Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.

Class IV. Words Relating to the Intellectual Faculties
Division (II) Communication of Ideas
Section II. Modes of Communication

539. Learning.

   NOUN:LEARNING; acquisition of -knowledge [See Knowledge], – skill [See Skill]; acquirement, attainment; mental cultivation, edification, scholarship, erudition; acquired knowledge, lore; wide -, general- information; wide reading; self-instruction; study, grind [colloq.], reading, perusal; inquiry [See Inquiry].
  docility (willingness) [See Willingness]; aptitude [See Skill].
  APPRENTICESHIP, prenticeship [obs. or colloq.], pupilage, tutelage, novitiate.
  EXAMINATION, matriculation; responsions or smalls [Oxford Univ.], previous examination or little go [Cambridge Univ., Eng.], moderations or mods. [Oxford Univ.], final examination, finals, greats [Oxford Univ.], great go, tripos [both Cambridge Univ., Eng.].
  TRANSLATION, crib [student cant]; pony, trot, horse [all student slang, U. S.].
   VERB:LEARN; acquire -, gain -, receive -, take in -, drink in -, imbibe -, pick up -, gather -, get -, obtain -, collect -, glean- -knowledge, – information, – learning.
  acquaint oneself with, master; make oneself -master of, – acquainted with; grind [college slang], cram or cram up [colloq.], get up, coach up [colloq.]; learn by -heart, – rote.
  read, spell, peruse; con; run -, pore -, thumb- over; wade through, run through, plunge into, dip into; glance -, run the eye- -over, – through; turn over the leaves.
  STUDY; be studious &c. adj.; consume -, burn- -the midnight oil; mind one’s book, bury oneself in.
  go to -school, – college, – the university, – the ’varsity [colloq.]; serve an (or one’s) apprenticeship, serve one’s time; learn one’s trade; be informed [See Information]; be taught [See Teaching].
   ADJECTIVE:STUDIOUS; industrious [See Activity]; scholastic, scholarly, well read, widely read, well posted [colloq.], erudite, learned; full of -information, – learning, – lore.
  TEACHABLE; docile (willing) [See Willingness]; apt [See Skill].
   ADVERB:at one’s books; in statu pupillari [L.] (clergy) [See Clergy]; schoolmaster, dominie, usher [Brit.], pedagogue, abecedarian; schoolmistress, dame [rare], kindergartner, monitor, pupil teacher.
  GUIDE; expositor [See Interpreter]; guru [Hindu]; mentor (adviser) [See Advice]; pioneer, apostle, missionary, propagandist; example [See Prototype].
  PROFESSORSHIP (school) [See School].
  TUTELAGE (teaching) [See Teaching].
   ADJECTIVE:PEDAGOGIC or pedagogical, preceptorial, tutorial, professorial; scholastic [See Teaching].
   QUOTATION:Qui docet discit.