Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.

Class V. Words Releasing to the Voluntary Powers
Division (I) Individual Volition
Section I. Volition in General
1. Acts of Volition

601. Necessity.

   NOUN:INVOLUNTARINESS; instinct, blind impulse; inborn -, innate- proclivity; native -, natural- tendency; natural impulse, predetermination.
  NECESSITY, necessitation, necessitarianism, obligation; compulsion [See Compulsion]; subjection [See Subjection]; stern -, hard -, dire -, imperious -, inexorable -, iron -, adverse- -necessity, – fate; anagke [Greek], what must be.
  DESTINY, destination; fatality, fate, kismet, doom, foredoom, election, predestination; preordination, foreordination; lot, fortune; fatalism; inevitableness &c. adj.; spell [See Spell].
  FATES, Parcæ, Sisters three, book of fate; God’s will, Heaven, will of Heaven; star, stars; planet, planets; astral influence; wheel of Fortune, Ides of March, Hobson’s choice.
  LAST SHIFT, last resort; dernier ressort [F.]; pis aller (substitute) [See Substitution]; necessaries (requirement) [See Requirement].
  NECESSARIAN, necessitarian; fatalist; automaton, pawn.
   VERB:LIE UNDER A NECESSITY; be fated, be doomed, be destined &c., be in for, be under the necessity of; be obliged, be forced, be driven; have no -choice, – alternative; be one’s fate to &c. n.; be pushed to the wall, be driven into a corner, be unable to help, be swept on, be drawn irresistibly.
  DESTINE, doom, foredoom, devote; predestine, preordain; cast a spell [See Sorcery]; necessitate; compel [See Compulsion].
  BE DECREED, be determined, be destined &c., be written; be written in the -book of fate, – stars.
   ADJECTIVE:NECESSARY, necessarian, necessitarian; needful (requisite) [See Requirement].
  FATED; destined &c. v.; fateful, big with fate; set apart, devoted, elect.
  COMPULSORY (compel) [See Compulsion]; uncontrollable, inevitable, unavoidable, indefeasible, irresistible, irrevocable, inexorable, binding; avoidless, resistless.
  INVOLUNTARY, instinctive, automatic, blind, mechanical; unconscious, unwitting, unthinking; unintentional (undesigned) [See Chance]; spellbound; impulsive [See Impulse].
   ADVERB:NECESSARILY &c. adj.; of necessity, of course; ex necessitate rei [L.]; needs must; perforce [See Compulsion]; nolens volens [L.]; will he nil he, will I nill I, willy-nilly, bon gré mal gré [F.]; willing or unwilling, coûte que coûte [F.]; compulsorily, by compulsion, by force.
  faute de mieux [F.]; by stress of; if need be; que faire? [F.].
  1. It cannot be helped; there is no -help for, – helping- it; it -will, – must, – must needs- be, – be so, – have its way.
  2. The die is cast.
  3. Jacta est alea.
  4. Che sarà sarà.
  5. It is written.
  6. One’s days are numbered, one’s fate is sealed.
  7. Fata obstant.
  8. Dis aliter visum.
  9. Actum me invito factus, non est meus actus.
  10. Aujourd’hui roi demain rien.
  11. Quisque suos patimur manes.—Vergil
  12. But helpless pieces of the game He plays Upon this chequer-board of nights and days.—Omar Khayyám—Fitzgerald
  13. The ball no question makes of ayes and noes.—Omar Khayyám—Fitzgerald
  14. Necessità il c’induce e non diletto.—Dante
  15. There’s a divinity that shapes our ends, Rough-hew them how we will.—Hamlet