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Edmund Clarence Stedman, ed. (1833–1908). A Victorian Anthology, 1837–1895. 1895.

(Period of Tennyson, Arnold, Browning, Rossetti, and Swinburne)

II. The Victorian Epoch

Alfred Tennyson, 1st Baron. 358.  Prelude
Composite Idyllic School
Frederick Tennyson. 359.  Thirty-first of May
360.  The Blackbird
361.  From “Niobe
Charles Tennyson Turner. 362.  The Lion’s Skeleton
363.  The Vacant Cage
364.  The Lachrymatory
365.  The Buoy-Bell
366.  The Forest Glade
367.  The Lattice at Sunrise
368.  The Rookery
369.  Orion
370.  To the Gossamer-Light
371.  Letty’s Globe
372.  Her First-Born
Alfred Tennyson, 1st Baron. 373.  The Deserted House
374.  The Lotos-Eaters
375.  Ulysses
376.  Sir Galahad
377.  Sir Launcelot and Queen Guinevere
378.  Break, Break, Break
379.  Songs from “The Princess.” I. As thro’ the Land
380.  Songs from “The Princess.” II. Sweet and Low
381.  Songs from “The Princess.” III. Bugle Song
382.  Songs from “The Princess.” IV. Tears, Idle Tears
383.  Songs from “The Princess.” V. Thy Voice Is Heard
384.  Songs from “The Princess.” VI. Ask Me No More
385.  Ode on the Death of the Duke of Wellington
386.  The Charge of the Light Brigade
387.  Northern Farmer
388.  The Daisy
389.  The Flower
390.  Come into the Garden, Maud
391.  The Shell
392.  The Passing of Arthur
393.  Rizpah
394.  Flower in the Crannied Wall
395.  Song in “The Foresters
396.  Vastness
397.  The Silent Voices
398.  Crossing the Bar
Benjamin Disraeli, 1st earl of Beaconsfield. 399.  Wellington
Thomas Westwood. 400.  O Wind of the Mountain!
401.  In the Golden Morning of the World
Arthur Hugh Clough. 402.  In a Lecture-Room
403.  A Protest
404.  Qua Cursum Ventus
405.  From “The Bothie of Tober-Na-Vuolich
406.  Peschiera
407.  From “Amours De Voyage
408.  Ite Domum Saturæ, Venit Hesperus
409.  Ah! Yet Consider It Again
410.  Where Lies the Land
John Campbell Shairp. 411.  Cailleach Bein-Y-Vreich
Menella Bute Smedley. 412.  The Little Fair Soul
Robert Leighton. 413.  The Dried-up Fountain
Matthew Arnold. 414.  Written in Emerson’s Essays
415.  The World and the Quietist
416.  From “Sohrab and Rustum
417.  From “Balder Dead
418.  The Forsaken Merman
419.  Philomela
420.  Dover Beach
421.  From “Empedocles on Etna
422.  The Buried Life
423.  Memorial Verses
424.  Geist’s Grave
Charles Kent. 425.  Pope at Twickenham
William Caldwell Roscoe. 426.  To La Sansœur
427.  The Master-Chord
428.  Earth
William Johnson Cory. 429.  Mimnermus in Church
430.  Heracleitus
431.  A Poor French Sailor’s Scottish Sweetheart
Anonymous. 432.  Epitaph of Dionysia
Coventry Kersey Dighton Patmore. 433.  From “The Angel in the House
434.  The Girl of All Periods
435.  From “The Unknown Eros
436.  Regina Cœli
Walter C. Smith. 437.  Daughters of Philistia
438.  The Self-Exiled
Francis Turner Palgrave. 439.  The Ancient and Modern Muses
440.  Pro Mortuis
441.  William Wordsworth
442.  A Little Child’s Hymn
443.  A Danish Barrow
Thomas Henry Huxley. 444.  Tennyson
Arthur Joseph Munby. 445.  Doris: A Pastoral
446.  From “Dorothy: a Country Story.” I. Dorothy
447.  From “Dorothy: a Country Story.” II. Country Kisses
448.  From “Dorothy: a Country Story.” III. Dorothy’s Room
449.  From “Dorothy: a Country Story.” IV. Beauty at the Plough
450.  Flos Florum
451.  Sweet Nature’s Voice
Isa Craig Knox. 452.  The Woodruffe
Sir Edwin Arnold. 453.  From “The Light of Asia
454.  The Caliph’s Draught
455.  After Death in Arabia
456.  Raglan
457.  From “With Sa’di in the Garden.” I. Mahmud and Ayaz: A Paraphrase on Sa’Di
458.  From “With Sa’di in the Garden.” II. Song without a Sound
459.  The Musmee
Stopford Augustus Brooke. 460.  Versailles
461.  The Jungfrau’s Cry
462.  Songs from “Riquet of the Tuft.” I. Queen’s Song
463.  Songs from “Riquet of the Tuft.” II. Prince Riquet’s Song
John Nichol. 464.  Mare Mediterraneum
465.  H. W. L.
Francis Robert Rosslyn, Earl of. 466.  Bedtime
467.  Memory
Sir Lewis Morris. 468.  At Last
469.  Song
470.  On a Thrush Singing in Autumn
Philip Gilbert Hamerton. 471.  The Sanyassi
472.  The Wild Huntsmen
Roden Berkeley Wriothesley Noel. 473.  The Secret of the Nightingale
474.  Sea Slumber-Song
475.  Dying
476.  The Merry-Go-Round
477.  Lament
478.  The Toy Cross
479.  “That They All May Be One
Sir Alfred Lyall. 480.  Meditations of a Hindu Prince
Alfred Austin. 481.  At His Grave
482.  Songs from “Prince Lucifer.” I. Grave-Digger’s Song
483.  Songs from “Prince Lucifer.” II. Mother-Song
484.  Agatha
485.  The Haymakers’ Song
Thomas Ashe. 486.  Marian
487.  Phantoms
488.  By the Salpétrière
489.  A Vision of Children
490.  Poeta Nascitur
Theodore Watts-Dunton. 491.  Ode to Mother Carey’s Chicken
492.  The Sonnet’s Voice
493.  Coleridge
494.  The Breath of Avon
495.  The First Kiss
496.  John the Pilgrim
497.  Natura Benigna
498.  Natura Maligna
David Gray. 499.  The Dear Old Toiling One
500.  I Die, Being Young
501.  My Epitaph
John Addington Symonds. 502.  An Episode
503.  Lux Est Umbra Dei
504.  The Nightingale
505.  The Fall of a Soul
506.  Farewell
507.  Il Fior Degli Eroici Furori
508.  Venice
509.  Thyself
510.  The Sonnet
Alexander Hay Japp. 511.  A Music Lesson
512.  Landor
513.  Shelley
514.  Memories
Cosmo Monkhouse. 515.  Song
516.  A Dead March
517.  The Spectrum
518.  The Secret
519.  Robert Buchanan
520.  Spring Song in the City
521.  The Wake of Tim O’Hara
522.  Two Sons
523.  On a Young Poetess’s Grave
524.  The Summer Pool
525.  We Are Children
526.  When We Are All Asleep
527.  The Dream of the World without Death
528.  The Faëry Foster-Mother
529.  The Churchyard
Emily Pfeiffer. 530.  A Song of Winter
531.  To a Moth That Drinketh of the Ripe October
532.  To the Herald Honeysuckle
Frederic William Henry Myers. 533.  From “Saint Paul
534.  A Song
535.  On a Grave at Grindelwald
536.  A Last Appeal
537.  Immortality
538.  A Letter from Newport
539.  I Saw, I Saw the Lovely Child
Edward Dowden. 540.  Renunciants
541.  Leonardo’s “Monna Lisa
542.  Two Infinities
Margaret Veley. 543.  First or Last?
Lady Mary Montgomerie Currie. 544.  A May Song
545.  A Foreboding
546.  In Green Old Gardens
547.  Afterwards
Samuel Waddington. 548.  The Inn of Care
549.  Soul and Body
Ernest Myers. 550.  Gordon
551.  Etsi Omnes, Ego Non
552.  “The Seamaids’ Music
George Francis Savage-Armstrong. 553.  Autumn Memories
554.  The Mystery
555.  One in the Infinite
556.  My Guide
557.  “The Father
James Chapman Woods. 558.  The Soul Stithy
559.  The World’s Death-Night
Balladists and Lyrists
Louisa Macartney Crawford. 560.  Kathleen Mavourneen
Sir Francis Hastings Doyle. 561.  The Old Cavalier
562.  The Private of the Buffs
William Makepeace Thackeray. 563.  At the Church Gate
564.  The Ballad of Bouillabaisse
565.  The Age of Wisdom
566.  Sorrows of Werther
567.  The Pen and the Album
568.  The Mahogany Tree
569.  The End of the Play
Charles Kingsley. 570.  From “The Saint’s Tragedy
571.  The Sands of Dee
572.  The Three Fishers
573.  A Myth
574.  The Dead Church
575.  Andromeda and the Sea-Nymphs
576.  The Last Buccaneer
577.  Lorraine
578.  A Farewell
Adelaide Anne Procter. 579.  A Woman’s Question
580.  A Doubting Heart
581.  The Requital
582.  Per Pacem Ad Lucem
Dinah Maria Mulock Craik. 583.  Philip, My King
584.  Too Late
Earl of Southesk (Sir James Carnegie). 585.  The Flitch of Dunmow
586.  November’s Cadence
Mortimer Collins. 587.  A Greek Idyl
588.  Kate Temple’s Song
589.  The Ivory Gate
William Allingham. 590.  The Fairies
591.  Lovely Mary Donnelly
592.  The Sailor
593.  A Dream
594.  Half-Waking
595.  Day and Night Songs
George Walter Thornbury. 596.  The Three Scars
597.  Melting of the Earl’s Plate
598.  The Three Troopers
599.  The White Rose over the Water
600.  The Jacobite on Tower Hill
601.  The Death of Marlborough
602.  The Old Grenadier’s Story
John Veitch. 603.  The Laird of Schelynlaw
Jean Ingelow. 604.  The High Tide on the Coast of Lincolnshire
605.  Sailing beyond Seas
606.  The Long White Seam
Robert Dwyer Joyce. 607.  Crossing the Blackwater
Ellen O’Leary. 608.  To God and Ireland True
Hamilton Aïdé. 609.  Remember or Forget
610.  The Danube River
611.  When We Are Parted
612.  The Forsaken
Joseph Skipsey. 613.  Mother Wept
614.  The Dewdrop
615.  The Butterfly
Richard Garnett. 616.  The Island of Shadows
617.  The Fair Circassian
618.  The Ballad of the Boat
619.  The Lyrical Poem
620.  The Didactic Poem
621.  On an Urn
622.  Age
623.  To America
John Todhunter. 624.  The Banshee
R. St. John Tyrwhitt. 625.  The Glory of Motion
Clement William Scott. 626.  Rus In Urbe
627.  Lilian Adelaide Neilson
Sarah Williams. 628.  Omàr and the Persian
629.  Queen Elizabeth
Lady Blanche Elizabeth Lindsay. 630.  Sonnet
631.  My Heart Is a Lute
Various Distinctive Poets
Thomas Gordon Hake. 632.  Old Souls
633.  The Sibyl
Edward FitzGerald. 634.  From His Paraphrase of the Rubáiyát of Omár Khayyám
George Meredith. 635.  R. B.
Robert Browning. 636.  Song from “Paracelsus
637.  Cavalier Tunes. I. Marching Along
638.  Cavalier Tunes. II. Give a Rouse
639.  Cavalier Tunes. III. Boot and Saddle
640.  My Last Duchess
641.  Incident of the French Camp
642.  In a Gondola
643.  Song from “Pippa Passes
644.  “How They Brought the Good News from Ghent to Aix
645.  The Lost Leader
646.  Youth and Art
647.  Home Thoughts from Abroad
648.  A Face
649.  “De Gustibus—”
650.  The Bishop Orders His Tomb at Saint Praxed’s Church
651.  Meeting at Night
652.  Parting at Morning
653.  Evelyn Hope
654.  “Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came
655.  Respectability
656.  Memorabilia
657.  One Way of Love
658.  One Word More
659.  Abt Vogler
660.  Prospice
661.  Misconceptions
662.  Epitaph
663.  Muckle-Mouth Meg
664.  Epilogue
Sydney Dobell. 665.  How ’s My Boy?
666.  A Nuptial Eve
667.  Tommy ’s Dead
668.  Home in War-Time
669.  America
670.  Epigram on the Death of Edward Forbes
671.  Sea Ballad
672.  Dante, Shakespeare, Milton
673.  On the Death of Mrs. Browning
674.  Fragment of a Sleep-Song
George Meredith. 675.  From “Modern Love.” I. “All Other Joys
676.  From “Modern Love.” II. Hiding the Skeleton
677.  From “Modern Love.” III. The Coin of Pity
678.  From “Modern Love.” IV. One Twilight Hour
679.  Juggling Jerry
680.  The Lark Ascending
681.  Lucifer in Starlight
682.  The Spirit of Shakespeare
683.  The Two Masks
Sebastian Evans. 684.  A Dirge for Summer
685.  What the Trumpeter Said
Christina Georgina Rossetti. 686.  The Unseen World. I. At Home
687.  The Unseen World. II. Remember
688.  The Unseen World. III. After Death
689.  The Unseen World. IV. Wife to Husband
690.  The Unseen World. V. Up-Hill
691.  “It Is Finished
692.  From “Monna Innominata.” I. Agnegation
693.  From “Monna Innominata.” II. Trust
694.  Fluttered Wings
695.  Passing and Glassing
696.  The Thread of Life
697.  From “Later Life
698.  An Echo from Willowwood
699.  Twist Me a Crown
700.  Good-By
Edward Robert Bulwer-Lytton, 1st earl of Lytton. 701.  Indian Love-Song
702.  Aux Italiens
703.  The Chess-Board
704.  Tempora Acta
705.  The Dinner Hour
706.  The Legend of the Dead Lambs
707.  The Utmost
James Thomson. 708.  Melencolia
709.  Life’s Hebe
710.  From “He Heard Her Sing
Harriet Eleanor Hamilton King. 711.  Palmermo
712.  The Crocus
Poets of the Renaissance
Ford Madox Brown. 713.  For the Picture, “The Last of England
714.  O. M. B.
Sir Joseph Noel Paton. 715.  Requiem
716.  The Last of the Eurydice
Thomas Woolner. 717.  My Beautiful Lady
718.  Given Over
Dante Gabriel Rossetti. 719.  The Blessed Damozel
720.  The Portrait
721.  From “The House of Life: a Sonnet-Sequence.” I. Introductory
722.  From “The House of Life: a Sonnet-Sequence.” II. Lovesight
723.  From “The House of Life: a Sonnet-Sequence.” III. Her Gifts
724.  From “The House of Life: a Sonnet-Sequence.” IV. The Dark Glass
725.  From “The House of Life: a Sonnet-Sequence.” V. Without Her
726.  From “The House of Life: a Sonnet-Sequence.” VI. Broken Music
727.  From “The House of Life: a Sonnet-Sequence.” VII. Inclusiveness
728.  From “The House of Life: a Sonnet-Sequence.” VIII. A Superscription
729.  Sonnets on Pictures. I. A Venetian Pastoral
730.  Sonnets on Pictures. II. Mary Magdalene
731.  Sudden Light
732.  The Woodspurge
733.  The Sea-Limits
734.  A Little While
735.  The Ballad of Dead Ladies
Richard Watson Dixon. 736.  Ode on Conflicting Claims
737.  Humanity
738.  From “Mano: a Poetical History.” I. The Skylark
739.  From “Mano: a Poetical History.” II. Of a Vision of Hell, Which a Monk Had
740.  From “Mano: a Poetical History.” III. Of Temperance in Fortune
William Morris. 741.  The Gillyflower of Gold
742.  Shameful Death
743.  The Blue Closet
744.  From “The Earthly Paradise.” I. The Singer’s Prelude
745.  From “The Earthly Paradise.” II. Atalanta’s Victory
746.  From “The Earthly Paradise.” III. Atalanta’s Defeat
747.  From “The Earthly Paradise.” IV. The King’s Visit
748.  From “The Earthly Paradise.” V. Song: to Psyche
749.  From “The Earthly Paradise.” VI. A Land Across the Sea
750.  From “The Earthly Paradise.” VII. Antiphony
751.  From “Sigurd the Volsung.” I. Of the Passing Away of Brynhild
752.  From “Sigurd the Volsung.” II. The Burghers’ Battle
753.  From “Sigurd the Volsung.” III. A Death Song
Lord De Tabley (John Byrne Leicester Warren). 754.  A Woodland Grave
755.  A Simple Maid
756.  Fortune’s Wheel
757.  Circe
758.  A Song of Faith Forsworn
759.  The Two Old Kings
Algernon Charles Swinburne. 760.  A Match
761.  Hesperia
762.  In Memory of Walter Savage Landor
763.  Love at Sea
764.  From “Rosamond
765.  From “Atalanta in Calydon.” I. Chorus:—“When the Hounds of Spring
766.  From “Atalanta in Calydon.” II. From the Chorus, “We Have Seen Thee, O Love!”
767.  From “Chastelard
768.  From “Bothwell
769.  Sappho
770.  Hope and Fear
771.  On the Deaths of Thomas Carlyle and George Eliot
772.  Hertha
773.  Étude Réaliste
774.  The Roundel
775.  A Forsaken Garden
776.  On the Monument Erected to Mazzini at Genoa
John Payne. 777.  Cadences
778.  Sibyl
779.  Thorgerda
780.  Love’s Autumn
781.  Songs’ End
Robert Seymour Bridges. 782.  Poor Withered Rose
783.  I Will Not Let Thee Go
784.  Upon the Shore
785.  A Passer-By
786.  Elegy
787.  Thou Didst Delight My Eyes
788.  Awake, My Heart!
789.  O Youth Whose Hope Is High
790.  So Sweet Love Seemed
791.  Asian Birds
Arthur William Edgar O’Shaughnessy. 792.  The Fair Maid and the Sun
793.  Has Summer Come without the Rose?
794.  At Her Grave
795.  Silences
796.  If She but Knew
Philip Bourke Marston. 797.  A Greeting
798.  A Vain Wish
799.  Love’s Music
800.  The Rose and the Wind
801.  How My Song of Her Began
802.  The Old Churchyard of Bonchurch
803.  Garden Fairies
804.  Love and Music
805.  No Death
806.  At the Last
807.  Her Pity
808.  After Summer
809.  To the Spirit of Poetry
810.  If You Were Here
811.  At Last
Dramatists and Playwrights
Tom Taylor. 812.  From “The Fool’s Revenge
813.  Abraham Lincoln
John Westland Marston. 814.  From “Marie De Meranie
William Gorman Wills. 815.  Cromwell and Henrietta Maria
William Schwenck Gilbert. 816.  From “Pygmalion and Galatea
Herman Charles Merivale. 817.  Ætate XIX
818.  Ready, Ay, Ready
819.  Thaisa’s Dirge
Augusta Webster. 820.  Songs from Dramas. I. News to the King
821.  Songs from Dramas. II. ’Tween Earth and Sky
822.  Songs from Dramas. III. Day Is Dead
823.  Songs from Dramas. IV. Tell Me Not of Morrows, Sweet
824.  The Deaths of Myron and Klydone
Frederick Locker-Lampson. 825.  To My Grandmother
826.  The Widow’s Mite
827.  On an Old Muff
828.  To My Mistress
829.  The Skeleton in the Cupboard
Robert Barnabas Brough. 830.  My Lord Tomnoddy
Charles Stuart Calverley. 831.  Companions
832.  Ballad
833.  On the Brink
Joseph Ashby-Sterry. 834.  A Marlow Madrigal
835.  A Portrait
836.  The Little Rebel
William John Courthope. 837.  From “The Paradise of Birds.” I. Birdcatcher’s Song
838.  From “The Paradise of Birds.” II. Ode—To the Roc
839.  From “The Paradise of Birds.” III. In Praise of Gilbert White
Sir Frederick Pollock. 840.  The Six Carpenters’ Case
“The Land of Wonder-Wander”
Edward Lear. 841.  The Jumblies
William Brighty Rands. 842.  Topsy-Turvy World
843.  Polly
844.  Dressing the Doll
845.  I Saw a New World
Lewis Carroll. 846.  Jabberwocky
847.  From “The Hunting of the Snark
848.  Of Alice in Wonderland