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Edmund Clarence Stedman, ed. (1833–1908). A Victorian Anthology, 1837–1895. 1895.

William James Dawson to Walter Savage Landor

Index to Authors

William James Dawson.  A Child’s Portrait
 Bird’s Song at Morning
 Ideal Memory
 The Angel at the Ford
 To a Desolate Friend
Lord De Tabley (John Byrne Leicester Warren).  A Simple Maid
 A Song of Faith Forsworn
 A Woodland Grave
 Fortune’s Wheel
 The Two Old Kings
Aubrey Thomas De Vere.  An Epicurean’s Epitaph
 Cardinal Manning
 Flowers I Would Bring
 Human Life
 Love’s Spite
 The Queen’s Vespers
 To Imperia
Benjamin Disraeli, 1st earl of Beaconsfield.  Wellington
Richard Watson Dixon.  From “Mano: a Poetical History.” III. Of Temperance in Fortune
 From “Mano: a Poetical History.” II. Of a Vision of Hell, Which a Monk Had
 From “Mano: a Poetical History.” I. The Skylark
 Ode on Conflicting Claims
Sydney Dobell.  America
 A Nuptial Eve
 Dante, Shakespeare, Milton
 Epigram on the Death of Edward Forbes
 Fragment of a Sleep-Song
 Home in War-Time
 How ’s My Boy?
 On the Death of Mrs. Browning
 Sea Ballad
 Tommy ’s Dead
Austin Dobson.  A Dead Letter
 A Familiar Epistle
 A Gage D’Amour
 A Rondeau to Ethel
 Ars Victrix
 For a Copy of Theocritus
 “Good-Night, Babette!
 “In after Days
 “O Fons Bandusiæ
 On a Fan
 “O Navis
 The Cradle
 The Curé’s Progress
 The Forgotten Grave
 The Ladies of St. James’s
 To a Greek Girl
 “With Pipe and Flute
Alfred Domett.  A Christmas Hymn
 A Glee for Winter
 From “A Christmas Hymn
Edward Dowden.  Leonardo’s “Monna Lisa
 Two Infinities
Bartholomew Dowling.  The Revel
Ellen Mary Patrick Downing.  Were I but His Own Wife
Sir Francis Hastings Doyle.  The Old Cavalier
 The Private of the Buffs
Lady Helen Selina Dufferin.  Lament of the Irish Emigrant
Sir Charles Gaban Duffy.  The Irish Rapparees
Toru Dutt.  Our Casuarina Tree
James Edmeston.  Prayer to the Trinity
George Eliot.  “O May I Join the Choir Invisible
 Songs from “The Spanish Gypsy.” II. Song of the Zíncali
 Songs from “The Spanish Gypsy.” I. The Dark
Lady Charlotte Elliot.  The Wife of Loki
Charlotte Elliott.  Just As I Am
 Let Me Be with Thee
Ebenezer Elliott.  A Poet’s Epitaph
 Elegy on William Cobbett
 The Builders
Sebastian Evans.  A Dirge for Summer
 What the Trumpeter Said
Frederick William Faber.  Paradise
 The Right Must Win
 The Will of God
Sir Samuel Ferguson.  The Fairy Thorn
Michael Field.  An Æolian Harp
 Earth to Earth
 From “Canute the Great
 The Burial of Robert Browning
 The Dancers
 Wind of Summer
Edward FitzGerald.  From His Paraphrase of the Rubáiyát of Omár Khayyám
William Johnson Fox.  Life Is Love
 The Barons Bold
Norman Gale.  A Dead Friend
 A Priest
 Dawn and Dark
 The Country Faith
 The First Kiss
 To My Brothers
Richard Garnett.  Age
 On an Urn
 The Ballad of the Boat
 The Didactic Poem
 The Fair Circassian
 The Island of Shadows
 The Lyrical Poem
 To America
William Schwenck Gilbert.  From “Pygmalion and Galatea
Robert Gilfillan.  The Exile’s Song
 ’T is Sair to Dream
Frances Tyrrell Gill.  Beneath the Wattle Boughs
Alice E. Gillington.  The Doom-Bar
 The Rosy Musk-Mallow
 The Seven Whistlers
John Arthur Goodchild.  A Parable of the Spirit
 Schöne Rothraut
Adam Lindsay Gordon.  How We Beat the Favorite
 The Sick Stock-Rider
Sir Edmund William Gosse.  De Rosis Hibernis
 Hans Christian Andersen
 Lying in the Grass
 On a Lute Found in a Sarcophagus
 Song for Music
 The Pipe-Player
 The Voice of D. G. R.
 With a Copy of Herrick
Alfred Perceval Graves.  The White Blossom’s off the Bog
David Gray.  I Die, Being Young
 My Epitaph
 The Dear Old Toiling One
Dora Greenwell.  A Song of Farewell
 To Christina Rossetti
Gerald Griffin.  A Place in Thy Memory
Thomas Gordon Hake.  Old Souls
 The Sibyl
Arthur Henry Hallam.  Written in Edinburgh
Christopher Newman Hall.  My Times Are in Thy Hand
Philip Gilbert Hamerton.  The Sanyassi
 The Wild Huntsmen
Lord John Hanmer.  The Pine Woods
Charles Harpur.  A Midsummer’s Noon in the Australian Forest
 An Aboriginal Mother’s Lament
S. Frances Harrison.  Chateau Papineau
John Hartley.  To a Daisy
Frances Ridley Havergal.  I Gave My Life for Thee
Robert Stephen Hawker.  Featherstone’s Doom
 Mawgan of Melhuach
 “Pater Vester Pascit Illa
 The Silent Tower of Bottreau
 The Song of the Western Men
 To Alfred Tennyson
Charles Heavysege.  Scenes from “Saul
Thomas Kibble Hervey.  I Think on Thee
Emily Henrietta Hickey.  A Sea Story
 Beloved, It Is Morn
Katharine Tynan Hinkson.  De Profundis
 Sheep and Lambs
 Singing Stars
 The Dead Coach
 The Sad Mother
F. Wyville Home.  An English Girl
 Dover Cliff
 In a September Night
Thomas Hood.  Ballad
 Fair Ines
 From “Miss Kilmansegg and Her Precious Leg.” I. Her Death
 From “Miss Kilmansegg and Her Precious Leg.” II. Her Moral
 The Bridge of Sighs
 The Death-Bed
 The Dream of Eugene Aram
 The Lay of the Laborer
 The Song of the Shirt
 The Water Lady
Herbert P. Horne.  Amico Suo
 Formosae Puellae
 “If She Be Made of White and Red
 Nancy Dawson
Richard Henry Horne.  From “Orion: An Epic Poem
 Pelters of Pyramids
 Solitude and the Lily
 The Plough
 The Slave
Richard Monckton Milnes Houghton, 1st Baron.  An Envoy to an American Lady
 The Brook-Side
Mary Howitt.  Cornfields
 The Sea Fowler
William Howitt.  The Departure of the Swallow
John Hunter-Duvar.  Brawn of England’s Lay
 From the Drama of “De Roberval
Thomas Henry Huxley.  Tennyson
Selwyn Image.  A Prayer
 Her Confirmation
 The Protestation
Jean Ingelow.  Sailing beyond Seas
 The High Tide on the Coast of Lincolnshire
 The Long White Seam
John Kells Ingram.  The Memory of the Dead
Anna Brownell Jameson.  Take Me, Mother Earth
Alexander Hay Japp.  A Music Lesson
E. Pauline Johnson.  At Husking Time
 The Song My Paddle Sings
 The Vagabonds
Ebenezer Jones.  Song of the Kings of Gold
 The Face
Ernest Charles Jones.  Earth’s Burdens
Robert Dwyer Joyce.  Crossing the Blackwater
John Keble.  Holy Matrimony
 Seed Time Hymn
 Who Runs May Read
Mary Eva Kelly.  Tipperary
Frances Anne Kemble.  Faith
 The Black Wall-Flower
Henry Clarence Kendall.  Coogee
 September in Australia
 The Last of His Tribe
 The Voice in the Wild Oak
 To a Mountain
May Kendall.  A Board School Pastoral
 A Legend
 A Pure Hypothesis
 The Page of Lancelot
Charles Kent.  Pope at Twickenham
John Kenyon.  Champagne Rosé
Harriet Eleanor Hamilton King.  Palmermo
 The Crocus
Charles Kingsley.  A Farewell
 A Myth
 Andromeda and the Sea-Nymphs
 From “The Saint’s Tragedy
 The Dead Church
 The Last Buccaneer
 The Sands of Dee
 The Three Fishers
Rudyard Kipling.  Danny Deever
 The Ballad of East and West
 The Conundrum of the Workshops
 The Last Chantey
 The Law for the Wolves
Isa Craig Knox.  The Woodruffe
Alexander Laing.  My Ain Wife
Archibald Lampman.  A Forecast
 Between the Rapids
 The City of the End of Things
 The Loons
Walter Savage Landor.  Advice
 An Invocation
 A Prophecy
 A Thought
 Child of a Day
 Death Undreaded
 Farewell to Italy
 Fiesolan Idyl
 For an Epitaph at Fiesole
 From “Gebir
 From “Myrtis
 How to Read Me
 Ianthe’s Troubles
 In after Time
 Little Aglaë
 On Himself
 On Living Too Long
 On Lucretia Borgia’s Hair
 On Music
 On the Death of M. D’Ossoli and His Wife Margaret Fuller
 Robert Browning
 Rose Aylmer
 Rose Aylmer’s Hair, Given by Her Sister
 Shakespeare and Milton
 The Appeal
 The Death of Artemidora
 The Hamadryad
 The Maid’s Lament
 The One White Hair
 There Falls with Every Wedding Chime
 The Test
 Time to Be Wise
 To a Cyclamen
 To Age
 To Ianthe
 To Sleep
 To Youth
 Verses Why Burnt