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Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.

Class IV. Words Relating to the Intellectual Faculties
Division (I) Formation of Ideas
Section V. Results of Reasoning

494. [Object of Knowledge.] Truth.

   NOUN:TRUTH, verity; fact, reality (existence) [See Existence]; plain matter of fact; nature (principle) [See Intrinsicality]; gospel; orthodoxy [See Theology]a; authenticity; veracity [See Veracity].
  plain -, honest -, sober -, naked -, unalloyed -, unvarnished -, unqualified -, stern -, exact -, intrinsic- truth; nuda veritas [L.]; the very thing; not an illusion [See Error]; real Simon Pure; unvarnished tale; the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth; just the thing.
  ACCURACY, exactitude; exactness, preciseness &c. adj.; precision, delicacy; rigor, mathematical precision, fidelity; clockwork precision (regularity) [See Rule]; conformity to rule; nicety.
  orthology; ipsissima verba [L.], the very words; realism.
   VERB:BE TRUE &c. adj., be the case; stand the test; have the true ring; hold good, hold true, hold water.
  RENDER TRUE, prove true &c. adj.; substantiate (evidence) [See Evidence].
  GET AT THE TRUTH (discover) [See Discovery]
   ADJECTIVE:TRUE, real, actual (existing) [See Existence]; veritable; [See certain]; substantially -, categorically- true &c.; true -to the letter, – as gospel, – as steel, – to life, – to the facts; unimpeachable; veracious [See Veracity]; unrefuted, unconfuted; unideal, unimagined; realistic.
  EXACT, accurate, definite, precise, well-defined, just, right, correct, strict, severe; close (similar) [See Similarity]; orthological, literal; rigid, rigorous; scrupulous (conscientious) [See Probity]; religiously exact, punctual, punctilious, mathematical, scientific; faithful, constant, unerring; curious, particular, nice, meticulous, delicate, fine; clean-cut, clear-cut.
  AUTHENTIC, genuine, legitimate; orthodox [See Theology]a; official, ex officio [L.].
  PURE, natural, sound, sterling, true-blue; unsophisticated, unadulterated, Simon-Pure [colloq.], unvarnished, uncolored; in its true colors.
  VALID, well-grounded, well-founded; solid, substantial, pucka or pakka [Hind.], tangible; undistorted, undisguised; unaffected, unexaggerated, unromantic, unflattering.
   ADVERB:TRULY &c. adj.; verily, indeed, in reality; in very truth, in fact, as a matter of fact, to state the facts; beyond -doubt, – question; with truth &c. (veracity) [See Veracity]; certainly (certain) [See Certainty]; actually (existence) [See Existence]; in effect (intrinsically) [See Intrinsicality].
  exactly &c. adj.; ad amussim or adamussim [L.], verbatim, verbatim et literatim [L.]; word for word, literally, literatim [L.], totidem verbis [L.], sic [L.], to the letter, chapter and verse, ipsissimis verbis [L.]; ad unguem [L.]; to an inch; to a -nicety, – hair, – tittle, – turn, – T; au pied de la lettre [F.]; neither more nor less; in every respect, in all respects; sous tous les rapports [F.]; at any rate, at all events; strictly speaking.
  1. The truth is, the fact is.
  2. Rem acu tetigisti.
  3. En suivant la verité.
  4. Ex facto jus oritur.
  5. La verità è figlia del tempo.
  6. Locos y niños dicen la verdad.
  7. Nihil est veritatis luce dulcius.—Cicero
  8. Veritas nunquam perit.—Seneca
  9. Veritatem dies aperit.—Seneca
  10. Tell the truth and shame the devil.
  11. Truth crushed to earth shall rise again, The eternal years of God are hers.—Bryant