Poetica Erotica
While our fates twine together, sate we our eyes with love; / For long night comes upon you / and a day when no day returns, / Let the gods lay chains upon us / so that no day shall unbind them.
—‘Me Happy, Night, Night Full of Brightness,’ ll. 16–20.

Poetica Erotica

A Collection of Rare and Curious Amatory Verse In Three Volumes

Edited by Thomas Robert Smith

Sensual and salactious, devotional and playful, these 765 modernized selections from the ancients to the twentieth century—now painstakingly collated to their sources to correct indifferent editing—sing the body and soul combined.

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Note to Volume Three


Volume One
Epigram: “What’s the worth of Health or Living”—Anonymous
The Time of the Roses—Song of Solomon II
Love’s Garden—Song of Solomon IV
A Lover’s Quest—Song of Solomon V
The Fairest Love—Song of Solomon VI. 1–7, 9–13
His True Love’s Praise—Song of Solomon VII
The Picture by Anacreon
The Accompt by Anacreon
The Vintage by Anacreon
Spring by Anacreon
Selections from the Greek Anthology—Anonymous
The Incantation by Theocritus
The Yokel and the Light-o’-Love by Theocritus
The Lover and His Lass by Theocritus
To Flavius: Mis-speaking His Mistress by Gaius Valerius Catullus
To the Frequenters of a Low Tavern by Gaius Valerius Catullus
Dialogue Concerning Catullus at a Harlot’s Door by Gaius Valerius Catullus
To Lesbia, I by Gaius Valerius Catullus
To Lesbia, II by Gaius Valerius Catullus
The Interview with Varus and His Mistress by Gaius Valerius Catullus
To Mamurra’s Mistress by Gaius Valerius Catullus
Acme and Septimius by Gaius Valerius Catullus
Sappho’s Ode by Gaius Valerius Catullus
On a Wanton’s Door by Gaius Valerius Catullus
To Lesbia, on Her Falsehood by Gaius Valerius Catullus
To Aufilena by Gaius Valerius Catullus
The Rendezvous by Gaius Valerius Catullus
To Lydia by Cornelius Gallus
To Pyrrha by Horace (Quintus Horatius Flaccus)
To Lydia by Horace (Quintus Horatius Flaccus)
To Chloe by Horace (Quintus Horatius Flaccus)
The Reconciliation by Horace (Quintus Horatius Flaccus)
To Delia by Tibullus
To Pholoe on Marathus by Tibullus
An Elegy: ‘Why did you swear by all the powers above’ by Tibullus
Salmacis and Hermaphroditus by Ovid
From Elegies by Ovid
  Book I. Elegia IV.
  Book I. Elegia V.
  Book I. Elegia X.
  Book II. Elegia II.
  Book II. Elegia III.
  Book II. Elegia IV.
  Book II. Elegia V.
  Book II. Elegia X.
  Book II. Elegia XV.
  Book II. Elegia XVII.
  Book II. Elegia XIX.
  Book III. Elegia IV.
  Book III. Elegia VII.
  Book III. Elegia XI.
  Book III. Elegia XIV.
From Epigrams by Martial
To Lesbia by Joannes Secundus
The Pleasing Constraint by Aristaenetus
The Experiment by Aristaenetus
The Consolation by Aristaenetus
Cruel Compassion by Aristaenetus
The Sisters by Aristaenetus
Two Odes of Masrur from The Arabian Nights
Poems from the Arabic from The Arabian Nights
Lament of Old Age from The Arabian Nights
From ‘The Poem of Amriolkais’ from The Moallakat
From ‘The Poem of Amru’ from The Moallakat
Ballata. Concerning a Shepherd-maid by Guido Cavalcanti
The Complaint of the Fair Helm-maker Grown Old by François Villon
Ballad of Villon and Muckle Meg by François Villon
Ballad of Ladies’ Love, No. 1 by François Villon
Ballad of Ladies’ Love, No. 2 by François Villon
To Lydia—Mediæval Latin Student’s Songs
A Poem of Privacy—Mediæval Latin Student’s Songs
Come Therefore Now, My Gentle Fere—Mediæval Latin Student’s Songs
The Suit to Phyllis—Mediæval Latin Student’s Songs
A Pastoral—Mediæval Latin Student’s Songs
The Wooing—Mediæval Latin Student’s Songs
Flora—Mediæval Latin Student’s Songs
Kiss II by Joannes Secundus
Kiss V by Joannes Secundus
Kiss XVI by Joannes Secundus
Epithalamium by Joannes Secundus
From the Poems by Hafez
Villanelle by Philippe Desportes
Dulcina by Sir Walter Raleigh
Nature That Washed Her Hands by Sir Walter Raleigh
Menaphon’s Eclogue by Robert Greene
The Description of Silvestro’s Lady by Robert Greene
A Blithe and Bonny Country Lass by Thomas Lodge
A Counterlove by John Lyly
From “The Passionate Pilgrim” by William Shakespeare
Ignoto by Christopher Marlowe
Another of the same Nature, made since by Christopher Marlowe
Merrie Ballad of Nash, His Dildo by Thomas Nashe
I Care Not for These Ladies by Thomas Campion
Follow Your Saint by Thomas Campion
Hark, All You Ladies That Do Sleep by Thomas Campion
Who Is to Marry Me? by Thomas Campion
If Any Hath the Heart to Kill by Thomas Campion
Beauty, Since You So Much Desire by Thomas Campion
Fain Would I Wed a Fair Young Man by Thomas Campion
Epithalamium by Ben Jonson
The Courteous Knight—Anonymous
Certain Epigrams Concerning Marriage by George Wither
Narcissus, Come Kiss Us!—Anonymous
The Description of Women—Anonymous
The Bride’s First Night—Anonymous
The Courtier’s Good-morrow to His Mistris by Thomas Ravenscroft
A Cuckold with a Witnesse by Richard Brathwaite
The Marriage Song, Called In and Out by Richard Brathwaite
Street Songs by Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher
Songs from “The Tragedy of Valentinian” by Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher
Three Songs from “The Maid’s Tragedy” by Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher
Weep No More” by Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher
An Elegy on the Lady Markham by Francis Beaumont
Now Fie on Dreams—Anonymous
Come, Wanton Wenches—Anonymous
When Phœbus Addrest—Anonymous
O Nay! O Nay! Not Yet—Anonymous
Blame Not a Woman—Anonymous
Lie Alone—Anonymous
I Dreamed My Love—Anonymous
Do You Mean—Anonymous
My Days, My Months, My Years by John Attey
Yes I Could Love If I Could Find—Anonymous
The Resolution—Anonymous
A Scene from “The Tragedy of Nero”—Anonymous
The Indifferent by John Donne
Break of Day by John Donne
Epithalamion Made at Lincoln’s Inn by John Donne
An Elegy by John Donne
To His Mistress Going to Bed by John Donne
A Love Song—Anonymous
A Dialogue betwixt Castadorus and Arabella in Bed by Thomas Jordan
The Song of Lais by Thomas Heywood
Proferred Love Rejected by Sir John Suckling
His Dream by Sir John Suckling
Bessie Bell by Richard Brathwaite
A Song from “The Distresses” by Sir William Davenant
Secrecy Protested by Thomas Carew
A Rapture by Thomas Carew
The Second Rapture by Thomas Carew
Love’s Complement by Thomas Carew
Love for Enjoying by James Shirley
To Perenna by Robert Herrick
To His Mistresses by Robert Herrick
Upon Julia’s Fall by Robert Herrick
The Vision of Electra by Robert Herrick
The Vision by Robert Herrick
An Epithalamy to Sir Thomas Southwell and His Lady by Robert Herrick
Clothes Do but Cheat and Cozen Us by Robert Herrick
To Dianeme by Robert Herrick
The Poet Loves a Mistress, but Not to Marry by Robert Herrick
Love Dislikes Nothing by Robert Herrick
To Anthea by Robert Herrick
The Vine by Robert Herrick
The Description of a Woman by Robert Herrick
A Nymph When As the Summer’s Beams”—Anonymous
As I Travers’d to and fro”—Anonymous
The Enjoyment by Thomas Otway
The Coy Shepherdess—Anonymous
The Green-Sickness Beauty by Lord Herbert of Cherbury
A Description by Lord Herbert of Cherbury
The Dainty Damsel’s Dream by Laurence Price
To His Mistress Desirous to Go to Bed—Anonymous
Down in a Garden Sat My Dearest Love”—Anonymous
Hark, My Flora! Love Doth Call Us”—Anonymous
Cloris, Now Thou Art Fled away—Anonymous
She Lay All Naked in Her Bed—Anonymous
Aldobrandino, a Fat Cardinal—Anonymous
A Maiden’s Denial—Anonymous
To Cytherea by George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham
Was Ever Man of Nature’s Framing” by Charles Cotton
A Puritan—Anonymous
Riding to London, on Dunstable Way”—Anonymous
The Maid a Bathing—Anonymous
Maiden’s Delight—Anonymous
There Was Three Birds—Anonymous
If She Be Not As Kind” by Sir George Etherege
The Account by Abraham Cowley
Maidenhead by Abraham Cowley
A Dream—Anonymous
The Imperfect Enjoyment by John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester
The Lucky Minute by John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester
Song: “He that will court a Wench that is coy”—Anonymous
Like to the Wealthy Island Thou Shalt Lie—Anonymous
Love’s Fancy by John Dryden
Calm Was the Evening, and Clear Was the Sky by John Dryden
Do Not Ask Me, Charming Phillis”—Anonymous
A Song at the Kings House—Anonymous
Wert Thou but Half So Wise As Thou Art Fair—Anonymous
Celamina of My Heart by John Dryden
Beneath a Myrtle Shade by John Dryden
On a Gentleman—Anonymous
The Imperfect Enjoyment by Sir George Etherege
The Forsaken Mistress by Sir George Etherege
Ephelia’s Lamentation by Sir George Etherege
To Little or No Purpose Have I Spent All My Days by Sir George Etherege
A Song: “Of all the brisk dames my Selina for me”—Anonymous
The Amorous Girl—Anonymous
The Subtile and Coy Girl—Anonymous
Since We Poor Slavish Women Know by William Wycherley
Under the Willow Shade by Sir William Davenant
The Hasty Bridegroom—Anonymous
The Surprising Lover—Anonymous
As I Walked in the Woods by Thomas Shadwell
Epithalamium by John Dryden
Song from “The Spanish Friar” by John Dryden
Whilst Alexis Lay Prest” by John Dryden
One Evening to Kiss”—Anonymous
The Fairies—Anonymous
Come Phillis, Let’s Play”—Anonymous
Alas How Long Shall I and My Maidenhead Lie”—Anonymous
When Flora Had on Her New Gown”—Anonymous
Make Ready, Fair Lady, To-night” by John Dryden
I’d Have You, Quoth He”—Anonymous
A Song from “Miscellany Poems” by John Dryden
Rondelay by John Dryden
Song for a Girl by John Dryden
Song: “Methinks the Poor Town Has Been Troubled Too Long” by Charles Sackville, Earl of Dorset
At Noon in a Sultry Summer’s Day” by Charles Sackville, Earl of Dorset
A Song: “In vain, Clemene, you bestow” by Charles Sackville, Earl of Dorset
An Epilogue by John Crowne
Young Phaon—Anonymous
To a Young Lady Leaning out of Her Window by Thomas Brown
Sawney Was Tall and of Noble Race” by Thomas D’Urfey
To His Coy Mistress by Andrew Marvell
The Willing Mida—Anonymous
Charming Celia Lies upon Her Bridal Bed—Anonymous
The Rapture by Thomas D’Urfey
The Invitation by Aphra Behn
The Prospect and Bower of Bliss by Aphra Behn
Constancy in Love by Aphra Behn
A Song from “Westminster Drolleries” by Aphra Behn
A Song from “Gildon’s Chorus Poetarum” by Aphra Behn
A Song from “The Lucky Chance” by Aphra Behn
A Song from “The Banished Cavalier” by Aphra Behn
O What Pleasure ’Tis to Find a Coy Heart by Aphra Behn
Her Dainty Palm I Gently Prest”—Anonymous
The Happy Night by John Sheffield, Duke of Buckinghamshire
The Northern Ditty by Thomas D’Urfey
The Morn by Philip Ayres
Fond Love—Anonymous
A Present to a Lady—Anonymous
Love’s Follies—Anonymous
My Mistress Is in Music Passing Skillful”—Anonymous
The Penance by Nahum Tate
Upon a Favour Offered by William Walsh
A Song: “As Amoret and Thyrsis lay” by William Congreve
The Reconciliation by William Congreve
Doris by William Congreve
Song: “Tell me no more I am deceived” by William Congreve
Song from “The Old Bachelor” by William Congreve
A Motion to Pleasure—Anonymous
Chloris Saw Me Sigh and Tremble—Anonymous
Beneath a Cool Shade” by Aphra Behn
The Willing Mistress by Aphra Behn
The Disappointment by Aphra Behn
The Bonny Grey Eyed Morn Began to Peep” by Jeremiah Clarke
Jenny Long Resisted Wully’s Fierce Desire”—Anonymous
Thus Damon Knocked at Celia’s Door” by George Farquhar
When Sawney First Did Woo Me—Anonymous
A Song: “Get you gone, you will undo me” by Sir Charles Sedley
The Fall by Sir Charles Sedley
Lord! What’s Come to My Mother” by Thomas D’Urfey
Cupid’s Victory over the Virgin’s Hearts—Anonymous
A Song: “Phillis, the fairest of love’s foes” by Charles Sackville, Earl of Dorset
Upon a Lady’s Being Disappointed by a Young Scotch Lord by Thomas Brown
Robin and Nan by B. J. Alcock, Jr.
Epilogue by William Wycherley
In the Sprightly Month of May by Sir John Vanbrugh
Chloe Blush’d and Frown’d and Swore” by Nicholas Rowe
Why Is Your Faithful Slave Disdain’d?”—Anonymous
A Song: “After the fiercest pangs of hot desire” by Richard Duke
The Night Her Blackest Sable Wore” by Thomas D’Urfey
Susannah and the Elders—Anonymous
My Mistress That’s Pretty—Anonymous
Young Corydon and Phillis” by Sir Charles Sedley
In the Pleasant Month of May”—Anonymous
Jenny My Blithest Maid”—Anonymous
A Just Bargain—Anonymous
Heaven First Created Woman to Be Kind”—Anonymous
Come, Jug, My Honey, Let’s to Bed”—Anonymous
When First Amyntas Su’d for a Kiss”—Anonymous
Upon a Sunshine Summer’s Day”—Anonymous
Philander and Sylvia, a Gentle Soft Pair” by Nathaniel Lee
I Saw the Lass Whom Dear I Lov’d”—Anonymous
The Silly Maids—Anonymous
O the Time That Is Past”—Anonymous
Now That Love’s Holiday Is Come”—Anonymous
The Fair Lass of Islington—Anonymous
Joan to Her Lady—Anonymous
The Forgetful Mother—Anonymous
The Lascivious Lover and the Coy Lass—Anonymous
The Loyal Delights of a Contented Mind—Anonymous
The Coy Lass Dress’d up in Her Best—Anonymous
If You Will Love Me” by Thomas D’Urfey
I Burn, I Burn, I Burn by Thomas D’Urfey
Nay Pish, Sir! What Ails You?” by Mr. Clissold
Volume Two
The Fan by John Gay
An Epilogue by John Gay
The Coquet Mother and Her Daughter by John Gay
A Song: “There was a swain full fair” by John Gay
From “The Mad-dog” by John Gay
State and Ambition, Alas! Will Deceive Ye—Anonymous
The Kingdom of the Birds—Anonymous
Fly, Fly from My Sight, Fly Far away—Anonymous
Would Ye Have a Young Virgin of Fifteen Years—Anonymous
In a Cellar at Sodom”—Anonymous
A Gentle Breeze from the Lavinian Sea”—Anonymous
Celladon, When Spring Came on”—Anonymous
Celemene, Pray Tell Me”—Anonymous
An Epithalamium on the Marriage of the Honourable Charles Leigh—Anonymous
A Dialogue between a Town Spark and His Miss—Anonymous
To Charming Cælia’s Arms I Flew”—Anonymous
The Queen of May—Anonymous
To Choose a Friend, but Never Marry—Anonymous
The Quaker’s Song—Anonymous
The Fashionable Shepherdess—Anonymous
The Winchester Wedding—Anonymous
Tom and Doll—Anonymous
The Jilts—Anonymous
Sit Down, My Dear Sylvia—Anonymous
Walking Down the Highland Town—Anonymous
As I Sat at My Spinning-Wheel—Anonymous
The Surpris’d Nymph—Anonymous
As I Walked in the Woods One Evening of Late—Anonymous
Ranging the Plain One Summer’s Night—Anonymous
The Danger Is over, the Battle Is Past—Anonymous
The Cumberland Lass—Anonymous
Sylvia a May Roving—Anonymous
Beauty and Desire—Anonymous
The Jolly Young Swain—Anonymous
As Jockey and Jenny Together Was Laid”—Anonymous
As I Was Walking, I Heard a Maid Talking” by Richard Estcourt
Says Dicky to Dolly, I Love Thee So Well”—Anonymous
John and Nell—Anonymous
The Bashful Maid—Anonymous
The Schoolmaster’s Lesson—Anonymous
The Silent Flute—Anonymous
A Young Man and a Maid”—Anonymous
Young Strephon and Phyllis—Anonymous
On Fruition by Sir Charles Sedley
An Epigram to Flavia by Sir Charles Sedley
To Bassa by Sir Charles Sedley
The Forward Love by Sir Charles Sedley
The Enjoyment—Anonymous
The Night Is Come That Will Allow”—Anonymous
Sally Sweetbread’s Soliloquy by Henry Carey
The Disappointed Maid and Drowsy Swain by William Pattison
The Enjoyment by William Pattison
Nancy the Bed-maker by William Pattison
The Bashful Lover by Lewis Theobald
The Presbyterian Wedding—Anonymous
The Gallant Schemer’s Petition to The Honourable Mrs. F——s—Anonymous
O Mither Dear, I ’Gin to Fear”—Anonymous
An Imitation of Chaucer by Alexander Pope
Phryne by Alexander Pope
From Prologue to “The Wife of Bath” by Alexander Pope
Phyllis by Jonathan Swift
To Flora Drest—Anonymous
The Dream—Anonymous
The Power of Love—Anonymous
A Satire on Marriage by Thomas Brown
Melesinda’s Misfortune on the Burning of her Smock, 1690 by Thomas Brown
The Mill, Mill—O——Anonymous
Cloe’s Precaution—Anonymous
The Penitent Nun by John Lockman
Fancy’s All by Mr. Mitchell
The Country Lass—Anonymous
Down the Burn Davie—Anonymous
My Jockey Blyth for What Thou Hast Done”—Anonymous
The Ravish’d Lover—Anonymous
Song: “Dear Colin, prevent my warm Blushes”—Anonymous
Song: “Oh fie! what mean I, foolish Maid”—Anonymous
Song: “Whilst Strephon in his pride of youth”—Anonymous
Song: “Custom, alas! doth partial prove”—Anonymous
When I Court Thee—Anonymous
In Chloe’s Chamber by John Bancks
The Progress of Love by Robert Dodsley
An Imitation of Ovid’s Amours by Matthew Prior
An Ode to Lord Lincoln by Sir Charles Hanbury Williams
A Lamentable Case by Sir Charles Hanbury Williams
The Lover: A Ballad by Lady Mary Wortley Montagu
Charles VII. and Agnes Sorel by Voltaire
Monrose and Agnes Sorel by Voltaire
The Husband-Confessor by Jean de La Fontaine
The Avaricious Wife and Tricking Gallant by Jean de La Fontaine
The Two Friends by Jean de La Fontaine
The Pack-saddle by Jean de La Fontaine
The Dress-maker by Jean de La Fontaine
A Song: “As I walked forth one May morning” by Susanna Centlivre
Songs from Plays by Susanna Centlivre
Chaste Florimel by Matthew Prior
Pallas and Venus by Matthew Prior
To a Young Gentleman in Love by Matthew Prior
A Song: “For God’s-sake—nay, dear sir” by Matthew Prior
Song XIX: “Since We Your Husband Daily See” by Matthew Prior
When Fanny to Woman Is Growing Apace” by W. Yates
Dick and Kate—Anonymous
The Way to Win Her by Thomas D’Urfey the Younger
The Grove by John Oldmixon
A Song: “Young I am and yet unskill’d”—Anonymous
How Can I Keep My Maidenhead?—Anonymous
The Fickle Maid by Robert Gould
The Pipe of Love—Anonymous
A Love Song—Anonymous
The End—Anonymous
The Fright—Anonymous
Dick and Doll—Anonymous
The Wonderful Grot—Anonymous
The Ramblers—Anonymous
The Question—Anonymous
To Lydia by Joannes Secundus
Celia Vanquished—Anonymous
Hymn to Venus by Sappho
An Answer—Anonymous
A Logical Song—Anonymous
The Geranium by Richard Brinsley Sheridan
The Honeymoon—Anonymous
The Willing Maid, a Day Too Young—Anonymous
Anna by Robert Burns
Sodger Laddie by Robert Burns
Whistle o’er the Lave o’t by Robert Burns
I Am a Bard by Robert Burns
Gie the Lass Her Fairin’ by Robert Burns
The Bower of Bliss by Robert Burns
Jockey Was a Bonny Lad by Robert Burns
The Fornicator by Robert Burns
The Yellow, Yellow Yorlin’ by Robert Burns
Godly Girzie by Robert Burns
John Anderson, My Jo by Robert Burns
Wha Is That at My Bower-door? by Robert Burns
The Lass That Made the Bed for Me by Robert Burns
Too Cold to Lie Alone—Anonymous
The Wee One—Anonymous
The Nameless Maiden—Anonymous
From the Odes of Anacreon, LIX. by Thomas Moore
Did Not by Thomas Moore
To Caroline by Lord Byron
The Rape of Aurora by George Meredith
Love-in-idleness by Thomas Lovell Beddoes
From Pent-up Aching Rivers by Walt Whitman
I Sing the Body Electric by Walt Whitman
A Woman Waits for Me by Walt Whitman
A Ballad of Death by Algernon Charles Swinburne
Les Noyades by Algernon Charles Swinburne
Hermaphroditus by Algernon Charles Swinburne
Fragoletta by Algernon Charles Swinburne
In the Orchard by Algernon Charles Swinburne
Erotion by Algernon Charles Swinburne
Before Dawn by Algernon Charles Swinburne
King David by Algernon Charles Swinburne
Love and Sleep by Algernon Charles Swinburne
The Distressed Maid—Anonymous
The Bunch of Rushes—Anonymous
To … by Francis Saltus Saltus
Puella Erotica by Francis Saltus Saltus
Women by Francis Saltus Saltus
A Courtesan’s Whim by Francis Saltus Saltus
The Awakening by Francis Saltus Saltus
In Sodom by Francis Saltus Saltus
Song of the Gay Zonah by Francis Saltus Saltus
Song of the Priest of Bel by Francis Saltus Saltus
Song of the Youth by Francis Saltus Saltus
The Wife of Lot by Francis Saltus Saltus
The Triumph of the Flesh by George Moore
Sonnet: “Idly she yawned, and threw her heavy hair” by George Moore
Rondo by George Moore
Sonnet: “I am most lovely, fair beyond desire” by George Moore
A Sapphic Dream by George Moore
Sonnet VI. The Kiss by Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Sonnet VII. Supreme Surrender by Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Sonnet LVI. True Woman: I. Herself by Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Sonnet LVII. True Woman: II. Her Love by Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Youth and Lordship by Dante Gabriel Rossetti
The Dryad by Oscar Wilde
Young Charmides by Oscar Wilde
Sapphic Ode XXVII: “Mnasidica in form and gait” by Michael Field (Katherine Harris Bradley)
Sapphic Ode XXXIII: “Maids, not to you my mind doth change” by Michael Field (Katherine Harris Bradley)
Sapphic Ode XLVI: “‘Fool, faint not thou!’ I laughed in blame” by Michael Field (Katherine Harris Bradley)
Sapphic Ode LIV: “Adown the Lesbian vales” by Michael Field (Katherine Harris Bradley)
Sapphic Ode LIX: “Night fell: Selene proud and pale” by Michael Field (Katherine Harris Bradley)
Erotomachia by Herbert Percy Horne
Lily Dale by John Davidson
The Barber by John Gray
From “The Songs of Bilitis” by Pierre Louÿs
  XVI. Dances by Moonlight
  XX. Confidences
  XXX. The Tresses
  XXXIII. Remorse
  XXXVII. Bilitis
  XXXVIII. The Little House
  LII. Desire
  LXI. Endearments
  LXV. The Kiss
  LXVII. The Despairing Embrace
  LXX. Absence
  LXXVI. An Evening by the Fire
  LXXXII. Waiting
  LXXXVII. Gyrinno
  XCIX. I Sing of My Flesh and My Life
  C. The Perfumes
  CI. Conversation
  CIV. The Indifferent One
  CX. To Her Breasts
  CXVI. The Warm Girdle
  CXIX. Intimacies
  CXXVI. Advice to a Lover
  CXL. The Last Lover
Eros by Pierre Louÿs
Stella Maris by Arthur Symons
Idealism by Arthur Symons
Leves Amores, I by Arthur Symons
To One in Alienation by Arthur Symons
Variations upon Love by Arthur Symons
Bianca by Arthur Symons
Liber Amoris by Arthur Symons
Two Sonnets by Arthur Symons
The Rehearsal—Anonymous
A Woman’s Death Wound by Helen Hunt Jackson
The Ladies by Rudyard Kipling
Mary, Pity Women!” by Rudyard Kipling
A Dead Woman by Vance Thompson
A Midnight Lunch—Anonymous
The Altar of Artemis by Aleister Crowley
Lot by Aleister Crowley
A Saint’s Damnation by Aleister Crowley
Non Sum Qualis Eram Bonae Sub Regno Cynarae by Ernest Dowson
April by Edward Carpenter
The Ocean of Sex by Edward Carpenter
Little Lessons—Anonymous
Thou Art a Flower—Anonymous
To Have and to Hold—Anonymous
The Fall of Man—Anonymous
The Merry Little Maid and Wicked Little Monk—Anonymous
The Lament of Yasmini, the Dancing-girl by Laurence Hope (Adela Florence Nicolson)
Song of Ramesram Temple Girl by Laurence Hope (Adela Florence Nicolson)
Early Love by Laurence Hope (Adela Florence Nicolson)
All Farewells Should Be Gently Spoken by Laurence Hope (Adela Florence Nicolson)
Disloyal by Laurence Hope (Adela Florence Nicolson)
Song of Khan Zada by Laurence Hope (Adela Florence Nicolson)
The Teak Forest by Laurence Hope (Adela Florence Nicolson)
Afridi Love by Laurence Hope (Adela Florence Nicolson)
Song by Gulbaz by Laurence Hope (Adela Florence Nicolson)
Love Triumphant by George Sylvester Viereck
The Haunted House by George Sylvester Viereck
From “Leto’s Child” by Maurice Hewlett
The Dark-eyed Gentleman by Thomas Hardy
Nuptial Night by Donald Evans
Resemblance by Donald Evans
Sonnet Eternal by Donald Evans
Domesticities. III. Infidelities by Donald Evans
Loving Kindness by Donald Evans
Dinner at the Hotel de la Tigresse Verte. I. Terrace by Donald Evans
The Jest by Robert J. Shores
And Day Comes on by Ezra Pound
Me Happy, Night, Night Full of Brightness by Ezra Pound
A Little Maid of Sappho by George Sylvester Viereck
From “The Book of Love” by Blanche Shoemaker Wagstaff
Knowledge by George Reston Malloch
Beauty by George Reston Malloch
Red Is the Color of Blood by Conrad Aiken
From “Discordants” by Conrad Aiken
From “The Dance of Life” by Conrad Aiken
Last Words to Miriam by D. H. Lawrence
Mystery by D. H. Lawrence
Reproach by D. H. Lawrence
Excursion by D. H. Lawrence
A Bad Beginning by D. H. Lawrence
New Year’s Eve by D. H. Lawrence
New Year’s Night by D. H. Lawrence
Wedlock by D. H. Lawrence
From “Lilies in the Fire” by D. H. Lawrence
Love-Songs by James Oppenheim
Dieser Liebe toller Fasching by Heinrich Heine
Ich liebe solche weisse Glieder by Heinrich Heine
Love Not Too Much by Bernard Gilbert
Bacchante by Blanche Shoemaker Wagstaff
Song of Psappha by Charlotte Eaton
Meditation—the Mirror by Charlotte Eaton
Night-on-the-Waters by Charlotte Eaton
Rest by Pauline Cahn
Farewell by Joseph Kling
From “May Woods” by Zella Muriel Wright
Songs of Creation: Eté by Zella Muriel Wright
Rivals by Archie Austin Coates
The Beauty Lover by Claire Bu Zard
Yvonne by Walter Jack Duncan
I Want of You by Michael Strange (Blanche Oelrichs)
A Song: “For what have you sought my love” by Michael Strange (Blanche Oelrichs)
Emotional, XVIII by Michael Strange (Blanche Oelrichs)
Emotional, XIX by Michael Strange (Blanche Oelrichs)
Emotional, XXIV by Michael Strange (Blanche Oelrichs)
From “Bread Poems” by Evelyn Scott
From “The Tunnel” by Evelyn Scott
Sweeney Erect by T. S. Eliot
Of Politicians by Thomas Burke
A Love Lesson by Thomas Burke
Sonnets to Aurelia by Robert Nichols
  IV. “‘Lover,’ you say; ‘how beautiful that is’”
  X. “When, having written much, I reach my span
  XIII. “Sometimes I think you know not what love is
  XIX. “Come, let us sigh a requiem over love
  XXVII. “I must remember now how once I woke
Summer Storm by Louis Untermeyer
Ivory and Rose by Louis Untermeyer
Almost by Louis Untermeyer
Song: “I know you beautiful and fair” by Alice Corbin Henderson
The Betrothal by Edna St. Vincent Millay
Sonnet: “I, being born a woman and distressed” by Edna St. Vincent Millay
Bridegroom by Katherine Wisner McCluskey
Watteau Panels by Royall Henderson Snow
I. L’attente by Harold Greenthal
II. La téte Coupee by Harold Greenthal
III. La ruse by Harold Greenthal
IV. Les motifs d’amour by Harold Greenthal
V. L’eveil by Harold Greenthal
VI. Le Cadi Perclus by Harold Greenthal
A Bargain by Harold Greenthal
Seduction by Harold Greenthal
Lâila Sleeps by Harold Greenthal
A Une Rebelle by Pierre St. Ardienne
Prayer by F. Jacobs
Love Athirst by Ruth Bassett Eddy
Come and Lie with Me by Elsie A. Gidlow
In the Restaurant by Claire Bu Zard
Enthralled by Alfred Bryan
Love Charms by Alfred Bryan
Beauty by Alfred Bryan
Selfishness by Alfred Bryan
Creation Songs by Muriel Strode
The Golden Past by George Sterling
The Kiss of Consummation by George Sterling
Infidels by George Sterling
At Midnight by George Sterling
Flame by George Sterling
Happiest by George Sterling
Consummation by Florence E. von Wien
Sensuality by Florence E. von Wien
She Lay Quite Still by Orrick Johns
The Answer by Orrick Johns
Usury by Orrick Johns
Lunette by Orrick Johns
Irony by Olga Mishkin
Surrender by Olga Mishkin
Infatuation by Lee Timberlake
At Refuge by Lee Timberlake
Midsummer by Lee Timberlake
Dénoument by John Van Alstyne Weaver
Volume Three: Supplementary Poems
Epigrams on Priapus—Anonymous
Concerning the Nature of Love by Lucretius
Epithalamium on the Marriage of Manlius and Julia by Gaius Valerius Catullus
Elegy to Gallus by Propertius
Elegy to Cynthia by Propertius
Elegy in Defence of Inconstancy by Propertius
An Elegy by Propertius
Pygmalion and the Statue by Ovid
To His Mistress by Ovid
From The Sixth Satire by Juvenal (Decimus Juntos Juvenalis)
The Garden of Phyllion by Aristaenetus
When I See the Flowers Anew”—Anonymous
When May Is Come”—Anonymous
Whoso Love Limb to Limb”—Anonymous
Hymn to the Kiss by Joannes Secundus
A Love Song from India—Anonymous
An Amorous Dialogue between John and His Mistress—Roxburghe Ballads
Billy and His Mistress—Bagford Ballads
In the Forest of Arden by Michael Drayton
A Friend of Mine—Percy’s Folio Manuscript
A Maidenhead—Percy’s Folio Manuscript
When Scorching Phœbus—Percy’s Folio Manuscript
A Courtly New Ballad of the Princely Wooing of the Fair Maid of London by King Edward—Roxburghe Ballads
An Excellent Ballad Intituled: The Constancy of Susanna—Roxburghe Ballads
Clod’s Carroll—Roxburghe Ballads
The Discontented Married Man—Roxburghe Ballads
The Maid’s Comfort—Roxburghe Ballads
Tottingham Frolic—Anonymous
Room for a Jovial Tinker: Old Brass to Mend—Roxburghe Ballads
The Tinker—Anonymous
The Three Merry Travellers—Bagford Ballads
A Good Throw for Three Maidenheads by Martin Parker
When As I Do Record—Percy’s Folio Manuscript
Be Not Afraid—Percy’s Folio Manuscript
A Creature for Feature—Percy’s Folio Manuscript
Of a Puritan—Percy’s Folio Manuscript
A Well-wishing to a Place of Pleasure—Percy’s Folio Manuscript
Walking in a Meadow Green—Percy’s Folio Manuscript
In Praise of a Deformed Woman—Anonymous
A Sonnet: “What ill luck had I, silly Maid that I am”—Anonymous
On a Juniper-tree Cut down to Make Busks by Aphra Behn
The Insatiate Lover—Anonymous
An Epistle from Ephelia to Bajazet, Complaining of His Inconstancy by John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester
John and Jone—Anonymous
Cuckold’s Haven—Roxburghe Ballads
Constant, Fair and Fine Betty—Roxburghe Ballads
The Witty Western Lass by Robert Guy
Come to It at Last—Roxburghe Ballads
A Pleasant New Ballad—Roxburghe Ballads
The New-married Couple—Roxburghe Ballads
The Beggar Wench Turned into a Devil—Roxburghe Ballads
The Deluded Lass’s Lamentation—Roxburghe Ballads
Love’s Power—Roxburghe Ballads
The First Love of Adam and Eve by John Milton
The Unfortunate Miller—Bagford Ballads
A Remedy for the Green Sickness—Bagford Ballads
The Maid’s Complaint—Bagford Ballads
Advice to Bachelors—Anonymous
Women’s Delight—Anonymous
The Character of a Mistress—Anonymous
The Way to Woo a Zealous Lady—Anonymous
A Song: “Pox take you Mistris I’ll be gone”—Anonymous
Advice to Bachelors—Anonymous
The Sparrow and His Mate by Sir John Vanbrugh
A Satire against Love by Alexander Ratcliff
To Celia by George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham
To Armida by Thomas Brown
My Thing Is My Own—Anonymous
A New Ballad upon a Wedding—Anonymous
A Ballad of All the Trades—Anonymous
Of King Edward and Jane Shore—Anonymous
The Slow Men of London—Anonymous
The Disappointment by Thomas D’Urfey
The Play-house Saint by Thomas D’Urfey
The Courtier and Country Maid by Thomas D’Urfey
The Bonny Lass: Or, the Buttoned Smock—Anonymous
The Long Vocation—Anonymous
The Old Woman’s Wish—Anonymous
The Jolly Trades-men—Anonymous
No Wit Like to a Woman’s—Anonymous
Pretty Kate of Windsor: A New Ballad—Anonymous
Lamentation for Dorinda by Matthew Prior
Advice to a Lady by Matthew Prior
An Answer to the Curious Maid by Matthew Prior
The Swimming Lady: Or, a Wanton Discovery—Anonymous
The Wanton Wife of Bath—Anonymous
The Cowardly Clown of Flanders Cuckolded—Anonymous
The Worcestershire Wedding, Or Joy after Sorrow—Anonymous
The Scotch Lass’s Lamentation for Loss of Her Maidenhead—Anonymous
The Baffled Knight—Anonymous
The Gascon Punished by Jean de La Fontaine
The Progress of Wit by Jean de La Fontaine
From “My Cousin’s Tale of a Cock and Bull” by John Hall-Stevenson
The Court of Equity by Robert Burns
Don Juan: A Selection by Lord Byron
Haidée and Don Juan by Lord Byron
Leon to Annabella—Anonymous
You Remember the Nuts—Anonymous
The Naughty Lord and the Gay Young Lady—Anonymous
Julia’s Clothes by Richard Le Gallienne
The Housemaid by Richard Le Gallienne
Adultery—Ad Absurdum by Richard Le Gallienne
Borne on the Blue Ægean—Anonymous
The Tapir—Anonymous
I Love My Love in the Morning by J. William Lloyd
Forbidden Fruit—Anonymous
The Bed of Love by James F. Morton, Jr.
A Ballad of Men I Have Vamped—In Vain—Anonymous
Don Juan’s Note Book (Coplas de Don Juan) by Harry Kemp
I Am the Song of Love by Joseph T. Shipley
Baudelaire to His Love by Joseph T. Shipley
In a Moment by Joseph T. Shipley
The God of Love by Joseph T. Shipley