Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.

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Multiformity Multitude Music Musical Instruments Musician Mythic and pagan deities Narrowness, Thinness Navigation Nearness Necessity Negation Neglect Neology Neverness Newness News Nobility Nomenclature Nonaddition; Deduction Nonassemblage; Dispersion Noncompletion Nonexistence Nonimitation Nonincrease, Decrease Nonobservance Nonpayment Nonpreparation Nonresonance Nonuniformity Notch Number Numbness Numeration Obedience Obliquity Obliteration Oblivion Obscurity Observance Obstinacy Occasion Ocean Odor Offer Oil Oldness Omen Opacity Opening Opponent Opposition Optical Instruments Oracle Orange Order Organization Ornament1 Ornament2 Orthodoxy Oscillation Ostentation Outline Overestimation Overrun Pacification Pain Painfulness Painting and Black and White Parallelism Parsimony Part Participation Party Passage Paternity Payment Peace Penalty Pendency Penitence Perfection Perforator Period Permanence Permission Perpetuity Perseverance Perspicuity Petitioner Philanthropy Phrase Physical Insensibility Physical Pain Physical Pleasure Physical Sensibility Piety Pitfall Pitilessness Pity Place Plain Plainness Plan Plea Pleasurableness Pleasure Plunge Plurality Poetry Possession Possessor Possibility Posteriority Posterity Poverty Power Precedence Precept Precession Precursor Predetermination Prediction Preparation Presence Present Time Preservation Preterition Price Pride Printing Priority Prison Prisoner Probability Probity Prodigality Prodigy Producer Production Productiveness Proficient Progression Prohibition Promise Property Propulsion Prose Prosperity Prototype Provision Psychical Research Publication Pulpiness