Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.

Class VI. Words Relating to the Sentient and Moral Powers
Section III. Sympathetic Affections
1. Social Affections

901. Irascibility.

   NOUN:IRASCIBILITY, irascibleness, temper; crossness &c. adj.; susceptibility, procacity [rare], petulance, irritability, tartness, acerbity, acrimony, asperity, protervity [rare]; huff (resentment) [See Resentment]; a word and a blow; pugnacity (contentiousness) [See Contention]; excitability [See Excitability]; bad -, fiery -, crooked -, irritable &c. adj.– temper; genus irritabile [L.], hot blood.
  ill humor (sullenness) [See Irascibility]; churlishness (discourtesy) [See Discourtesy].
  Sir Fretful Plagiary; brabbler, Tartar; shrew, vixen, virago, termagant, dragon, scold, Xanthippe or Xantippe, Kate the Shrew; porcupine; spitfire; fire eater (blusterer) [See Blusterer]; fury &c. (violent person) [See Violence].
   VERB:BE IRASCIBLE &c. adj.; have a temper &c. n., have a devil in one, be possessed of the devil, have the temper of a fiend; brabble [archaic or dial.]; fire up &c. (be angry) [See Resentment].
   ADJECTIVE:IRASCIBLE, bad-tempered, ill-tempered, irritable, susceptible; excitable [See Excitability]; thin-skinned (sensitive) [See Sensibility]; fretful, fidgety; on the fret.
  hasty, overhasty, quick, warm, hot, testy, touchy, techy or tetchy; like -touchwood, – tinder, – a barrel of gunpowder; huffy, pettish, petulant, querulous, captious, moody, moodish; fractious, peevish, acariâtre [F.].
  QUARRELSOME, contentious, disputatious; pugnacious (bellicose) [See Contention]; cantankerous [colloq.], exceptious [rare], cross-grained; waspish, snappish, peppery, fiery, passionate, choleric, shrewish, “sudden and quick in quarrel” [As You Like It]; restive (perverse) [See Irascibility]a; churlish (discourteous) [See Discourtesy]; cross, – as -crabs, – a bear with a sore head, – a cat, – a dog, – two sticks, – the tongs [all colloq.]; sore, sore as a crab [colloq.].
  in a bad temper; sulky [See Irascibility]a; angry [See Resentment]; resentful, resentive; vindictive [See Revenge].
  1. À vieux comptes nouvelles disputes.
  2. Quamvis tegatur proditur vultu furor.—Seneca
  3. Vino tortus et irâ.—Horace
  4. What sudden anger’s this?—Henry VIII