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C.D. Warner, et al., comp. The Library of the World’s Best Literature.
An Anthology in Thirty Volumes. 1917.

General Index

Noctes Ambrosianæ to Petőfi

Noctes Ambrosianæ, Wilson
Nocturnal Sketch, A (Poem), Hood
Nodier, Charles
Noiseless Patient Spider, A (Poem), Whitman
Nolan, The (Poem), Bruno
Non Sine Dolore (Poem), Gilder
Nonsense Novels, Leacock
Nora Creina (Poem), Thomas Moore
Nora’s Vow (Poem), Scott
Norman Sinclair, W. E. Aytoun
Norris, Frank, Carl Van Daren
William Edward
Norse Love Story, A, Lie
Northwest Passage (Poem), Stevenson
North Wind and the Sun, The (Poem), Babrius
Northanger Abbey, Austen
Norton, Charles Eliot
Norway’s Dawn, A Sonnet from (Poem), Welhaven
Norwegian Literature.
    Asbjørnsen, Peter Christen
    Björnson, Björnstjerne
    Boyesen, Hjalmar Hjorth
    Garborg, Arne
    Ibsen, Henrik
    Kielland, Alexander
    Lie, Jonas
    Nansen, Fridtjof
    Welhaven, Johan Sebastian Cammermeyer
    Wergeland, Henrik
Norwood, Beecher
N’Oserez vous (Poem), Noyes
Nostromo, Conrad
Not All Nightingales (Poem), Góngora
Note-books, The, Samuel Butler
Notes Contemporaines, Desjardins
of Travel and Study in Italy, Norton
on England, Taine
— — Novelists, Henry James
— — Virginia, Jefferson
Nothin’ to Say (Poem), Riley
Notorious Jumping Frog of Calaveras County, The, Twain
Notre Cœur, Maupassant
Dame de Paris, Hugo
Nouveaux Lundis, Sainte-Beuve
Novara, The Battle of, Ranke (History of the Latin and Teutonic Nations)
Novel, The New, Henry James
Novels, see Fiction.
Now and Afterwards (Poem), Craik
Noyes, Alfred, Brooks Henderson
Nullification, J. Q. Adams
Nun, The (Poem), Uhland
Núñez, Rafael
Nurse’s Watch, The (Poem), Brentano
Nutcracker and the King of Mice, Hoffmann
Nymphidia, the Court of Faery (Poem), Drayton
Nymph’s Reply to the Shepherd, The (Poem), Raleigh
O Captain! My Captain! (Poem), Whitman
O Little Town of Bethlehem (Poem), Brooks
O Moon, Large Golden Summer Moon (Poem), Blind
Oak, The (Poem), Tennyson
Oak and the Reed The (Poem), La Fontaine
Oberhof, Immermann
Obermann, Senancour
Oberon, Wieland
Obiter Dicta, Birrell
Oblómof, Goncharov
O’Brien, Fitz-James
Ocean, The (Poem), Byron
Octopus, The, Frank Norris
Odd Number, The, Maupassant
Ode (Poem), Chénier
— (Poem), Dryden
An (Poem), Prior
Concord, July 4, 1857 (Poem), Emerson
on a Grecian Urn (Poem), Keats
— — the Death of Thomson (Poem), William Collins
— — — Spring (Poem), Gray
— — Wine (Poem), T’aipai
to a Nightingale (Poem), Keats
The Dying Christian to his Soul (Poem), Pope
to Beauty (Poem), Bilderdijk
— — Duty (Poem), Wordsworth
— — Fuji-Yama (Poem)
— — Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire (Poem), Coleridge
— — Melancholy (Poem), Fletcher
— — — (Poem), Hood
— — Napoleon (Poem), Bilderdijk
— — — (Poem), Byron
— — Psyche (Poem), Keats
— — Sleep (Poem), Hayne
— — the Lake of B—— (Poem), Lamartine
— — — Pious Memory of the Accomplished Young Lady, Mrs. Anne Killigrew (Poem), Dryden
— — — River Metauro (Poem), Tasso
— — — West Wind (Poem), Shelley
— — Venice (Poem), Byron
— — Winter (Poem), Campbell
— — Zion (Poem), Halevi
Odelette I, Régnier
Odes (Poem), Hafez
— (Poems), Horace
Odeurs de Paris, Les, Veuillot
Odi Barbare (Poems), Carducci
Odyssey, The, Homer
— — (Poem), Lang
Œdipus at Colonus, Sophocles
Rex, Sophocles
Oehlenschläger, Adam Gottlob, W. M. Payne
Of Being, Edwards
Corinna’s Singing (Poem), Campion
Different Ages, Joubert
Education, Joubert
Fashion, La Bruyère
Immensity (Poem), Bruno
Man, Joubert
Myself, Cowley
Poetry, Joubert
Providence (Poem), Filicaia
Refinement in the Arts, Hume
Style, Joubert
Society, Joubert
Such Is the Kingdom of Heaven (Poem), Swinburne
that I would not (Poem), Comtesse de Die
the Beauty of Women, Firenzuola
— — Danger His Majesty Escaped (Poem), Waller
— — Fabulous Animals of the Ancient Writers, Cuvier
— — Family, Joubert
— — Nature of Minds, Joubert
— — Passions, Joubert
— — Qualities of the Writer, Joubert
Virtue and Morality, Joubert
Office of Literature, The, Birrell
— — Tragedy (Poem), Timocles
Oft, in the Stilly Night (Poem), Thomas Moore
Oh! Breathe Not His Name (Poem), Thomas Moore
Love so Long as Love Thou Can’st (Poem), Freiligrath
“— May I Join the Choir Invisible” (Poem), Eliot
“— That ’Twere Possible” (Poem), Tennyson
Time and Change (Poem), Henley
Oimé Il Bel Viso! Oimé Il Soave Aguardo!” (Poem), Petrarch
Oisin in Tirnanoge
Old Age (Poem), Peele
Old Age and Death, Johnson
Old Age and Death, Dialogue on, Cicero
and New Year Ditties (Poem), C. G. Rossetti
Creole Days, Cable
Curiosity Shop, The, Dickens
Familiar Faces, The (Poem), Lamb
Farmer’s Advice to his Son, The (Poem), Hölty
— –Fashioned Gentry, Gogol
Fortunatus (Poem), Thomas Dekker
Gentleman, The, Hunt
Greek Education, Mahaffy
Guard, The, Gautier
Ironsides (Poem), Holmes
John Henry (Poem), Riley
Kensington, Ritchie
Lady, The, Hunt
Lieutenant and his Son, The, Macleod
Maid’s Love, An, Maartens
Man’s Return, The (Poem), Runeberg
Mortality, Scott
Ocean (Poem), Hugo
Sedan-Chair, The (Poem), Dobson
Testament and the Jewish Apocrypha, The, C. H. Toy
— — From the
— –Time Love (Poem), Marot
Times! Old Times! (Poem), Griffin
Tramp, The (Poem), Béranger
Wives’ Tale, The, Bennetts
Woman of Berkeley, The (Poem), Southey
Oliphant, Carolina, see Nairne, Lady.
Laurence, Life of, M. O. W. Oliphant
Margaret Oliphant Wilson, H. W. Preston
Oliver Twist, Dickens
Olmedo, José Joaquín
Olympian Ode (First, Second, Third, Seventh), Pindar
On a Certain Condescension in Foreigners, Lowell
— — Cone of the Big Trees (Poem), Harte
— — Distant Prospect of Eton College (Poem), Gray
— — Fowler (Poem), Isidorus
— — Girdle (Poem), Waller
— — Long and Perilous Journey (Poem), Fleming
— — Nankin Plate (Poem), Dobson
— — Sermon against Glory (Poem), Akenside
— — Siding at a Railway Station, Froude
— — Slab of Rose Marble (Poem), Musset
— — Sleeping Satyr, Plato
— — Soldier Fallen in the Philippines (Poem), Moody
an Antique Medal (Poem), de Heredia
— — Infant Dying as Soon as Born (Poem), Lamb
— — Old Woman Singing (Poem), Spofford
Christian Patience (Poem), Thomas à Kempis
Dreams (Poem), Petronius
Germany, Staël
his Blindness (Poem), Milton
Leisure (Otium), Seneca
Lending a Punch-Bowl (Poem), Holmes
Life, and Letters, France
Love (Poem), Waller
— — of Truth, Lessing
Mr. R.—— (Poem), Lessing
my Bed of a Winter Night (Poem), E. B. Stoddard
— — First Daughter (Poem), Jonson
Philosophy, Aristotle
Pierre Ronsard’s Book of Love (Poem), de Heredia
Refusal of Aid between Nations (Poem), D. G. Rossetti
Shakespeare (Poem), Milton
Skobelev (Poem), Polonsky
Style, Jonson
the Athenian Dead at Platæa, Simonides
— — Campagna (Poem), E. B. Stoddard
— — Death of Corinna’s Parrot (Poem), Ovid
— — — — Crashaw (Poem), Cowley
— — — — Garcilaso (Poem), Boscán
— — — — Gladstone, Laurier
— — — — Joseph Rodman Drake (Poem), Halleck
— — — — Mr. William Hervey (Poem), Cowley
— — — — Queen Victoria, Laurier
— — Heights, Auerbach
— — Influence of Recent Northern Literature, Lemaître
— — Joys of Heaven (Poem), Thomas à Kempis
— — Lacedæmonian Dead at Platæa, Simonides
— — Late Massacre in Piedmont (Poem), Milton
— — Liberty of the Christian, Luther
— — Loss of the Royal George (Poem), Cowper
— — Nature of Things, Lucretius
— — Physical Basis of Life, Huxley
— — Prospect of Planting Arts and Learning in America (Poem), Berkeley
— — Saints of the Church at York (Poem), Alcuin
— — Sixth Centenary of Dante (Poem), Carducci
— — Soul, Aristotle
— — Tombs in Westminster (Poem), Beaumont
— — Use of the French Language in Canada, Laurier
This Day I Complete My Thirty-Sixth Year (Poem), Byron
Viol and Flute (Poems), Gosse
War, Franklin
Oña, Pedro de
Once Upon a Time (Poem), Drachmann
One-Hoss Shay,” The (Poem), Holmes
One in Ten (Poem), Shakespeare
Must Swear to Nothing, Musset
Only Thought (Poem), Petőfi
Word More (Poem), Robert Browning
O’Neill, Moira
Onward (Poem), Geibel
Open Sesame, Edgren-Leffler
Opera and Drama, Wagner
Opportunity (Poem), Sill
Oracles of Ishtar of Arbela (Poem), Anon.
Orange, Prince of, Last Interview with Egmont, Schiller (History of the Revolt of the United Netherlands)
Orations and Addresses, G. W. Curtis
Orators, Quintilian
    Adams, J. Q.: The Mission of America, Nullification, The Right of Petition
    Æschines: Oration against Ctesiphon
    Bacon: Charge to Justice Hutton
    Bismarck: On the Military Bill
    Bossuet: Funeral Oration on Henrietta of France
    Bright: The Corn Laws, Incendiarism in Ireland, The Irish Established Church, Non-Recognition of the Southern Confederacy, The State of Ireland
    Burke: Conciliation with America, The Nabob of Arcot’s Debts, The French Revolution
    Calhoun: Right of Petition, Speech on the Admission of Michigan, A Disquisition on Government, Urging Repeal of the Missouri Compromise
    Canning: Speech on Parliamentary Reform, On Brougham and South America
    Choate: The Puritan in Secular and Religious Life, The New-Englander’s Character, Of the American Bar, Daniel Webster
    Cicero: Oration for the Poet Archias, Honors proposed for the Dead Statesman Sulpicius
    Clay: Public Spirit in Politics, On the Greek Struggle for Independence, South-American Independence as Related to the United States, Valedictory to the Senate, 1842, Speech on Retirement to Private Life
    Curtis: Pharisaism of Reform, The Call of Freedom
    D’Annunzio: Address to the American People on the Entry of the United States into the Great War
    Demosthenes: The Third Philippic, Invective against License of Speech, Justification of His Patriotic Policy
    Everett: Emigration of the Pilgrim Fathers, The American Revolution
    Franklin: Speech in the Federal Convention in Favor of Opening its Sessions with Prayer, On War
    Grattan: On the Character of Chatham, Of the Injustice of Disqualification of Catholics, On the Downfall of Bonaparte
    Henry: Speech in the Virginia Convention, 1775, Speech in the Virginia Legislature
    Howe, Joseph: Oration on Shakespeare
    Ingersoll: Decoration Day Oration, The Music of Wagner, Oration at a Child’s Grave
    Laurier: On the Death of Gladstone, On the Death of Queen Victoria, On the Use of the French Language in Canada
    Lincoln: The Perpetuation of our Political Institutions, Speech at Cooper Union, First Inaugural Address, Gettysburg Address, Second Inaugural Address
    Lloyd George: An Appeal to the Nation, To American Comrades in Arms, From a Speech on Scottish Land Reform, February, 1914
    Lowell: Democracy
    Mirabeau: On the Removal of the Troops around Paris, 1789, Elegy on Franklin
    Phillips, Wendell: Touissant l’Ouverture, The Lost Arts
    Quintilian: On Nature and Art in Oratory
    Roosevelt: Citizenship in a Republic
    Sumner: In time of Peace Prepare for War, Some Changes in Modern Life, The True Grandeur of Nations, Classical and Modern Literature, The Dignity of the Jurist, Allston in Italy
    Taylor, Bayard: Fitz-Greene Halleck
    Washington: Farewell Address
    Webster: The Oration on Laying the Corner-Stone of the Bunker Hill Monument, Massachusetts and South Carolina (Jan. 26, 1830), Liberty and Union (Jan. 26, 1830), The Drum-Beat of England (May 7, 1834), Imaginary Speech of John Adams, The Continuity of the Race (Dec. 22, 1820)
Oratory, Dialogue on, Cicero
Orbis Pictus, Author’s Preface to the, Comenius
Or Che L’aura Mia (Poem), Tasso
Ordeal by Fire, Berger
of Richard Feverel, The, Meredith
Order (Poem), Francis of Assisi
Ordinalia, The
O’Reilly, John Boyle, M. F. Egan
Orientales, Les (Poems), Hugo
Origenes, Cato
Origin of Species, Darwin
Origo Mundi (Ordinalia)
Orion (Poem), Horne
— (Poem), Turner
Orlando Furioso (Poem), Ariosto
Ornament, The (Poem), Vaughan
Orosius, “History
Orpheus’s Song in Hades (Poem), Ovid
Orthodoxy, Chesterton
Orvieto Cathedral, Norton (Notes of Travel)
Ossian and Ossianic Poetry, William Sharp and Ernest Rhys
Sang (Poem), Macgregor
Ossoli, Marchioness, see Fuller, Sarah Margaret.
Othello, Shakespeare
Edwin Forrest as, Artemus Ward
Others, The (Poem), Piron
Our Casuarina-Tree (Poem), Toru Dutt
Country (Poem), Petőfi
— — (Poem), Runeberg
Our God, Our Help in Ages Past (Hymn)
History (Poem), Fréchette
Hundred Days in Europe, Holmes
Lady’s Juggler, France
Mary and the Child Mummy (Poem), Turner
Orders (Poem), J. W. Howe
Village, Mitford
Out of the Life of a Good For Nothing, Eichendorff
— — — Night that Covers Me, (Poem), Henley
to Old Aunt Mary’s (Poem), Riley
Outdoor Life.
    My Outdoor Study, Higginson
    My Summer in a Garden, Warner
    Treatyse on Fysshying, Berners
    Walden, Thoreau
    Walking, Thoreau (Excursions)
    What I Know about Gardening, Warner
    Wild Strawberry, A, van Dyke
Outdoor Papers, Higginson
Outlines of Cosmic Philosophy, Fiske
Outlooks on Society, Literature and Politics, Whipple
Outre-Mer, Bourget
Outward Bound (Poem), Aldrich
Ouverture, Toussaint l’, Wendell Phillips
Over the Lofty Mountains (Poem), Björnson
Ovid, F. W. Kelsey
Ox, The (Poem), Carducci
Oxford, Matthew Arnold
Ozymandias (Poem), Shelley
Paderewski Plays, How (Poem), Gilder
Padre del Ciel, Dopo i Perduti Giorni” (Poem), Petrarch
Page, Thomas Nelson
Pailleron, Édouard
Pain, Marcus Aurelius (Meditations)
in Autumn (Poem), R. H. Stoddard
Paine, Thomas
Pains of Sleep, The (Poem), Coleridge
Painter’s Progress, A, Conscience
Pair of Blue Eyes, A, Thomas Hardy
Palace, The (Poem), Alcæus
Garden, The, Arabius
    Tent Life in the Holy Land, Prime
Palfrey, John Gorham
Palgrave, William Gifford
Palm-Tree, The (Poem), Vaughan
Palmerston, Lord, McCarthy (History of Our Own Times)
Paludan-Müller, Frederik, W. M. Payne
Pamela, Richardson
Pan (Poem), Leconte de Lisle
in Wall Street (Poem), Stedman
Michael, Sienkiewicz
of the Sea-cliff, Archias
Pandora (Poem), Hesiod
Panegyric to My Lord Protector, A (Poem), Waller
Paolo and Francesca, Stephen Phillips
Parable, A (Poem), Blind
of the Prodigal Son, The, Bible
Parable of the Good Samaritan, The, Bible
Paraboles et Diversions, Mille
Paracelsus (Poem), Robert Browning
Paradise and the Peri (Poem), Thomas Moore
Lost (Poem), Milton
Paradisi Gloria (Poem), Parsons
Pardo Bazán, Emilia
Pardon (Poem), J. W. Howe
Parental Affection (Poem), Hittân ibn al-Mu’allà
Ode to my Son, A (Poem), Hood
Parini, Giuseppe
Paris Morgue, The, Welhaven
The Charm of, Curtis (Potiphar Papers)
— — Convulsions of, Du Camp
— — Soul of, Banville
Parisian Points of View, Halévy
Parish Register, The (Poem), Crabbe
Parker, Sir Gilbert
Theodore, J. W. Chadwick
Parkman, Francis, C. G. D. Roberts
Parnassus Within (Poem), Bruno
Parsons, Thomas William
Parton, James
Parzifal, Eschenbach
Pasarse de Listo, Valero
Pascal, Blaise, A. G. Canfield
Les Penseés de, Cousin
Pascoli, Giovanni, G. E. T. Slaughter
Passage, The (Poem), Uhland
Passato è ’l Tempo Omai, Lasso! Che Tanto” (Poem), Petrarch
Passion in the Desert, A, Balzac
Passionate Pilgrim, A, and Other Tales, Henry James
— — The (Poem), Shakespeare
Shepherd to His Love, The (Poem), Marlowe
Passions, The (Poem), William Collins
Pastoral, A (Poem), Shenstone
Ballad (Poem), Shenstone
Pastorals, Pope
Pater, Walter, A. M. Sholl
Patience (Poem), Ibrahim
Patient Grissil (Poem), Thomas Dekker
Patmore, Coventry, M. F. Egan
Patrie, Sardou
Patriot, The, Fogazzaro
— — (Poem), Robert Browning
Patriotic Song (Poem), Arndt
Patriot’s Lament, The (Poem), Rückert
Pattes de Mouche, Les, Sardou
Paul and Virginia, Saint-Pierre
— — — of a Northern Zone, Drachmann
Felton, R. H. Dana, Sr.
— –Louis Durand, Mille
Revere’s Ride (Poem), Longfellow
St., The Life and Work of, Farrar
Paulding, James Kirke
Paulus Silentiarius
Pausanias, B. Perrin
Peace, The, Aristophanes
is Happiness (Poem), Philemon
“— What do Tears Avail” (Poem), B. W. Procter
Peach-Bloom, Hamerton (The Sylvan Year)
Peacock, Thomas Love
Pearls of the Faith (Poems), Edwin Arnold
Peasant Students, Garborg
Peasant’s Thoughts, A, Ambrosius
Peau de chagrin, La, Balzac
Peccavi, Domine (Poem), Lampman
Pedra Branca, Borges de Barros, Viscount of
Peel, Sir Robert, Bagehot
Peele, George
Peer Gynt, Ibsen
Peg of Limavaddy (Poem), Thackeray
Woffington, Reade
Péguy, Charles, Erskine
Pelle the Conqueror, Nexø
Pellico, Silvio, J. B. Bingham
Pen and the Album, The (Poem), Thackeray
Pencillings by the Way, Willis
Penguin Island, France
Penitential Psalms (Poems), Anon.
Penrod, Tarkington
Pensées de Pascal, Les, Cousin
Penthea’s Dying Song (Poem), Ford
Penthesilea, Kleist
People’s Reminiscences, The (Poem), Béranger
Pepita Jiménez, Valera
Pepys, Samuel, A. G. Peskett
Peralta y Barnuevo, Pedro de
Père Antoine’s Date-Palm, Aldrich
Père Goriot, Le, Balzac
Prodigue, Un, Dumas, Jr.
Pereda, José Maria de, W. H. Bishop
Peregrine Pickle, Smollett
Perez Galdós, Benito, see Galdós, Benito Perez.
Pericles, Plutarch (Lives)
and Aspasia, Landor
Pericles’s Memorial Oration over the Athenian Dead of the First Campaign, Thucydides
Perkin, Warbeck, Ford
Perpetuation of our Political Institutions, The, Lincoln
Perrault, Charles
Persian Boy, Education of a, Xenophon (Cyropædia)
Letters, Montesquieu
Persian Literature.
    Faríd-Uddín Attar
    Ibn Sina (Avicenna)
    Omar Khayyám
    Rūmī, Jalāl-ad-dīn
Personal Memoirs, Grant
Narrative of a Pilgrimage to El Medinah and Meccah, The, R. F. Burton
Personality, Tagore
The Value of, Schopenhauer
Persons One would Wish to have Seen, Hazlitt
Peru, The Conquest of, Prescott
Peruvia Quipo System of Writing, Walpole (Letter)
Pesado, José Joaquín
Peter Ibbetson, du Maurier
Pan, Barrie
Schlemihl, The Wonderful History of, Chamisso
Simple, Marryat
the Great, Visit to Frederick William I., Wilhelmine von Bayreuth (Memoirs)
Petition, The Right of, J. Q. Adams (Memoirs)
to Time, A (Poem), B. W. Procter
Petits Coups, Les (Poem), Béranger
Petőfi, Sándor, C. H. Genung