Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.

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Pulverulence Pungency Punishment Purchase Purity Purple Pursuit Quadrisection Quadruplication Qualification Quantity Quaternity Quiescence Quinquesection Rarity Rashness Rear Reasoning Receipt Receiving Receptacle Reception Recession Recoil Record Recorder Redness Redundance Refreshment Refrigeration Refrigeratory Refuge Refusal Region Regression Regret Regularity of recurrence; Periodicity Rejection Rejoicing Relapse Relation Release from engagement Relief Relinquishment1 Relinquishment2 Remainder Remedy Repetition Repose Representation Reproduction Repulsion Repute Request Requirement Resentment Resignation Resin Resistance Resolution Resonance Respect Response Restitution Restoration Restraint Retaliation Retention Revelation Revenge Reversion Revolution Reward Ridicule Ridiculousness Right Rite River Roll Rotation Rotundity Roughness Rule Sacred Writings Safety Sage Sale Salubrity Sanity Satan Satiety Savoriness Scepter Scholar School Scourge Sculpture Seclusion; Exclusion3 Secret Security Selfishness Semiliquidity Semitransparency Sensations of Touch Sensibility Sensualist Sequel Sequence1 Sequence2 Servant Servility Severity Shade Shallowness Sharpness Ship Shortcoming Shortness Sibilation Silence Similarity Simpleness Simplicity Sinistrality Situation Size Skill Slowness Smallness Smoothness Snap Sobriety Sociality Softness Solecism Soliloquy Sorcerer Sorcery Sound Sourness Space Speciality Spectator Specter Speech Spell Stability Stammering State Stealing Stopper Store Straightness Stream Strength Stridor Style Subjection Submission Substantiality Substitute Substitution Success