The Cambridge History of English and American Literature in 18 Volumes (1907–21).
VOLUME XVIII. Later National Literature, Part III.

XXIV. Economists

§ 12. The Civil War

With the end of the Civil War the falling prices brought a renewed interest in the labour question. The two national periodicals were Fincher’s Trades Review (Philadelphia) and The Workingmen’s Advocate (Chicago). The philosophy of the labour agitation was expounded by Ira Steward in The Eight Hour Movement (1865) and Poverty (1873); by William Dealtry in The Laborer (1869); and by E. H. Haywood in Yours and Mine (1869); while the Communist movement was best represented by Alexander Longley in The Communist (1868–79). During the early seventies there are to be noted H. B. Wright’s Practical Treatise on Labor (1871), W. Brown’s The Labor Question (1872), W. B. Greene’s Socialistic, Communistic, Mutualistic, and Financial Fragments (1875), and L. Masquerier’s Sociology or The Reconstruction of Society (1877).