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Edmund Clarence Stedman, ed. (1833–1908). A Victorian Anthology, 1837–1895. 1895.

I. Early Years of the Reign (Transition Period)

William Wordsworth. 1.  The Passing of the Elder Bards
Distinctive Poets and Dramatists
Walter Savage Landor. 2.  Overture
3.  The Hamadryad
4.  The Death of Artemidora
5.  From “Myrtis
6.  Little Aglaë
7.  To a Cyclamen
8.  Dirce
9.  An Invocation
10.  From “Gebir
11.  To Youth
12.  To Age
13.  Rose Aylmer
14.  Rose Aylmer’s Hair, Given by Her Sister
15.  Child of a Day
16.  Fiesolan Idyl
17.  Farewell to Italy
18.  The Maid’s Lament
19.  Margaret
20.  On Music
21.  Plays
22.  There Falls with Every Wedding Chime
23.  Shakespeare and Milton
24.  Macaulay
25.  Robert Browning
26.  On the Death of M. D’Ossoli and His Wife Margaret Fuller
27.  To Ianthe
28.  Ianthe’s Troubles
29.  The Appeal
30.  The Test
31.  In after Time
32.  A Prophecy
33.  Cowslips
34.  Wrinkles
35.  Advice
36.  How to Read Me
37.  Time to Be Wise
38.  The One White Hair
39.  On Himself
40.  On Lucretia Borgia’s Hair
41.  Persistence
42.  Man
43.  To Sleep
44.  On Living Too Long
45.  A Thought
46.  Heartsease
47.  Verses Why Burnt
48.  Death Undreaded
49.  Memory
50.  For an Epitaph at Fiesole
George Darley. 51.  The Flower of Beauty
52.  Summer Winds
53.  Songs from “Sylvia; Or, the May Queen.” I. Chorus of Spirits
54.  Songs from “Sylvia; Or, the May Queen.” II. Morning-Song
55.  Songs from “Sylvia; Or, the May Queen.” III. Nephon’s Song
56.  Songs from “Sylvia; Or, the May Queen.” IV. Romanzo to Sylvia
Barry Cornwall. 57.  The Sea
58.  The Hunter’s Song
59.  The Poet’s Song to His Wife
60.  The Stormy Petrel
61.  Peace! What Do Tears Avail?
62.  Life
63.  The Blood Horse
64.  Sit Down, Sad Soul
65.  Golden-Tressed Adelaide
66.  A Poet’s Thought
67.  A Petition to Time
Charles Jeremiah Wells. 68.  From “Joseph and His Brethren
Sir Henry Taylor. 69.  From “Philip Van Artevelde
70.  From “Edwin the Fair
71.  A Characterization
72.  Aretina’s Song
73.  The Hero
Thomas Babington Macaulay, 1st Baron. 74.  The Battle of Naseby
75.  Epitaph on a Jacobite
76.  Ivry
Richard Henry Horne. 77.  From “Orion: An Epic Poem
78.  Genius
79.  Pelters of Pyramids
80.  Solitude and the Lily
81.  The Slave
82.  The Plough
Thomas Lovell Beddoes. 83.  From “Torrismond
84.  Dream-Pedlary
85.  Ballad of Human Life
86.  Songs from “Death’s Jest-Book.” I. To Sea, to Sea!
87.  Songs from “Death’s Jest-Book.” II. Dirge
88.  Songs from “Death’s Jest-Book.” III. Athulf’s Death Song
89.  Songs from “Death’s Jest-Book.” IV. Second Dirge
90.  Songs from “The Brides’ Tragedy.” I. Hesperus Sings
91.  Songs from “The Brides’ Tragedy.” II. Love Goes A-Hawking
Robert Stephen Hawker. 92.  The Song of the Western Men
93.  Mawgan of Melhuach
94.  Featherstone’s Doom
95.  “Pater Vester Pascit Illa
96.  The Silent Tower of Bottreau
97.  To Alfred Tennyson
Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton. 98.  The Cardinal’s Soliloquy
99.  When Stars Are in the Quiet Skies
William Edmondstoune Aytoun. 100.  The Execution of Montrose
101.  Massacre of the Macpherson
Poets of Quality
Thomas Love Peacock. 102.  The Men of Gotham
103.  The War-Song of Dinas Vawr
104.  Margaret Love Peacock
Winthrop Mackworth Praed. 105.  The Vicar
106.  The Newly-Wedded
Charles Hartley Langhorne. 107.  Theocritus
The Roisterers
Richard Harris Barham. 108.  The Jackdaw of Rheims
109.  Mr. Barney Maguire’s Account of the Coronation
William Maginn. 110.  The Irishman and the Lady
111.  The Soldier-Boy
Francis Sylvester Mahony. 112.  The Shandon Bells
Meditative Poets
William Sidney Walker. 113.  Death’s Alchemy
Hartley Coleridge. 114.  To the Nautilus
115.  The Birth of Speech
116.  Whither?
117.  To Shakespeare
118.  Ideality
119.  Song
120.  Prayer
121.  “Multum Dilexit
Anna Brownell Jameson. 122.  Take Me, Mother Earth
Chauncy Hare Townshend. 123.  Thy Joy in Sorrow
John Henry Newman. 124.  The Sign of the Cross
125.  England
126.  Reverses
127.  The Pillar of the Cloud
128.  The Elements
Sara Coleridge. 129.  From “Phantasmion
Charles Whitehead. 130.  As Yonder Lamp
John Sterling. 131.  Shakespeare
132.  Louis XV
133.  To a Child
Jane Welsh Carlyle. 134.  To a Swallow Building under Our Eaves
Richard Chenebix Trench. 135.  After the Battle
136.  Sonnet
Thomas Miller. 137.  The Old Baron
Lord John Hanmer. 138.  The Pine Woods
Richard Monckton Milnes Houghton, 1st Baron. 139.  An Envoy to an American Lady
140.  The Brook-Side
Frances Anne Kemble. 141.  The Black Wall-Flower
142.  Faith
Henry Alford. 143.  Lady Mary
144.  Colonos
John Mitford. 145.  The Roman Legions
Arthur Henry Hallam. 146.  Written in Edinburgh
Aubrey Thomas De Vere. 147.  An Epicurean’s Epitaph
148.  Flowers I Would Bring
149.  Human Life
150.  Sorrow
151.  Love’s Spite
152.  The Queen’s Vespers
153.  Cardinal Manning
154.  Song
155.  To Imperia
Thomas Burbidge. 156.  If I Desire
157.  Mother’s Love
158.  Eventide
William Henry Whitworth. 159.  Time and Death
English Song Writers
John Kenyon. 160.  Champagne Rosé
William Howitt. 161.  The Departure of the Swallow
Thomas Haynes Bayly. 162.  She Wore a Wreath of Roses
163.  Oh! Where Do Fairies Hide Their Heads?
Mary Howitt. 164.  The Sea Fowler
165.  Cornfields
Thomas Kibble Hervey. 166.  I Think on Thee
Charles Swain. 167.  Tripping Down the Field-Path
168.  Take the World As It Is
169.  Life
170.  The Rose Thou Gav’st
171.  ’T Was Just before the Hay Was Mown
Eliza Cook. 172.  The Quiet Eye
173.  The Sea-Child
William Cox Bennett. 174.  Baby May
175.  Be Mine, and I Will Give Thy Name
176.  A Christmas Song
Songs of Balladry of Scotland
Alexander Laing. 177.  My Ain Wife
Thomas Carlyle. 178.  The Sower’s Song
Robert Gilfillan. 179.  ’T is Sair to Dream
180.  The Exile’s Song
David Macbeth Moir. 181.  Casa’s Dirge
William Thom. 182.  The Mitherless Bairn
Thomas Aird. 183.  The Swallow
Hugh Miller. 184.  The Babie
James Ballantine. 185.  Muckle-Mou’d Meg
John Stuart Blackie. 186.  My Bath
187.  The Emigrant Lassie
188.  The Working Man’s Song
William Miller. 189.  Willie Winkie
Charles Mackay. 190.  Tell Me, Ye Winged Winds
191.  Earl Norman and John Truman
192.  What Might Be Done
Irish Minstrelsy
Samuel Lover. 193.  Rory O’More; Or, Good Omens
194.  Widow Machree
John Banim. 195.  Soggarth Aroon
Gerald Griffin. 196.  A Place in Thy Memory
197.  Nocturne
James Clarence Mangan. 198.  Dark Rosaleen
199.  Soul and Country
Lady Helen Selina Dufferin. 200.  Lament of the Irish Emigrant
Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton. 201.  We Have Been Friends Together
202.  The King of Denmark’s Ride
203.  Love Not
John Francis Waller. 204.  Kitty Neil
205.  A Spinning-Wheel Song
Sir Samuel Ferguson. 206.  The Fairy Thorn
Thomas Osborne Davis. 207.  The Sack of Baltimore
208.  The Boatman of Kinsale
209.  The Welcome
Sir Charles Gaban Duffy. 210.  The Irish Rapparees
Denis Florence MacCarthy. 211.  Bless the Dear Old Verdant Land
212.  The Irish Wolf-Hound
Bartholomew Dowling. 213.  The Revel
John Kells Ingram. 214.  The Memory of the Dead
Thomas D’Arcy McGee. 215.  The Celtic Cross
216.  The Irish Wife
217.  The Exile’s Devotion
Lady Jane Francesca Speranza Wilde. 218.  The Voice of the Poor
Mary Eva Kelly. 219.  Tipperary
Ellen Mary Patrick Downing. 220.  Were I but His Own Wife
“The Oaten Flute”
William Barnes. 221.  Woone Smile Mwore
222.  Blackmwore Maidens
223.  The Heäre
224.  The Castle Ruins
Edwin Waugh. 225.  The Dule ’s i’ This Bonnet o’ Mine
226.  Th’ Sweetheart Gate
227.  Owd Pinder
Samuel Laycock. 228.  Welcome, Bonny Brid!
Poets of the New Day
Ebenezer Elliott. 229.  Elegy on William Cobbett
230.  A Poet’s Epitaph
231.  The Builders
William Johnson Fox. 232.  The Barons Bold
233.  Life Is Love
Thomas Hood. 234.  The Dream of Eugene Aram
235.  Flowers
236.  Fair Ines
237.  The Death-Bed
238.  Ballad
239.  Lear
240.  Ballad
241.  From “Miss Kilmansegg and Her Precious Leg.” I. Her Death
242.  From “Miss Kilmansegg and Her Precious Leg.” II. Her Moral
243.  Ruth
244.  The Water Lady
245.  Ode—Autumn
246.  The Song of the Shirt
247.  The Lay of the Laborer
248.  The Bridge of Sighs
249.  Stanzas
Bartholomew Simmons. 250.  Stanzas to the Memory of Thomas Hood
Harriet Martineau. 251.  On, on, Forever
Laman Blanchard. 252.  Nell Gwynne’s Looking-Glass
253.  Hidden Joys
Thomas Wade. 254.  The Net-Braiders
255.  Birth and Death
Thomas Cooper. 256.  Chartist Song
Sarah Flower Adams. 257.  Hymn
258.  Love
259.  Nearer to Thee
Elizabeth Barrett Browning. 260.  The Cry of the Children
261.  My Heart and I
262.  Sonnets from the Portuguese
263.  A Musical Instrument
264.  From “Casa Guidi Windows
265.  A Court Lady
266.  Mother and Poet
267.  From “Aurora Leigh
268.  The Sleep
Alfred Domett. 269.  A Glee for Winter
270.  A Christmas Hymn
271.  From “A Christmas Hymn
William Bell Scott. 272.  Glenkindie
273.  Youth and Age
274.  Pygmalion
275.  My Mother
276.  The Norns Watering Yggdrasill
277.  To the Dead
278.  Hero-Worship
William James Linton. 279.  Eviction
280.  Patience
281.  Our Cause
282.  Heart and Will
283.  From “A Threnody: In Memory of Albert Darasz
284.  Love and Youth
285.  Too Late
286.  Weep Not! Sigh Not!
287.  Spring and Autumn
288.  Love’s Blindness
289.  The Silenced Singer
290.  Epicurean
Robert Nicoll. 291.  We ’ll a’ Go Pu’ the Heather
292.  Bonnie Bessie Lee
293.  The Hero
Wathen Marks Wilks Call. 294.  The People’s Petition
295.  Summer Days
Charles Weldon. 296.  The Poem of the Universe
Emily Brontë. 297.  Song
298.  The Old Stoic
299.  Warning and Reply
300.  Stanzas
301.  Her Last Lines
George Eliot. 302.  “O May I Join the Choir Invisible
303.  Songs from “The Spanish Gypsy.” I. The Dark
304.  Songs from “The Spanish Gypsy.” II. Song of the Zíncali
Ernest Charles Jones. 305.  Earth’s Burdens
John Ruskin. 306.  The Wreck
307.  Trust thou thy Love
Ebenezer Jones. 308.  Song of the Kings of Gold
309.  The Face
The Rhapsodists
Philip James Bailey. 310.  From “Festus
Dora Greenwell. 311.  A Song of Farewell
312.  To Christina Rossetti
George Macdonald. 313.  Light
314.  World and Soul
315.  Baby
316.  Song
Gerald Massey. 317.  The Deserter from the Cause
318.  Christie’s Portrait
319.  His Banner over Me
Alexander Smith. 320.  From “A Life-Drama
321.  Beauty
322.  To ——
Early Hymnody
James Montgomery. 323.  At Home in Heaven
Charlotte Elliott. 324.  Just As I Am
325.  Let Me Be with Thee
James Edmeston. 326.  Prayer to the Trinity
Henry Hart Milman. 327.  Hymn for the Sixteenth Sunday after Trinity
328.  Burial Hymn
329.  Ride on in Majesty
John Keble. 330.  Who Runs May Read
331.  Seed Time Hymn
332.  Holy Matrimony
Sir John Bowring. 333.  From the Recesses
334.  What of the Night?
Henry Francis Lyte. 335.  Abide with Me
336.  “Lo, We Have Left All
337.  The Secret Place
Samuel Wilberforce. 338.  Just for To-day
Christopher Wordsworth. 339.  Giving to God
Horatius Bonar. 340.  Lost but Found
341.  The Voice from Galilee
342.  Thy Way, Not Mine
343.  Abide with Us
344.  The Master’s Touch
345.  A Little While
John Samuel Bewley Monsell. 346.  Litany
Frederick William Faber. 347.  The Will of God
348.  Paradise
349.  The Right Must Win
Arthur Penrhyn Stanley. 350.  Teach Us to Die
Christopher Newman Hall. 351.  My Times Are in Thy Hand
Anne Brontë. 352.  A Prayer
William John Blew. 353.  O Lord, Thy Wing Outspread
Cecil Frances Alexander. 354.  There Is a Green Hill
Elizabeth Cecilia Clephane. 355.  The Lost Sheep
Sabine Baring-Bould. 356.  Child’s Evening Hymn
Frances Ridley Havergal. 357.  I Gave My Life for Thee