor, kept during a residence in … Jamaica. 1834.

Baron-Wilson, Margaret. The Life and Correspondence of M. G. Lewis. With many pieces in prose and verse never before published. 2 vols. 1839.

Charles Robert Maturin

Fatal Revenge, or, The Family of Montorio. 1807.

The Wild Irish Boy. 1808.

The Milesian Chief. 1812.

Bertram; or the Castle of St. Aldobrand. A tragedy in five acts. 1816.

Manuel, a tragedy. 1817.

Women, or Pour et Contre. A tale. 1818.

Fredolfo; a tragedy, in five acts. 1819.

Melmoth the Wanderer; a tale. 1820. New edn. from the original text, with a memoir and bibliography of Maturin’s works. 3 vols. 1892.

The Albigenses, a romance. 1824.

John Moore (1729–1802)

Zeluco. 1786.

Edward. 1796.

Mordaunt. 1800.

Amelia Opie (1769–1853)

Father and Daughter. 1801.

Poems. 1802.

Adeline Mowbray, or the Mother and Daughter. 1804.

Simple Tales. 1806.

Lays for the Dead. 1833.

Thomas Love Peacock
A. Collected Editions

Works, including his novels, poems, fugitive pieces, criticisms, etc., with a preface by the Rt. Hon. Lord Houghton, a biographical notice by his granddaughter Edith Nicolls.… Ed. Cole, H. 3 vols. 1873.

Collected Prose Works. Ed. Garnett, R. 10 vols. 1891.

Poems. Ed. Johnson, R. B. (The New Universal Library.) 1906.

Plays published for the first time. Ed. Young, A. B. 1910.

B. Separate Works

1. Novels

Headlong Hall. 1816.

Melincourt. 1817.

Nightmare Abbey. 1818.

Maid Marion. 1822.

The Misfortunes of Elphin. 1829.

Crotchet Castle. 1831.

Gryll Grange. 1861.

2. Poems

The Monks of St. Mark. 1804.

Palmyra. 1806.

The Genius of the Thames. 1810.

Rhododaphne, or the Thessalian Spell. 1818.

Paper Money Lyrics and other Poems. 1837.

C. Biography and Criticism

See, also, the biographical notices prefixed to edns. mentioned in sect. A, ante.

Buchanan, R. W. New Quarterly Magazine. Vol. IV. 1874.

Freeman, A. M. Thomas Love Peacock. A critical survey. 1911.

Hannay, J. North British Review. Vol. XLV. 1866.

Paul, H. The Novels of Peacock. Stray Leaves. 1906.

Peacock, T. L. Memoirs of Shelley, with Shelley’s letters to Peacock. Ed. Brett-Smith, H. F. B. 1909.

—— Letters to Edward Hookham and Percy B. Shelley, with fragments of unpublished MS. Ed. Garnett, R. 1910.

Saintsbury, G. Peacock. Essays in English Literature, 1780–1860. 1890.

—— Macmillan’s Magazine. Vol. LIII. 1886.

Spedding, J. Edinburgh Review. Vol. LXVIII. 1839.

Van Doren, C. Life of T. L. Peacock. 1911.

Anna Maria Porter

Artless Tales. 2 vols. Vol. I. 1793. Vol. II. 1795.

Tales of Pity. n.d.

Walsh Colville. 1797.

Octavia. 3 vols. 1798.

Lake of Killarney. 3 vols. 1804. Last edn. entitled Rose de Blaquière. 1856.

A Sailor’s Friendship and A Soldier’s Love. 2 vols. 1805.

The Hungarian Brothers. 3 vols. 1807.

Don Sebastian; or, the House of Braganza. An historical romance. 4 vols. 1809.

Ballad Romances, and other Poems. 1811.

The Recluse of Norway. 1814.

The Knight of St. John. 3 vols. 1817.

The Fast of St. Magdalen. 3 vols. 1818.

The Village of Mariendorpt. 4 vols. 1821.

Roche-Blanche; or, the Hunters of the Pyrenees. A romance. 1822.

Tales round a Winter Hearth (Glenowan, Lord Howch, and Jeanie Halliday by Anna Maria Porter). 2 vols. 1826.

Honor O’Hara. 3 vols. 1826.

Coming Out; and The Field of Forty Footsteps. 2 vols. 1828. [Former only by Anna Maria Porter.]

The Barony. 3 vols. 1830.

Elwood Anne K. Memoirs of the literary ladies of England. 2 vols. 1843.

Jerdan, W. National Portrait Gallery. 5 vols. 1830–4.

Jane Porter

Thaddeus of Warsaw. 4 vols. 1803.

Aphorisms of Sir Philip Sidney; with Remarks. 2 vols. 1807.

The Scottish Chiefs. 5 vols. 1810.

The Pastor’s Fireside. 3 vols. 1815.

Duke Christian of Luneburgh; or, Traditions from the Hartz. 3 vols. 1824.

Tales round a Winter Hearth. 2 vols. 1826.

Coming Out; and The Field of Forty Footsteps. 3 vols. 1828. [Latter only by Jane Porter.]

Sir Edward Seaward’s Narrative of his Shipwreck and Consequent Discovery of certain Islands in the Caribbean Sea; with a Detail of many extraordinary and highly interesting Events in his Life, from the Year 1733 to 1749; as written in his own Diary; edited by Miss Jane Porter. 3 vols. 1831.

Elwood, Anne K. Memoirs of the literary ladies of England. 2 vols. 1843.

Ann Radcliffe

The Novels of Mrs. Ann Radcliffe. To which is prefixed, A memoir of the Life of the Author [by Scott, Sir Walter]. (Ballantyne’s Novelists’ Library, vol. X.) 1824.

The Castles of Athlin and Dunbayne; a Highland Story. 1789.

A Sicilian Romance. 2 vols. 1790.

The Romance of the Forest: interspersed with some pieces of poetry. 3 vols. 1791.

The Mysteries of Udolpho; a romance interspersed with some pieces of poetry. 4 vols. 1794.

A Journey made in the Summer of 1794 through Holland and the Western Frontier of Germany. 1795.

The Italian, or, the Confessional of the Black Penitents. 3 vols. 1797.

Poems. 1815. 1816. 2 vols. 1834. Also 1845.

Gaston de Blondeville, or, the Court of Henry III keeping Festival in Ardenne 4 vols. 1826. [With a memoir of the authoress.]

Jeaffreson, J. C. Novels and Novelists from Elizabeth to Victoria. 1858.

Le Fêvre-Deumier, J. Célébrités anglaises. 1895.

Clara Reeve

The Champion of Virtue, a Gothic Story. 1777. Title changed to The Old English Baron in second (1778) and all later edns. Rptd., with memoir by Scott, Sir W., 1823 and 1883.

The Progress of Romance through Times, Countries, and Manners. 2 vols. Colchester, 1785.

See, also, bibliography to Vol. X, Chap. III, ante.

Regina Maria Roche

The Vicar of Lansdowne; or, Country Quarters. 2 vols. 1793.

The Maid of the Hamlet. 3 vols. 1793.

The Children of the Abbey. 4 vols. 1798.

Clermont. 4 vols. 1798.

The Nocturnal Visit. 4 vols. 1800.

The Discarded Son, or, the Haunt of the Banditti. 5 vols. 1807.

The Houses of Osma and Almeria, or the Convent of St. Ildefonso. 3 vols. 1810.

The Monastery of St. Colomba. 5 vols. 1812.

Trecothiek Bower. 3 vols. 1813.

London Tales; or, Reflected Portraits. 1814.

The Munster Cottage Boy. 4 vols. 1819.

Bridal of Dunamore; and Lost and Won. Two tales. 3 vols. 1823.

The Tradition of the Castle, or Scenes in the Emerald Isle. 4 vols. 1824.

The Castle Chapel. 3 vols. 1825.

Contrast. 3 vols. 1828.

The Nun’s Picture. A Tale. 3 vols. 1834.

Gentleman’s Magazine. Vol. II, p. 86. 1845.

Charlotte Turner Smith

Elegiac Sonnets, and other essays. 1784.

Translation of Manon L’Escaut from the French of the Abbé Prevost. 1786.

The Romance of Real Life. [A collection of tales.] 3 vols. 1787.

Emmeline, the Orphan of the Castle. 4 vols. 1788.

Ethelinde; or the Recluse of the Lake. 5 vols. 1790.

Celestina. A novel. 4 vols. 1791.

Desmond. A novel. 3 vols. 1792.

The Old Manor House. 1793.

The Emigrants, a poem in two books. 1793.

The Banished Man. A novel. 4 vols. 1794.

The Wanderings of Warwick. 1794.

Rural Walks: in dialogues … for … young persons. 2 vols. 1795.

Rambles farther: a continuation of Rural Walks. 2 vols. 1796.

Marchmont, a novel. 4 vols. 1796.

A Narrative of the loss of the Catherine, Venus and Piedmont transports, and the Thomas, Golden Grove and Aeolus merchant ships near Weymouth … 18 Nov. [1796]. 1796.

Minor Morals, interpersed with sketches of natural history … and original stories. 2 vols. 1798.

The Young Philosopher: a novel. 1798.

What is She? A comedy. 1799.

Letters of a Solitary Wanderer. 5 vols. 1801.

Conversations introducing poetry; chiefly on subjects of natural history. 2 vols. [1804.]

Beachy Head; with other poems. 1807.

The Natural History of Birds. 2 vols. 1807.

Elwood, Anne K. Memoirs of the literary ladies of England. 2 vols. 1843.

L’Estrange, A. G. K. The Life of M. R. Mitford. 1870.

Horace Walpole, Fourth Earl of Orford

The Castle of Otranto. A Story. Translated by William Marshall, Gent. From the Original Italian of Onuphrio Muralto, Canon of the Church of St. Nicholas at Otranto. 1765. [Written 1764.] 2nd edn. 1765. 5th edn. 1786. 6th edn. Parma, 1791. Rptd. with a Memoir by Scott, Sir W., 1823 and 1883. Transl. into French, 1767; into Italian, 1795.

G. A. B. AND A. T. B.