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The World’s Famous Orations. 1906.


Peter Abelard.  The Divine Tragedy
Samuel Adams.  On American Independence
Aeschines.  Against Ctesiphon; Or, On the Crown
Agricola.  To His Army in Scotland
Alcibiades.  In Support of the Athenian Expedition to Sicily
 To the Spartans
John Peter Altgeld.  On Municipal and Governmental Ownership
Fisher Ames.  On the Treaty with Great Britain
Susan Brownell Anthony.  On Woman’s Right to the Suffrage
Mark Antony.  His Oration Over the Dead Body of Cæsar
Count Albert Apponyi.  On the Death of Louis Kossuth
Herbert Henry Asquith, Earl of Oxford and Asquith.  Trade and the Empire
Saint Augustine.  On the Lord’s Prayer
Edward D. Baker.  His Reply to Breckenridge
Arthur James, Earl of Balfour.  On the Benefits of Reading
George Bancroft.  The People in Art, Government, and Religion
Bertrand Barère de Vieuzac.  On the Heroism of the “Vengeur’s” Sailors
Antoine Pierre Joseph Marie Barnave.  Against Majority Absolutism
Benjamin Disraeli, Earl of Beaconsfield.  On the Principles of His Party
Saint Bede.  His Sermon on All Saints
Henry Ward Beecher.  His Speech in Liverpool
Thomas Hart Benton.  On the Expunging Resolution
Saint Bernard of Clairvaux.  Why Another Crusade?
Augustine Birrell.  The Distinction of Burke
Otto von Bismarck.  The Canossa Speech
Chief of the Sacs Black Hawk.  Black Hawk to General Street
James Gillespie Blaine.  On the Death of Garfield
Richard Parks Bland.  The Parting of the Ways
Jacques Bénigne Bossuet.  On the Death of the Great Condé
Louis Bourdaloue.  On the Passion of Christ
Charles Bradlaugh.  His Plea at the Bar of the House
Joseph Brant.  Brant to Lord George Germaine
John Bright.  On the English Foreign Policy
 On the “Trent” Affair
Preston Smith Brooks.  In Defense of His Attack on Sumner
Henry Peter, Lord Brougham.  On Emancipation for the Negro
John Brown.  His Speech to the Court at His Trial
William Cullen Bryant.  His Welcome to Kossuth
James, Viscount of Bryce.  On the Government of Ireland Bill
John Bunyan.  The Heavenly Footman
Edmund Burke.  At the Trial of Warren Hastings
 On Conciliation with America
 Principles in Politics
Isaac Butt.  At the Bar of the House of Lords
Julius Cæsar.  On the Punishment of the Catiline Conspirators
John Caldwell Calhoun.  On the Clay Compromise Measures
 On the Expunging Resolution
John Calvin.  On Suffering Persecution
Pierre Joseph Cambon.  On the Situation in France
Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman.  His “The Duma Is Dead: Long Live the Duma,” Speech
 On the Policy of the Liberal Party
George Canning.  On Granting Aid to Portugal
Thomas Carlyle.  Address as Lord Rector of Edinburgh University
Lazare Nicolas Marguerite Carnot.  Against Setting Up an Emperor
Emilio Castelar y Ripoll.  Plea for a Republic in Spain
Catiline.  An Exhortation to Conspiracy
 To His Army Before His Defeat in Battle
Cato the Censor.  In Support of the Oppian Law
Cato the Younger.  On the Punishment of the Catiline Conspirators
Camillo Benso, Conte di Cavour.  Rome as the Capital of United Italy
Thomas Chalmers.  When Old Things Pass Away
Joseph Chamberlain.  The True Conception of Empire
William Pitt, Earl of Chatham.  On Affairs in America
 On the Right to Tax America
 The Retort to Walpole
Philip Dormer Stanhope, Earl of Chesterfield.  Against the Gin Bill of the Ministry
Rufus Choate.  His Eulogy of Webster
Saint John Chrysostom.  The Blessings of Death
Randolph Henry Spencer, Lord Churchill.  His “Trust the People” Speech
Cicero.  In Behalf of Archias the Poet
 In Opposition to a New Agrarian Law
 The First Oration Against Catiline
 The First Oration Against Mark Antony
 The First Oration Against Verres
 The Second Oration Against Catiline
 The Second Oration Against Mark Antony
Henry Clay.  His Attack on Jackson
 On His Own Compromise Measures
 The Emancipation of South America
Georges Clemenceau.  In the Debate on Socialism with Jaurès
Cleon.  On the Punishment of the Mytileneans
Grover Cleveland.  His Eulogy of McKinley
 His First Inaugural Address
Richard Cobden.  The Effects of Protection on Agriculture
Roscoe Conkling.  His Speech Nominating Grant for a Third Term
Thomas Corwin.  On the Mexican War
Thomas Cranmer.  On the Eve of His Execution
Charles F. Crisp.  In Closing the Wilson Tariff Bill Debate
Oliver Cromwell.  At the Opening of Parliament Under the Protectorate
John Philpot Curran.  At the Prosecution of Johnson for Libel
 In Behalf of Rowan and Free Speech
George William Curtis.  His Oration at Concord
Georges Jacques Danton.  “Dare, Dare Again, Always Dare
 On Liberty of Worship
 On Taxing the Rich
Jefferson Davis.  On Withdrawing from the Union
Michael Davitt.  On the Irish Land League
Demosthenes.  On the Crown
 On the State of the Chersonesus
 The Second Oration Against Philip
Camille Desmoulins.  Better to Die than not Live Free
Paul Henri Benjamin, Baron d’Estournelles de Constant.  France and the United States
Charles Dickens.  As the Literary Guest of America
John Dillon.  On the Death of Gladstone
Dinarchus.  Against Demosthenes
Stephen Arnold Douglas.  In the First Debate with Lincoln
Sir John Eliot.  On the Condition of England
Ralph Waldo Emerson.  On the American Scholar
Robert Emmet.  On Being Found Guilty of Treason
Thomas Erskine.  On Limitations to Freedom of Speech
Edward Everett.  The Issue in the Revolution
François de Salignac de la Mothe Fénelon.  True and False Simplicity
Charles James Fox.  On the British Defeat in America
 On the Refusal to Negotiate with France
 The Foreign Policy of Washington
 The Tyranny of the East India Company
Benjamin Franklin.  Dangers of a Salaried Bureaucracy
 His Examination Before the House of Commons
 On the Federal Constitution
Frederick II.  To His Generals Before Invading Silesia
 To His Generals Before the Battle of Leuthen
Léon Gambetta.  Education for the Peasantry in France
James Abram Garfield.  His Speech Nominating Sherman for President
Giuseppe Garibaldi.  To His Soldiers
William Lloyd Garrison.  On the Death of John Brown
Germanicus.  To His Friends When Dying
 To His Mutinous Troops
William Ewart Gladstone.  On the Domestic and Foreign Affairs of England
The Gracchi.  Fragments by Caius Gracchus
 Fragments by Tiberius Gracchus
Henry Woodfin Grady.  The Old South and the New
Ulysses Simpson Grant.  Reasons for Being a Republican
Henry Grattan.  A Plea for Irish Legislative Independence
 Invective Against Corry
Horace Greeley.  During His Campaign for President
Alexander Hamilton.  On the Adoption of the Federal Constitution
Hannibal.  Address to His Soldiers
Benjamin Harrison.  His Inaugural Address
John Hay.  His Tribute to McKinley
Robert Young Hayne.  On the Foote Resolution
Patrick Henry.  Shall Liberty or Empire Be Sought?
 The “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death” Speech
Hermocrates.  On the Union of Sicily Against Invaders
George Frisbie Hoar.  Subjugation of the Philippines Iniquitous
Homer.  Achilles’ Reply to the Envoys
Victor Marie Hugo.  In Defense of His Son
Robert Green Ingersoll.  At His Brother’s Grave
 His Speech Nominating Blaine for President
Isaeus.  In the Suit Against Dicæogenes and Leochares
Isocrates.  On the Union of Greece to Resist Persia
Andrew Jackson.  His Farewell Address
 His Second Inaugural Address
Jean Jaurès.  In the Debate on Socialism with Clemenceau
Thomas Jefferson.  His First Inaugural Address
John Knox.  On the First Temptation of Christ
Louis Kossuth.  On His Welcome to New York
L.Q.C. Lamar.  On Sumner and the South
Alphonse Marie Louis de Lamartine.  To a Deputation of Poles
Hugh Latimer.  The Second Sermon on the Card
Sir Wilfrid Laurier.  On the Death of Queen Victoria
Abraham Lincoln.  His Farewell Words in Springfield
 In the First Debate with Douglas
 The First Inaugural Address
 The “House Divided Against Itself” Speech
 The Second Inaugural Address
 The Speech at Gettysburg
James Logan.  Logan to Lord Dunmore
Lord Robert Reid Loreburn.  On the Policy of the English Liberals
Martin Luther.  Before the Diet of Worms
Lysias.  Against Eratosthenes
Thomas Babington, Lord Macaulay.  On the Reform Bill
Sir John Alexander Macdonald.  On Canadian Confederation
Sir James Mackintosh.  A Plea for Free Speech
William Murray, Earl of Mansfield.  On the Right to Tax America
Jean Paul Marat.  In His Own Defense
Caius Marius.  On Being Accused of a Low Origin
John Marshall.  On the Federal Constitution
Jean Baptiste Massillon.  Of a Malignant Tongue
Giuseppe Mazzini.  To the Young Men of Italy
William McKinley.  His Last Speech
Thomas Francis Meagher.  On Abhorring the Sword
Philip Melanchthon.  On the Death of Luther
Caius Memmius.  On a Corrupt Oligarchy
John Milton.  Plea for the Liberty of Unlicensed Printing
Honoré Gabriel Riquetti, Comte de Mirabeau.  Necker’s Financial Plan
 On Being Accused of Treasonable Relations to the Court
Dwight Lyman Moody.  What Think Ye of Christ?
John, Viscount Morley.  His Address at Pittsburg
Napoleon I.  After the Return from Elba
 During the Egyptian Campaign
 On the Anniversary of Austerlitz
 Speech to the Directory
 To His Soldiers at Fontainebleau
 To the Army in Italy
 To the Army of Italy Again
John Henry Newman.  Catholicism and the Religions of the World
Nicias.  Against the Sicilian Expedition
Eliphalet Nott.  On the Death of Hamilton
Daniel O’Connell.  In Favor of the Repeal of the Union
Otho.  On Becoming Emperor
 To His Soldiers Before Committing Suicide
 To His Soldiers in Rome
James Otis.  In Opposition to Writs of Assistance
Henry John Temple, 3rd Viscount Palmerston.  On Affairs in Greece
Charles Stewart Parnell.  On the Forged Letter Printed in the London “Times
 On the Home Rule Bill
Sir Robert Peel.  For a Repeal of the Corn Laws
Pericles.  In Defense of Himself
 In Favor of the Peloponnesian War
 On Those Who Died in the War
Charles Phillips.  An Address to Catholics
 The Character of Napoleon
Wendell Phillips.  On the Murder of Lovejoy
William Pinkney.  For the Relief of Slaves
William Pitt.  On an Attempt to Force His Resignation
 On the Refusal to Negotiate with France
 The War in America Denounced
Baron William Conyngham Plunket.  On Catholic Relief
Sargent S. Prentiss.  On the Death of Lafayette
The Choctaw Chief Pushmataha.  Pushmataha to John C. Calhoun
John Pym.  On Grievances in the Reign of Charles I.
Sir Walter Raleigh.  His Last Words on the Scaffold
John Randolph.  On Offensive War with England
Red Jacket.  Red Jacket on the Religion of the White Man and the Red
John Edward Redmond.  Ireland and the Coronation
Thomas Brackett Reed.  In Closing the Wilson Tariff Bill Debate
Maximilien Marie Isidore Robespierre.  Against Granting the King a Trial
 His Last Speech
Theodore Roosevelt.  His Inaugural Address
 On American Motherhood
Archibald Philip Primrose, Earl of Rosebery.  Robert Burns
Richard Rumbold.  Speech on the Scaffold
Louis de Saint-Just.  Invective Against Danton
Robert Arthur Talbot Gascoyne-Cecil, 3d Marquess of Salisbury.  On the Desertion of Gordon in Egypt
Girolamo Savonarola.  After His Excommunication
 A Report on His Embassy to the King
Carl Schurz.  A Plea for General Amnesty
Scipio Africanus Major.  To His Mutinous Troops
Publius Cornelius Scipio.  To His Army Before Battle
Seneca.  To Nero When in Disfavor
William Henry Seward.  His “Irrepressible Conflict” Speech
Richard Lalor Sheil.  On the Disabilities of the Jews
 On the Irish as “Aliens
Richard Brinsley Sheridan.  At the Trial of Warren Hastings
John Sherman.  On “The Crime of 1873
Algernon Sidney.  Speech on the Scaffold
Goldwin Smith.  The Secret Beyond Science
Socrates.  In His Own Defense
 On Being Condemned to Death
 On Being Declared Guilty
Charles Haddon Spurgeon.  Men Made Rich by the Poverty of Christ
Alexander Hamilton Stephens.  The South and the Public Domain
Thomas Wentworth, Earl of Strafford.  In His Own Defense
A. M. Sullivan.  On the Zulu War
Charles Sumner.  On the Crime Against Kansas
The Shawnee Chief Tecumseh.  Tecumseh to General Proctor
 Tecumseh to Governor Harrison at Vincennes
William Makepeace Thackeray.  On Charity and Humor
Wolf Tone.  On Being Found Guilty
Robert Toombs.  On Resigning from the Senate
Sir Henry Vane.  Against Richard Cromwell
 At His Trial for High Treason
Pierre Victurnien Vergniaud.  On the Situation in France
Robert Walpole, Earl of Orford.  On His Proposed Removal from Office
George Washington.  His Farewell Address
 His First Inaugural Address
 On His Appointment as Commander-in-Chief
Daniel Webster.  In Reply to Hayne
 On the Clay Compromise
 The First Bunker Hill Monument Oration
John Wesley.  God’s Love to Fallen Man
George Whitefield.  On the Method of Grace
William Wilberforce.  On the Horrors of the Slave Trade
John Wilkes.  Conquest of America Impossible
 On Coercive Measures in America
Frances Elizabeth Willard.  Work Done for Humanity
The Cayuga Chief Peter Wilson.  Peter Wilson on the Empire State
James Wolfe.  To His Army Before Quebec
John Wyclif.  Rules for Decent Living
William Lowndes Yancey.  His Speech of Protest in the Charleston Convention
Huldreich Zwingli.  On Mercenary Soldiers