Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.

   NOUN:INSUFFICIENCY, inadequacy, inadequateness; incompetence (impotence) [See Impotence]; deficiency (incompleteness) [See Incompleteness]; imperfection [See Imperfection]; shortcoming [See Shortcoming]; paucity; stint; scantiness (smallness) [See Smallness]; none to spare; bare subsistence.
  SCARCITY, dearth; want, need, lack, poverty, exigency; inanition, starvation, famine, drought or drouth.
  DOLE, mite, pittance; short -allowance, – commons; half rations; banyan day; fast day, Lent.
  DEPLETION, emptiness, poorness &c. adj.; vacancy, flaccidity; ebb tide; low water; “a beggarly account of empty boxes” [Rom. and Jul.]; indigence [See Poverty]; insolvency (nonpayment) [See Nonpayment].
  POOR MAN, pauper [See Poverty]; bankrupt (nonpayment) [See Nonpayment].
  MISER, niggard (parsimony) [See Parsimony].
   VERB:BE INSUFFICIENT &c. adj.; not suffice [See Sufficiency]; kick the beam; come short of [See Shortcoming]; run dry.
  WANT, lack, need, require; caret [L.]; be in want (poor) [See Poverty]; live from hand to mouth.
  RENDER INSUFFICIENT &c. adj.; drain of resources; impoverish (waste) [See Waste]; stint (begrudge) [See Parsimony]; put on short -allowance, – commons.
  do insufficiently &c. adv.; scotch the snake.
   ADJECTIVE:INSUFFICIENT, inadequate; too little [See Smallness]; not enough [See Sufficiency]; unequal to; incompetent (impotent) [See Impotence]; perfunctory (neglect) [See Neglect]; deficient (incomplete) [See Incompleteness]; wanting &c. v.; imperfect [See Imperfection]; ill-furnished, ill-provided, ill-stored, ill-off.
  SHORT OF, out of, destitute of, devoid of, bereft of [See Taking], denuded of; slack, at a low ebb; empty, vacant, bare; dry, drained.
  UNPROVIDED, unsupplied, unfurnished; unreplenished, unfed; unstored, untreasured; empty-handed.
  MEAGER or meagre, poor, thin, scrimp, sparing, stunted, spare, stinted; starved, starveling, emaciated, undernourished, underfed, half-starved, famine-stricken, famished; jejune.
  SCARCE; not to be had, – for love or money, – at any price; scurvy; stingy [See Parsimony]; at the end of one’s tether; without resources [See Means]; in want (poor) [See Poverty]; in debt [See Debt]; scant (small) [See Smallness].
   ADVERB:insufficiently &c. adj.; in default of, for want of; failing.
  1. Semper avarus eget.—Horace
  2. A needy, hollow-eyed, sharp-looking wretch.—Measure for Measure
  3. Thou art weighed in the balances, and art found wanting.—Bible