Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.

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Curvature Danger Darkness Deafness Dearness Death Debt Deceiver Deception Decomposition Decrement Defense Defiance Degree Deity Dejection Deliverance Demonstration Density Departure Deprecation Depression Depth Deputy Derangement Dereliction of Duty Descent Description Desire Destiny Destroyer Destruction Desuetude Deterioration Detraction Detractor Deviation Dextrality Difference Different time Difficulty Diffuseness Dim-sightedness Dimness Direction1 Direction2 Director Disagreement Disappearance Disappointment Disapprobation Disclosure Discontent Discontinuity Discord1 Discord2 Discount Discourtesy Discovery Discrimination Disease Disinterestedness Disjunction Dislike Disobedience Disorder Displacement Disrepute Disrespect Dissent Dissertation Dissimilarity Dissuasion Distance Distortion Disuse Diuturnity Divergence Divestment Divorce; Widowhood Drunkenness Dryness Duality Dueness Dullness Dupe Duplication Duty Earliness Economy Edge Effect Egress Ejection Elasticity Elegance Elevation End Endearment Enemy Energy Engraving Enmity Envy Equality Equivocalness Error Escape Essay Evening Eventuality Evidence Evil Evil Spirits Evildoer Evolution Exaggeration Excitability Excitation Exclusion1 Exclusion2 Excretion Exemption1 Exemption2 Exertion Existence Expansion Expectance Expectation Expedience Expenditure Experiment Exteriority Extraction Extraneousness Extrinsicality Facility Failure Faintness Falsehood Fashion Fastidiousness Fasting Fatigue Favorite Fear Feebleness Feeling Fetor Fewness Filament Five Flatness Flatterer Flattery Fluidity Focus Fold Food Fool Fop Foresight Forgiveness Form Fraction Fragrance Freedom Frequency Friction Friend Friendship