The Cambridge History of English and American Literature in 18 Volumes (1907–21).
VOLUME XVIII. Later National Literature, Part III.

XXIV. Economists

§ 13. Tariff

The tariff controversies elicited but few works of importance. In the earlier period, in the contest centring around the Bill of Abominations of 1828 and its immediate successors, we have to note, in addition to the works of Lee and Gallatin referred to above, T. R. Dew’s Lectures on the Restrictive System (1829) and Hezekiah Niles’s Journal of the Meeting of the Friends of Domestic Industry (1831). Perhaps the most outstanding figure of this period was Condy Raguet, author of The Principles of Free Trade (1835) and The Examiner and Journal of Political Economy (1834–35). In the later period, immediately after the Civil War, we need mention only W. M. Grosvenor’s Does Protection Protect? (1871) and the numerous publications of E. B. Bigelow.