Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.

Class I. Words Expressing Abstract Relations
Section III. Quantity
4. Concrete Quantity

53. Incompleteness.

   NOUN:INCOMPLETENESS &c. adj.; deficience [rare], deficiency, short weight, short measure; shortcoming [See Shortcoming]; want, lack, insuffciency [See Insufficiency]; imperfection [See Imperfection]; immaturity (nonpreparation) [See Nonpreparation]; half measures.
  [PART WANTING] defect, deficit, defalcation, omission; caret; wantage [rare], ullage, shortage; interval [See Interval]; break (discontinuity) [See Discontinuity]; noncompletion [See Noncompletion]; missing link.
   VERB:BE INCOMPLETE &c. adj.; fall short of [See Shortcoming]; lack &c. (be insufficient) [See Insufficiency]; neglect [See Neglect].
   ADJECTIVE:INCOMPLETE; imperfect [See Imperfection]; unfinished; uncompleted &c. (see complete [See Completion]); defective, deficient, wanting, failing; bobtailed; in default, in arrear; short, short of; hollow, meager, jejune, poor, scarce, lame, half-and-half, perfunctory, sketchy; crude (unprepared) [See Nonpreparation].
  MUTILATED, garbled, hashed, mangled, butchered, docked, lopped, truncated.
  IN PROGRESS, in hand; going on, proceeding.
   ADVERB:INCOMPLETELY &c. adj.; by halves.
  1. Cætera desunt.
  2. Caret.
  3. And I smiled to think God’s greatness Flowed around our incompleteness.—E. B. Browning